Hex the Ex

Hex the Ex Author Sophia
ISBN-10 9781449437633
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 160
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Sophia, the mystically hip author of the long- and strong-selling Little Book of Spells series, is back, and this time - as they say in the movie ads - it's personal! Hex the Ex is the ultimate payback book for those among us who have been dumped, spurned, or otherwise done wrong at the hands of a former love. With 20 humorous hexes to choose from, Hex the Ex offers a custom curse for nearly every occasion. Among those included are the Big Fat Liar Hex, the Ex-Boss Hex, the Rude Rejection Hex, the Cheap Ex Hex, and the Hey, Ex, Give Me Back My Stuff Hex. Each little work of sorcery in this book is guaranteed to deliver a bit of levity and offer sense of satisfaction until the next mate comes along.

Hex on the Ex

Hex on the Ex Author Rochelle Staab
ISBN-10 9781101622315
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 304
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From the author of Bruja Brouhaha and Who Do, Voodoo?--the new Mind for Murder Mystery! When her ex-husband encounters a mysterious death omen, psychologist Liz Cooper turns to occult professor Nick Garfield for help in solving an all-too-real murder… At a Dodgers game to celebrate her father’s birthday, Liz is forced to watch her ex—star player, Jarret—on the pitcher’s mound. To make matters worse, her former best friend, Laycee, is in the stands as well. Having betrayed her trust by having an affair with Jarret, Laycee is the last person Liz wants to see. But when the appearance of a white pigeon—an omen of death—sets the superstitious Jarret off balance, it’s a game changer both on and off the field. Because the next morning, Laycee is found dead in Jarret’s home—and Liz is on deck as the prime suspect…

Werd mein Ex HEX HEX HEX

Werd  mein Ex   HEX HEX HEX Author Amber Stuart
ISBN-10 9783844864670
Release 2012-02-07
Pages 60
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Du willst deine Beziehung beenden, möchtest aber die damit verbundenen endlosen Diskussionen vermeiden? Viele Promis haben uns bereits gezeigt, wie man den Partner ohne Zoff, Szenen und Tränen vergraulen kann... Mach' Schluss per SMS... ;-)

Folia neuropathologica Estoniana

Folia neuropathologica Estoniana    Author
ISBN-10 CHI:72711018
Release 1927
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Folia neuropathologica Estoniana has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Folia neuropathologica Estoniana also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Folia neuropathologica Estoniana book for free.

Bio Inspired Computing and Applications

Bio Inspired Computing and Applications Author De-Shuang Huang
ISBN-10 9783642245527
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 713
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The three-volume set LNCS 6838, LNAI 6839, and LNBI 6840 constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2011, held in Zhengzhou, China, in August 2011. This volume contains 93 revised full papers, from a total of 281 presentations at the conference - carefully reviewed and selected from 832 initial submissions. The papers address all issues in Advanced Intelligent Computing, especially Methodologies and Applications, including theories, methodologies, and applications in science and technology. They include a range of techniques such as artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, evolutionary computing, informatics theories and applications, computational neuroscience and bioscience, soft computing, human computer interface issues, etc.

Folia neuro pathologica estoniana

Folia neuro pathologica estoniana Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3740967
Release 1929
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Folia neuro pathologica estoniana has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Folia neuro pathologica estoniana also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Folia neuro pathologica estoniana book for free.

The Breakup Diary

The Breakup Diary Author Lisa Goich-Andreadis
ISBN-10 1589392604
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 196
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ARE YOU SMACK-DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT ICKY, AWFUL, FEELS-LIKE-SOMEONE-PUNCHED-YOU-IN-THE-STOMACH, MISERABLY LONELY TIME THAT FOLLOWS THE LOSS OF A LOVE?Do thoughts of your Ex fill your mind every second of every day? Does the mere mention of your Ex's name tie your stomach into a huge, painful knot? Do you get that sinking, elevator feeling in your heart every time you think about him? Do you think you'll never feel better again?If you answered yes to any of the questions above, The Breakup Diary is for you. Much like the diary that held your deepest, darkest secrets and soothed your heart as a child, The Breakup Diary is the perfect outlet for all of the painful thoughts and feelings you're facing right now. The Breakup Diary is a step-by-step, guided journal that will enable you to purge your mind of the painful thoughts of your Ex and replace them with positive thoughts about yourself and your future.The cure already lies within you. You just have to sift through the muck in your heart to get to it. With time, patience, positive thinking and The Breakup Diary, you will be happy again!

Vitamin Analysis for the Health and Food Sciences

Vitamin Analysis for the Health and Food Sciences Author Ronald R. Eitenmiller
ISBN-10 1420050168
Release 2010-12-12
Pages 544
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Vitamin Analysis for the Health and Food Sciences is a valuable resource for students and professionals who want to understand the latest advances in the field and the method development efforts that led to the scientific community's current capability to accurately assay fat- and water-soluble vitamins. This book covers both internationally accepted regulatory and handbook methods as well as recently published research. Discussion emphasizes practical aspects of vitamin analysis gained from the author's experience in the laboratory.

