Big Nate Here Goes Nothing

Big Nate  Here Goes Nothing Author Lincoln Peirce
ISBN-10 9780062086976
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 224
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Big Nate is the star of his own comic strip! Check out 300 black-and-white comic strips never before published together in this awesome comic compilation in the New York Times bestselling series by Lincoln Peirce! Includes all new Big Nate activities in the back! Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, "Big Nate is funny, big time!"

Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing Author Kendra Broekhuis
ISBN-10 9780718083328
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 288
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What happens when you ask God, “What do you want me to do today?” This is not a success story. And it’s not one of those stories that has a beginning, a middle, and then a perfectly tidy hind end either. It’s really just a beginning. For thirty days Kendra Broekhuis prayed “to maintain the joy of being wife and mommy amid the daily grind. To see the world through God’s eyes. To live intentionally. To build relationships and share Christ’s love with our neighbors. To learn what it really means to give. To collide ‘motherhood’ with ‘mission.’” This became her motto, her credo, her personal mission statement. Some days it led to actions the Lord gently nudged her to take. Other days it led to reflections the Lord gently whispered into her heart. Every day it led to a single word, one underlying theme that ties all thirty days – all thirty chapters – and their wide variety of topics together: giving. These thirty days found Kendra and her husband and daughter in a strange time of transition. They had just moved back to the United States after teaching for three years in the beautiful country of Guatemala. They were in a new city, working a new job, living in a new apartment building, in search of a new church. And they wanted to put it all together: all of their experiences, all of the things they had just seen and learned and read and discussed. It wasn’t a clean slate but rather a chance to live intentionally. When Kendra and her husband sought advice about the transition from fellow missionary friends, the advice was, “Get to know your neighbors.” It might sound like strange advice, but it made sense. Jesus tells us to “Love God and love your neighbor.” Many times the word neighbor is meant to be vague, but it shouldn’t always be. Part of being mission-minded, no matter where you live or work, is being willing to love the people closest to you, people we often overlook. Kendra’s neighbors—as in the people who live in the other eleven apartments in her building—are whom she often found the Lord’s generosity overflowing to and from during these thirty days.

Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing Author Nathaniel Jones
ISBN-10 0974191442
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 94
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Here Goes Nothing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Here Goes Nothing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Here Goes Nothing book for free.

Big Nate Compilation 2 Here Goes Nothing US edition Big Nate

Big Nate Compilation 2  Here Goes Nothing  US edition   Big Nate Author Lincoln Peirce
ISBN-10 9780007510733
Release 2013-06-06
Pages 224
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A second super-sized, super-funny compilation of all the most hilarious moments from Big Nate’s long running, much-loved comic strip, originally published in newspapers and on the Web at Big Nate is created by Lincoln Peirce, who inspired Jeff Kinney, author of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’.

Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms

Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Author Paul Heacock
ISBN-10 052153271X
Release 2003-09-22
Pages 498
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This book unlocks the meaning of more than 5,000 idioms used in American English today.

Big Nate Comics 3 Book Collection

Big Nate Comics 3 Book Collection Author Lincoln Peirce
ISBN-10 9780062373182
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 672
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Did you know that Big Nate, the star of the New York Times bestselling book series, is also the star of his own comic strip? Catch up on all of Nate's comic adventures in this hilarious three-book collection. Included are the first three Big Nate comic compendiums: Big Nate: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Big Nate: Here Goes Nothing, and Big Nate: Genius Mode. Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, "Big Nate is funny, big time!"

Al s Well

Al s Well Author Gregory Dark
ISBN-10 9781780992082
Release 2011-11-25
Pages 231
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The mid-life crisis becomes the lifetime’s crisis. The fling becomes the affair , the affair becomes the love affair , the love affair becomes the murder. Set within the châteaux and vineyards of Southern France, ‘Al’s Well’ is a story of many kinds of love: of sexual passion and emotional desperation; of cravings for romance and danger and fulfilment; of lusts simultaneously for the intimate and the superficial; of proscribed love buttressing married love. At one level, ‘Al’s Well’ is the tale of the adulterous affair between the sassy American, Trove, and the geeky Englishman, Mike. At another, it chronicles the consequent deepening of the relationship of Trove with her sculptor husband, Al. At all levels, ‘Al’s Well’ is love under the microscope – but a microscope of lenses either chortling with laughter or crumpled in tears , or both. Gregory Dark already enjoys a reputation for prose of enormous wit, charm and beauty. These qualities are again in abundance in this, his first book of which love is the central theme.

