Horrible Stories My Dad Told Me Hindi Edition

Horrible Stories My Dad Told Me  Hindi Edition Author David Downie
ISBN-10 1922159921
Release 2012-09
Pages 42
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HINDI EDITION Inspired by Roald Dahl and the Twits, David Downie writes an engaging account of the horrible stories his dad told him as a boy. The stories are beautifully illustrated by Tea Seroya. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Last Children of the Raj

Last Children of the Raj  Author
ISBN-10 9780857714220
Release 2004-07-23
Pages 368
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What was it like to be a child of the British Raj in India, and to leave an often exciting and exotic Indian childhood in what must have seemed like a golden age, for the duration of a destructive war? And then to return to an India which had changed radically, often tragically, and for the good? What was it really like to be part of expatriate life behind the scenes of Paul Scott's `Jewel in the Crown'?_x000D_ _x000D_ In `Last Children of the Raj', Laurence Fleming, like Mark Tully, one of the `last children', brings together a vivid and delicately-etched collection of individual memories of children born between 1914 and 1940 who spent their childhood and adolescence in British India and the Princely States. Here is a unique entry-point into British and Indian cultural and social history during the last and momentous period of the British Raj - the period of world war, Partition, accompanied by such violent and tragic blood-letting, and the birth of independent India and Pakistan. _x000D_ _x000D_ Here are details of family traditions with deep roots in the Indian sub-continent, of going to school in India and back in Britain, of deep friendships and relationships with British and Indian children and with those who served the Raj. There are accounts of huge journeys and adventures available only in Indian childhoods. Here there is so much to be gleaned about fathers' careers, including the `Heaven-born' - the Indian Civil Service - or members of the professional and technical services who mapped and developed India, or about fathers in the Indian Army and British army in India, or in commerce and industry. There is an awareness, perhaps beneath the surface, of questions of colour and race. _x000D_ _x000D_ Mark Tully writes movingly in his introduction that although `our parents lived as a separate race they were Anglo-Indians, in that they were touched by India'. And returning to India, immediately after the Second World War or later, was to `come home'.

See How Small

See How Small Author Scott Blackwood
ISBN-10 9780316373975
Release 2015-01-20
Pages 224
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A riveting novel about the aftermath of a brutal murder of three teenage girls, written in incantatory prose "that's as fine as any being written by an American author today." (Ben Fountain) One late autumn evening in a Texas town, two strangers walk into an ice cream shop shortly before closing time. They bind up the three teenage girls who are working the counter, set fire to the shop, and disappear. SEE HOW SMALL tells the stories of the survivors--family, witnesses, and suspects--who must endure in the wake of atrocity. Justice remains elusive in their world, human connection tenuous. Hovering above the aftermath of their deaths are the three girls. They watch over the town and make occasional visitations, trying to connect with and prod to life those they left behind. "See how small a thing it is that keeps us apart," they say. A master of compression and lyrical precision, Scott Blackwood has surpassed himself with this haunting, beautiful, and enormously powerful new novel.

City of Dreadful Night

City of Dreadful Night Author Lee Siegel
ISBN-10 0226756890
Release 1995-10-31
Pages 255
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Visiting India to do research on Sanskrit horror literature, the narrator encounters Brahm Kathuwala, a storyteller who has had firsthand encounters with horror

Inside Separate Worlds

Inside Separate Worlds Author David Schoem
ISBN-10 0472064525
Release 1991
Pages 280
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Young people speak about being identified as part of an ethnic minority in the United States

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and other Stories

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and other Stories Author Sudha Murty
ISBN-10 9788184759013
Release 2015-02-06
Pages 200
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These are just some of the questions you will find answered in this delightful collection of stories recounting real-life incidents from the life of Sudha Murty-teacher, social worker and bestselling writer. There is the engaging story about one of her students who frequently played truant from school. The account of how her mother’s advice to save money came in handy when she wanted to help her husband start a software company, and the heart-warming tale of the promise she made-and fulfilled to her grandfather, to ensure that her little village library would always be well supplied with books. Funny, spirited and inspiring, each of these stories teaches a valuable lesson about the importance of doing what you believe is right and having the courage to realize your dreams.

A Book of Memory

A Book of Memory Author Sudhir Kakar
ISBN-10 9789351188858
Release 2014-10-30
Pages 344
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An inspired observer of the Indian psyche, Sudhir Kakar trained as a psychoanalyst at the Sigmund Freud Institute, Frankfurt. He set up a clinic in Delhi in 1975, thus embarking on a lifelong search for the wellsprings of Indian identity. He went on to establish the new discipline of cultural psychology. A Book of Memory records not only the crises of identity and intellect, but also the highs and lows of love and pleasure. It is fearless and revelatory with regard to the self and its motivations, a rare candour illuminating the urbane prose.