Deutsche Gesellschaft f r Anaesthesie und Wiederbelebung

Deutsche Gesellschaft f  r Anaesthesie und Wiederbelebung Author P. Lawin
ISBN-10 9783642861949
Release 2013-03-13
Pages 786
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Deutsche Gesellschaft f r Anaesthesie und Wiederbelebung has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Deutsche Gesellschaft f r Anaesthesie und Wiederbelebung also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Deutsche Gesellschaft f r Anaesthesie und Wiederbelebung book for free.

DS GS and Depot Maintenance Manual

DS  GS and Depot Maintenance Manual Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X004815272
Release 1988
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DS GS and Depot Maintenance Manual has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from DS GS and Depot Maintenance Manual also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full DS GS and Depot Maintenance Manual book for free.

Programming Excel with VBA and NET

Programming Excel with VBA and  NET Author Jeff Webb
ISBN-10 1449379052
Release 2006-04-25
Pages 1116
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Why program Excel? For solving complex calculations and presenting results, Excel is amazingly complete with every imaginable feature already in place. But programming Excel isn't about adding new features as much as it's about combining existing features to solve particular problems. With a few modifications, you can transform Excel into a task-specific piece of software that will quickly and precisely serve your needs. In other words, Excel is an ideal platform for probably millions of small spreadsheet-based software solutions. The best part is, you can program Excel with no additional tools. A variant of the Visual Basic programming language, VB for Applications (VBA) is built into Excel to facilitate its use as a platform. With VBA, you can create macros and templates, manipulate user interface features such as menus and toolbars, and work with custom user forms or dialog boxes. VBA is relatively easy to use, but if you've never programmed before, Programming Excel with VBA and .NET is a great way to learn a lot very quickly. If you're an experienced Excel user or a Visual Basic programmer, you'll pick up a lot of valuable new tricks. Developers looking forward to .NET development will also find discussion of how the Excel object model works with .NET tools, including Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). This book teaches you how to use Excel VBA by explaining concepts clearly and concisely in plain English, and provides plenty of downloadable samples so you can learn by doing. You'll be exposed to a wide range of tasks most commonly performed with Excel, arranged into chapters according to subject, with those subjects corresponding to one or more Excel objects. With both the samples and important reference information for each object included right in the chapters, instead of tucked away in separate sections, Programming Excel with VBA and .NET covers the entire Excel object library. For those just starting out, it also lays down the basic rules common to all programming languages. With this single-source reference and how-to guide, you'll learn to use the complete range of Excel programming tasks to solve problems, no matter what you're experience level.

Das Visual Basic 2008 Codebook

Das Visual Basic 2008 Codebook Author Joachim Fuchs
ISBN-10 3827325757
Release 2009
Pages 1200
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Das Visual Basic 2008 Codebook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Visual Basic 2008 Codebook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Visual Basic 2008 Codebook book for free.

Photons in Fock Space and Beyond

Photons in Fock Space and Beyond Author Reinhard Honegger
ISBN-10 9789814618854
Release 2015-04-22
Pages 656
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The three-volume major reference “Photons in Fock Space and Beyond” undertakes a new mathematical and conceptual foundation of the theory of light emphasizing mesoscopic radiation systems. The quantum optical notions are generalized beyond Fock representations where the richness of an infinite dimensional quantum field system, with its mathematical difficulties and theoretical possibilities, is fully taken into account. It aims at a microscopic formulation of a mesoscopic model class which covers in principle all stages of the generation and propagation of light within a unified and well-defined conceptual frame. The dynamics of the interacting systems is founded — according to original works of the authors — on convergent perturbation series and describes the developments of the quantized microscopic as well as the classical collective degrees of freedom at the same time. The achieved theoretical unification fits especially to laser and microwave applications inheriting objective information over quantum noise. A special advancement is the incorporation of arbitrary multiply connected cavities where ideal conductor boundary conditions are imposed. From there arises a new category of classical and quantized field parts, apparently not treated in Quantum Electrodynamics before. In combination with gauge theory, the additional “cohomological fields” explain topological quantum effects in superconductivity. Further applications are to be expected for optoelectronic and optomechanical systems. Contents:Volume I: From Classical to Quantized Radiation Systems:Preliminaries on ElectromagnetismClassical Electrodynamics in L2-Hilbert SpacesClassical Electrodynamics in the Smeared Field FormalismStatistical Classical ElectrodynamicsCanonical Quantization and Weyl AlgebrasDeformation QuantizationOptical States, Optical CoherenceVolume II: Quantized Mesoscopic Radiation Models:SqueezingBlack Body RadiationMesoscopic Electronic Matter Algebras and StatesWeakly Inhomogeneous InteractionsQuantized Radiation ModelsVolume III: Mathematics for Photon Fields:Observables and AlgebrasStates and Their Decomposition MeasuresDynamics and Perturbation TheoryGauges and Fiber Bundles Readership: This three-volume series is recommended for graduate students and researchers working in rigorous Electrodynamics, Quantum Optics and Quantum Field Theory in general. Key Features:On the side of Physics, “Photons in Fock Space and Beyond” extends the applicability of quantum optical notions far beyond the usual scope of the quantum optical literature by using more general optical cavities and theoretical ansatzes. By establishing a systematic conceptual frame, many fundamental questions of photon theory are clarified by mathematical argumentsOn the side of Mathematical Physics, certain parts of the theory of vector fields with boundary conditions, of operator algebras, ergodic theory, convexity, measures on dual spaces, perturbation theory and electrodynamic gauge bundles are not only treated in an introductory fashion but also supplemented in an original mannerThe unique feature of that exposition of mathematical disciplines is their integration into a comprehesive line of thought within a deductive physical theoryKeywords:Electrodynamics;Vector Analysis;Statistical Physics;Quantum Optics;Quantum Field Theory;Quantum Statistics;Solid State Physics;Superconductivity;Gauge Theory;Operator Algebras;Convexity;Topological Vector Spaces;Fiber BundlesReviews: “This three volume work on the quantum field theory of radiation combines well presented, competent mathematical foundations with actual physical applications to mesoscopic photonics.” (See Full Review) Professor Ernst Binz Universität Mannheim