Bully for Brontosaurus Reflections in Natural History

Bully for Brontosaurus  Reflections in Natural History Author Stephen Jay Gould
ISBN-10 9780393340822
Release 2010-11-29
Pages 544
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"Provocative and delightfully discursive essays on natural history. . . . Gould is the Stan Musial of essay writing. He can work himself into a corkscrew of ideas and improbable allusions paragraph after paragraph and then, uncoiling, hit it with such power that his fans know they are experiencing the game of essay writing at its best."--John Noble Wilford, New York Times Book Review

The Snowman Capers of Finneus Bleek

The Snowman Capers of Finneus Bleek Author Kevin Watts
ISBN-10 9781490811772
Release 2013-11-07
Pages 76
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The battle begins as Finneus, a grade three genius, has had enough. Derek, a grade six bully, has been picking on him for years, and now it is time for Finneus to get even. Will he be able to design a creation to make Derek believe he is losing his mind, or does God have a greater purpose for his talent? This is a passionate, suspenseful, and amusing story of a boy that will learn that his intelligence is not enough to change what he is going through with Derek. He will have to stretch and grow in other ways to become the person God wants him to be—the boy named Finneus Bleek.

Still Writing

Still Writing Author Dani Shapiro
ISBN-10 9780802193438
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 256
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“Everything I know about life, I learned from the daily practice of sitting down to write.” From the best-selling author of Devotion and Slow Motion comes a witty, heartfelt, and practical look at the exhilarating and challenging process of storytelling. At once a memoir, meditation on the artistic process, and advice on craft, Still Writing is an intimate and eloquent companion to living a creative life. Through a blend of deeply personal stories about what formed her as a writer, tales from other authors, and a searching look at her own creative process, Shapiro offers her gift to writers everywhere: an elegant guide of hard-won wisdom and advice for staying the course. “The writer’s life requires courage, patience, empathy, openness. It requires the ability to be alone with oneself. Gentle with oneself. To be disciplined, and at the same time, take risks.” Writers—and anyone with an artistic temperament—will find inspiration and comfort in these pages. Offering lessons learned over twenty years of teaching and writing, Shapiro brings her own revealing insights to weave an indispensable almanac for modern writers. Like Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, Virginia Woolf’s A Writer’s Diary, and Stephen King’s On Writing, Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing is a lodestar for aspiring scribes and an eloquent memoir of the writing life.

Preferred Lies

Preferred Lies Author Andrew Greig
ISBN-10 9780297864493
Release 2010-08-26
Pages 304
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A book about golf that will appeal to both players and non players, by Scottish poet and novelist. Surely golf is a game for posh people, country clubs and networking businessmen, for unfortunate sweaters, politics and trousers? Andrew Greig grew up on the East coast of Scotland, where playing golf is as natural as breathing. He sees the game as the great leveller, and has played on the Old course at St Andrews as well as on the miners' courses of Yorkshire. He writes about the different cultural manifestations of the game, the history, the geography, the different social meanings, as well as the subjective experience, the reflections between shots. He plays alone, with friends and brothers, with ghosts. He is looking for the essence of golf, the pure heart of it, which can be found, Andrew Greig believes, on the free 9 hole course on North Ronaldsay.


ISBN-10 9781450212243
Release 2010-02-22
Pages 336
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Daddy's Girl....Dangerously in love has already received massive buzz. Kimmi invites readers to her website at to enjoy a sneak peek. On that website the reviews are in and they are all great. Kimmi Illuminati is taking the urban fiction literary world by storm and she is someone to watch. Great urban novels are expected from this young author and CEO. "OMG! I got a chance to read a few chapters of "Daddy's Girl...Dangerously In Love". It is GREAT! With my heavy work load with school and work, I usually don't read unless it's for school. It was well worth it! Can I pre-order the book?!" - Chantel Anderson (Bridgeport, CT) "I could NOT stop reading the sneak peek chapters! Can't wait to buy the book. I hope Kimmi has a book signing in Connecticut. I would love to meet her in person and get her autograph!" - Shawn Gelin (Norwalk, CT) WOW! Two Thumbs Up! Daddy's Girl...Dangerously In Love is definitely gonna be a best seller! The 1st few chapters caught my attention from the start. Can't wait to read the rest! - Vanity Davis (Goldsboro, NC) "Wow! Kimmi's bio has me in aww! Her star tattoos are CRAZY...I love 'em! Can't wait to get the book!" - Janella Joyner (Stamford, CT) "Daddy's Girl...should be made into a movie! Boy, that Kimmi can write! Please let me know when I can buy the book" - Travis Walker (Columbia, SC) "It's a winner! Love the sneak peak chapters she shared! Please stop in Tampa on your Book Tour!" - Kenneth Jones (Tampa, FL)

The Zippity Zinger 4

The Zippity Zinger  4 Author Henry Winkler
ISBN-10 9781101153772
Release 2003-12-29
Pages 160
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Inspired by the true life experiences of Henry Winkler, whose undiagnosed dyslexia made him a classic childhood underachiever, the Hank Zipzer series is about the high-spirited and funny adventures of a boy with learning differences. PS 87 is having multicultural week, and Ms. Adolf's class is putting on a "Foods From Around the World" luncheon. Hank makes enchiladas, and at the luncheon, Ms. Adolf piles her plate with lots of food. But after a few bites, her face turns bright red-one of the dishes is super-spicy! Ms. Adolf accuses someone of playing a mean practical joke and punishes the entire class with no recess until the guilty party comes forward. Hank realizes his trouble with numbers might have caused the problem-what if he accidentally used three cups of peppers instead of 1/3 cup? Will Hank be able to get recess back for everyone without getting detention for the rest of his life? Illustrated by Carol Heyer.

March Into Madness Book Four

March Into Madness  Book Four Author MP McDonald
Release 2015-01-30
Pages 313
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After thwarting a disaster in the nation's capital, Mark Taylor captures the attention of the CIA. Mark doesn't trust the agency—not with his history with them—but he agrees to demonstrate the miraculous camera in the hopes of creating a team to help him ward off future catastrophe. Mark realizes too late that he should have listened to his gut instincts when he finds himself held in the bowels of DC against his will while agents of the CIA, intent upon learning the secrets of his psychic abilities, use him as a test subject.

And This Too Shall Pass

And This Too Shall Pass Author E. Lynn Harris
ISBN-10 9780307831743
Release 2012-11-28
Pages 368
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A stellar quarterback, an ambitious sportscaster. What happens when rising stars collide?In And This Too Shall Pass, Harris takes us into the locker rooms and newsrooms of Chicago, where four lives are about to intersect in romance and scandal. At the heart of the novel is the celibate Zurich, a rookiequarterback for the Chicago Cougars whose trajectory for superstardom is interrupted by a sexual assault charge by Mia, a sportscaster with her own sights on fame. With his career in jeopardy, Zurich hires Tamela, a high-powered attorney, to defend him, while Sean, a gay sportswriter, covers the story and uncovers his heart.All of these characters face the challenge of keeping the faith--in themselves and in God--while Harris's heartfelt storytelling reveals how the love of family can help one to face the terrible legacy of long-held secrets. Throughout these characters' search for self-knowledge, Harris weaves the stories of MamaCee, Zurich's grandmother, whose lessons of faith teach one and all that "this too shall pass."Breaking new ground in contemporary fiction, And This Too Shall Pass entertains and affirms with its stirring message about the healing power of family and faith.

So Different

So Different Author Ruthie Robinson
ISBN-10 9781585716494
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 246
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Mariah Sullivan is a tattoo-wearing, bruise-covered, kick-ass roller derby girl who doesn't put up with people who mistreat others. Her fierce exterior masks a woman who is loving, compassionate and deeply loyal to those she loves. Adam Barnett Jr. is a dentist like his father. He has come to Austin to take over his father's dental practice while he recuperates from an accident. The timing couldn't have worked better for Adam, who just broke off his wedding engagement to a woman he thought was perfect, both inside and out. He meets Mariah at her regular dental appointment. She is interested, willing to put aside her normal reticence and give him a chance. Adam, however, assumes the worst about her, given her black eye and the bruises on her arm. He assumes that she is the victim of some form of abuse and he approaches her in an attempt to help her seek help. But Mariah, with assistance from Adam's father, has a thing or two to teach him about making assumptions. As they spend time together and get to know each other they find sex, friendship, and eventually love.

Summer of Yesterday

Summer of Yesterday Author Gaby Triana
ISBN-10 9781481401319
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 272
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Back to the Future meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High when Haley’s summer vacation takes a turn for the retro in this totally rad romantic fantasy. Summer officially sucks. Thanks to a stupid seizure she had a few months earlier, Haley’s stuck going on vacation with her dad and his new family to Disney’s Fort Wilderness instead of enjoying the last session of summer camp back home with her friends. Fort Wilderness holds lots of childhood memories for her father, but surely nothing for Haley. But then a new seizure triggers something she’s never before experienced—time travel—and she ends up in River Country, the campground’s long-abandoned water park, during its heyday. The year? 1982. And there—with its amusing fashion, “oldies” music, and primitive technology—she runs into familiar faces: teenage Dad and Mom before they’d even met. Somehow, Haley must find her way back to the twenty-first century before her present-day parents anguish over her disappearance, a difficult feat now that she’s met Jason, one of the park’s summer residents and employees, who takes the strangely dressed stowaway under his wing. Seizures aside, Haley’s used to controlling her life, and she has no idea how to deal with this dilemma. How can she be falling for a boy whose future she can’t share?