Anthology of Hindi Short Stories

Anthology of Hindi Short Stories Author Bhisham Sahni
ISBN-10 8172015275
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 477
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It Is An Excellent Selection By Bhisham Sahni Of The Best Stories Written In Hindi During The Last Few Decades. It Features Over 25 Stories By Well Known Writers Like Amrit Lal Nagar, Bhisham Sahni, Mohan Rakesh, Amrit Rai, Kamleshwar, Markandaya, Nirmal Verma, Mannu Bhandari And Ram Darash Mishra. The Stories Are Marked By A Wide Variety Of Themes, Mostly Related To Contemporary Social Life, Like Alienation, Loneliness, Weariness, And The Crisis Of Values.

When I Saw Tirupati Balaji

When I Saw Tirupati Balaji Author
ISBN-10 8121209331
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 333
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The book provides personal account and experiences of the author who visited devasthanam. They should worke interest and devision among the reades and reverance of the deity. The book deals with eternal questions like Is there God? If there is, how does He look? Have you seen Him? Or the seekers of truth who ask, How much of faith one should repose in God to earn His Support for Human endeavors? This book, perhaps has answers for such question.

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg Author Kathleen Tracy
ISBN-10 9781941631379
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 281
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Recently voted the "sexiest television star of all time" by TV Guide readers, Diana Rigg is best known as the brilliant and seductive British agent, Emma Peel on The Avengers. The Tony and Emmy award-winning actress is famous not only for her acting talent, but for her keen intelligence and strong opinions as well. Diana Rigg biographer Kathleen Tracy reveals the fascinating professional and personal life of this rebellious, outspoken icon of feminism—from her childhood in India and early days with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to her tenure on The Avengers, her role in the Bond film On Her Maiesty's Secret Service and her distinguished stage career.


Trauma Author Elizabeth Jaikaran
ISBN-10 9781941830437
Release 2017-08-01
Pages 130
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A collection of true and extraordinary stories that speak of the abuse suffered by Guyanese women, girls, and members of the LGBT community both in their native country and after having emigrated to the United States. Through carefully crafted prose and poetic undertones, the author, Elizabeth Jaikaran, reveals accounts of the horrific violence and trauma through the lens of Guyanese culture and history. Along with these stories are points of fact, gathered from newspapers, agency studies, and governmental records, that illustrate the far-reaching existence and impact of violence and strict cultural norms. Also on display in these stories is the strength and resilience of Guyanese women as they have struggled to survive and flourish. This story of a small and often overlooked culture has needed to be told, and Jaikaran tells it with amazing courage and grace.

In the Beginning

In the Beginning Author Thomas P. Strange
ISBN-10 9781475976793
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 342
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SAM ELLIOTT, and his wife, ANN ELLIOTT, begin life in the small town of Sumter, South Carolina. He enrolls in college and she opens her own beauty salon. He completes his Business degree and manages her salon. JESSICA LEA WELLS AND REBECCA SUE MCGEE, come looking for a place to build their profession. Later, MOLLY MARIE JOHNSON joins the four. Ann, Abigail, Angela, Molly and Sam become close, sharing dinners and shopping trips. The salon does very well and Ann makes the four co-owners in the salon with Ann. RACHAEL ANN ROGERS joins the group. Rachael is a nurse. Ann presents the idea of making them all one family and the corporate union is formed. They win the lottery and finance a homestead. The family becomes very wealthy, despite their extensive philanthropy. The expanded family share love, adventure and life. They add to the family, fight off pirates, meet lots ofpeople and change society. There is love, sex and social/economic changes presented for thought.

The Hundred Foot Journey

The Hundred Foot Journey Author Richard C. Morais
ISBN-10 9781459612938
Release 2011-03-04
Pages 372
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I have never experienced that most subtle of senses - smell - captured so well in print. The aroma of fine cooking just floats off the pages. Don't read this book if you're hungry. You might eat it.' - Simon Beaufoy, Oscar-Award-winning screenwriter, Slumdog Millionaire Abbas Haji is the proud owner of a modest family restaurant in Mumbai. But when tragedy strikes, Abbas propels his boisterous family into a picaresque journey across Europe, finally settling in the remote French village of Lumiere, where he establishes an Indian restaurant, Maison Mumbai. Much to the horror of their neighbour, a famous chef named Madame Mallory, the Indian establishment opposite her own begins to garner a following. Little does she know that the young Hassan, son of Abbas, has discovered French cuisine and has vowed to become a great French chef. Hassan is a natural whose talents far outweigh Mme. Mallory, but the tough old Frenchwoman will not brook defeat. Thus ensues an entertaining culinary war pitting Hassan's Mumbai-toughened father against the imperious Mme. Mallory, leading the young Hassan to greatness and his true destiny. This vivid, hilarious and charming novel - about how just a small distance of a hundred feet can represent the gulf between different cultures, different people, their tastes and their destinies - is simply bursting with eccentric characters, delicious flavours and high emotion. 'Outstanding! I wished it went on for another three hundred pages.' - Anthony Bourdain

The Year s Best Science Fiction Twenty Seventh Annual Collection

The Year s Best Science Fiction  Twenty Seventh Annual Collection Author Gardner Dozois
ISBN-10 9781429905695
Release 2010-07-06
Pages 688
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The thirty-two stories in this collection imaginatively take us far across the universe, into the very core of our beings, to the realm of the gods, and the moment just after now. Included here are the works of masters of the form and of bright new talents, including: John Barnes, Elizabeth Bear, Damien Broderick, Karl Bunker, Paul Cornell, Albert E. Cowdrey, Ian Creasey, Steven Gould, Dominic Green, Nicola Griffith, Alexander Irvine, John Kessel, Ted Kosmatka, Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, Rand B. Lee, Paul McAuley, Ian McDonald, Maureen F. McHugh, Sarah Monette, Michael Poore, Robert Reed, Adam Roberts, Chris Roberson, Mary Rosenblum, Geoff Ryman, Vandana Singh, Bruce Sterling, Lavie Tidhar, James Van Pelt, Jo Walton, Peter Watts, Robert Charles Wilson, and John C. Wright. Supplementing the stories are the editor's insightful summation of the year's events and a lengthy list of honorable mentions, making this book both a valuable resource and the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination, and the heart.

The Girl from Sighet

The Girl from Sighet Author Hindi Rothbart
ISBN-10 9781436369725
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 272
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The Girl from Sighet a memoir In 1944, Hindi Friedman's idyllic childhood in the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains abruptly ended when German troops invaded her beloved hometown of Sighet. This memoir, written in the style of a novel, chronicles Hindi and her family's confinement in the town's ghetto, their transport in a suffocating cattlecar to Auschwitz, and the subsequent heroic struggle to survive the inhumane conditions of the concentration camp. After Russian soldiers liberated Hindi and her sister from a labor camp in the Czech Republic, the young girls immediately faced a harsh new reality. Their liberators were now the enemy. Weak and hungry, the girls escape by foot over the Czech mountains to avoid the savagery of the Russian soldiers. Two years after the war ended, Hindi was again on the run. Trapped in communist Romania, she escaped into Austria and eventually to her new home in America. This epic memoir spans seventy years, transporting the reader from shtetl life through war-torn Europe to the American suburbs of the fifties and on to the present, allowing us to partake in a remarkable journey from death and despair to hope and rebirth.


Outlook Author
Release 2008-11-17
Pages 47
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Outlook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Outlook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Outlook book for free.

Her Piece of Sky

Her Piece of Sky Author Deepa Agarwal
ISBN-10 9789383074341
Release 2013-07-22
Pages 175
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What is contemporary women’s writing in Hindi all about? How far does it reach beyond the commonly perceived limits of feminine experience or feminist ideology? From legendary writer Mannu Bhandari’s The Cremation Ground which satirises notions of eternal love, to Alpana Mishra’s superbly crafted Homeless in the Cantonment, a devastating chronicle of army life, these stories dissect numerous aspects of human existence with a startling incisiveness. Mridula Garg’s exploration of an unusual relationship in The Second One exposes the hypocrisy rife in so-called ‘decent’ middle-class families while Mamta Kalia brings empathy and humour into her depiction of a poignant human situation in The Agony of an Artiste. Political issues are raised by Chitra Mudgal, Chandrakanta and Vandana Rag. While Kavita focuses on the new dilemmas that challenge women today, veteran writer Rajee Seth presents a picture of the daily battle of a working woman with empathy and insight. Sexual obsession is explored too, from both the female and male point of view by Manisha Kulshreshtha, and by Pratyaksha in her sensual narrative of infatuation, The Hunt. Published by Zubaan.