Prolegomena Genesis Esther

Prolegomena  Genesis Esther Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015010582214
Release 1875
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Prolegomena Genesis Esther has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prolegomena Genesis Esther also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prolegomena Genesis Esther book for free.


C   AMP Author Ade Miller
ISBN-10 9780735668195
Release 2012-09-15
Pages 356
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Capitalize on the faster GPU processors in today’s computers with the C++ AMP code library—and bring massive parallelism to your project. With this practical book, experienced C++ developers will learn parallel programming fundamentals with C++ AMP through detailed examples, code snippets, and case studies. Learn the advantages of parallelism and get best practices for harnessing this technology in your applications. Discover how to: Gain greater code performance using graphics processing units (GPUs) Choose accelerators that enable you to write code for GPUs Apply thread tiles, tile barriers, and tile static memory Debug C++ AMP code with Microsoft Visual Studio Use profiling tools to track the performance of your code

Excel 2003 Programming

Excel 2003 Programming Author Jeff Webb
ISBN-10 0596007671
Release 2004
Pages 294
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On the surface, it doesn't appear as if much in Excel 2003 has changed. There are a handful of new objects and the user interface is largely the same. But beyond a superficial glance, you'll see that there are fundamental shifts implied by the new features: Lists, XML, web services, .NET, and InfoPath build a framework for entirely new ways to exchange data with Excel. In fact, that's much of what Excel 2003 is all about--solving problems that deal with teamwork-- collecting and sharing data, programming across applications, and maintaining security. The latest in our Developer's Notebook series, this guide introduces intermediate to advanced Excel VBA programmers to the newest programming features of Excel 2003,--focusing just on what's new--so you can get up to speed quickly. Light on theory and long on practical application, the book takes you directly to the topics you'll want to master through a series of hands-on projects. With dozens of practical labs, you'll be able to decide for yourself which new aspects of Excel will be useful or not in your own work. And best of all, you won't have to buy an expensive revision of a legacy Excel programming tutorial to learn about the new features--if they're covered there at all. Excel 2003 Programming: A Developer's Notebook shows you how to work with lists and XML data, secure Excel applications, use Visual Studio Tools for Office, consume Web Services, and collect data with Infopath. Each chapter is organized into a collection of labs, each of which addresses a specific programming problem. You can follow along to complete the lab on your own, or jump ahead and use the samples the author has built for you. The new Developer's Notebooks series from O'Reilly covers important new tools for software developers. Emphasizing example over explanation and practice over theory, they focus on learning by doing--you'll get the goods straight from the masters, in an informal and code-intensive style that suits developers. If you've been curious about Excel 2003, but haven't known where to start, this no-fluff, lab-style guide is the solution.

Proceedings of 2000 International Conference on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter

Proceedings of 2000 International Conference on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter Author Kikuo Ch?
ISBN-10 9789810245887
Release 2001
Pages 467
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At Yamada Conference LIII, papers on many novel materials and on novel phenomena in condensed matter physics were presented ? for instance, the achievement of simultaneous creation of excitons and free-electron-hole pairs in rare gas solids, and a low frequency fluctuation of the spectral shift of indirect excitons in GaAs coupled quantum wells. Single molecule spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying molecules including biological systems; the study of delocalization of excitons in the photosynthetic light harvesting antenna system was also reported. The proceedings thus contain many excellent papers dealing with current research topics on the excitonic processes in bulk, quantum wells, quantum dots and other confined systems. This book will serve as an excellent source of recent references and reviews for a wide range of researchers in physics, chemistry, engineering and biological sciences.The proceedings have been selected for coverage in: ? Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings)