Finding I Am

Finding I Am Author Lysa TerKeurst
ISBN-10 1430053526
Release 2017-01-02
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What is the deep cry of your heart? The ache in your soul that keeps you up at night? The prayer you keep repeating? Jesus not only cares about this deep, spiritual wrestling, but He also wants to step in and see you through it. Join Lysa TerKeurst on the streets of Israel to explore the seven I AM statements of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. Through this interactive, in-depth study we will be trading feelings of emptiness and depletion for the fullness of knowing who Jesus is like never before. Features: . Leader helps to guide questions and discussions within small groups . Five weeks of personal study segments to complete between six weeks of group sessions . Four days, with an optional fifth day, of study within each week of personal study Benefits: . Find freedom in difficult circumstances by learning how to shift from slave mentality to set free mentality . Discover how Jesus is the key to satisfaction by learning the crucial significance behind each of His I AM statements . Trade feelings of emptiness for the fullness of knowing who Jesus is . Grow in biblical literacy with this exploration of the Gospel of John"

The Evangelicals Daughter

The Evangelicals Daughter Author Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes
ISBN-10 1532012292
Release 2017-02-21
Pages 282
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One day, Frankie Roberts hears a preacher pronounce that a woman's place is in the home, not in the pulpit. But this mother of four daughters and wife of a pastor in New Jersey won't hear of it; she knows she has a special calling. In 1959, Frankie packs up her children, leaves her husband, and moves to Sioux City, Iowa, to start a ministry. In this memoir, one of Frankie's daughters, the author Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes narrates her mother's story. Availing herself of both humor and honesty, Torres-Reyes describes being raised by Pentecostal Holiness Ministers and living with a fanatical preacher mother who inflicts both physical and verbal abuse on her offspring. The author reflects on how the church's views and actions--speaking in tongues, casting out demons, and dancing in the spirit--caused her to grow up with poor self-esteem, to suffer panic attacks, and to live in constant mental and emotional torment about The Rapture, demons, the devil, and hell. The Evangelical's Daughter describes how Torres-Reyes ultimately breaks out of a self-destructive lifestyle, joins the military, and later attends college and law school, finally becoming an attorney. This is one woman's true story about finding God and leaving religious dogma behind.

Finding Charts

Finding Charts Author AM Cherepashchuk
ISBN-10 9056990144
Release 1996-09-01
Pages 256
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This two-part set provides a summary of data on approximately 500 close binary systems in the later evolutionary stages, all of which are currently major topics of binary star research. The main parameters are presented for close binaries containing peculiar companions: Wolf-Rayet stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.

Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living

Advanced Yoga Practices   Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living Author Yogani
ISBN-10 9780976465522
Release 2004-12-01
Pages 548
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The premise of Yoga is simple. There is an outer reality and an inner one, and our nervous system is the doorway between them. Effective Yoga practices stimulate and open that doorway. The result? Peace, creativity, happiness, and a steady rise of ecstatic bliss radiating from within us. Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) brings together the most effective methods of Yoga in a flexible integrated system that anyone can use. Instructions are given in plain English for deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama, bodily manipulations (asanas, mudras and bandhas), tantric sexual practices, and other methods that are systematically applied to swing open the door of our nervous system to permanent higher experience. This is a non-sectarian approach that is compatible with any belief system or religious background. There are over 240 easy-to-follow lessons here, including many hands-on questions and answers between Yoga practitioners and the author. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in Yoga, the AYP lessons can serve as a useful resource as you travel along your chosen path. What readers are saying about the AYP lessons: "I searched for years to find a method of meditation that I can do. This is do-able." - AN "I've learned more about yoga in 4 months than in the previous 30 years of study." - SL" This is a very valuable inspiration for people taking up and maintaining meditation." - DB "Spinal breathing pranayama makes me feel so ecstatic, I want to do it all the time." - YM "After my first meditation session, I never felt so relaxed. You made me a believer." - JF "You make everything seem so simple, yet the practices are profound and dynamic." - SS "I wish I had this kind of informationwhen I started some 15 years back." - AD "I love the way you explain everything. So simple, logical, and so safe." - RY "These are the best lessons I have read on yoga anywhere." - RD Additional reader feedback is included in the last section of the book.

I Am a Woman Finding My Voice

I Am a Woman Finding My Voice Author Janet Quinn
ISBN-10 0061922617
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 160
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This celebration of womanhood, with a foreword by Dr. Joan Borysenko, delights in the joy of the feminine soul. In a time when it might not be politically correct to speak of such a uniquely feminine soul, Quinn takes the position that finding one's own authentic voice is imperative if we are to value a universal livelihood of love and community.

I am Manuel Not Moses The Thoughts of an Indigenous Leader Finding a Way Forward for His People

I am Manuel     Not Moses  The Thoughts of an Indigenous Leader Finding a Way Forward for His People Author Manuel Arenas
ISBN-10 9781483463896
Release 2017-01-25
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View the world as seen by Manual, a Totonac Indian from Mexico. This trailblazer, educator, civic leader and Christian describes his relationship to the Mexican people and culture, and shares real stories from his travels. Fifteen short stories are brought to life, narrated by Manual himself, ranging from his adventures growing up on tribal Totonac land, to the building of an indigenous school, to his personal spiritual and educational journeys. These tales are informative and cautionary, filled with lessons on Christian values, community building, personal growth, education and authentic leadership. Manuel knew the best way to bring value to his people was through education and a faith in Jesus Christ. Follow Manual's travels, thoughts and stories as he takes us through his life explorations as an evangelical leader, educator and Indian. ""Although we were here first, we know that God put us all here together, and it is my hope that we can learn to live together in harmony and love."" - Manuel Arenas

Theory and Applications of Models of Computation

Theory and Applications of Models of Computation Author Jin-Yi Cai
ISBN-10 9783540725039
Release 2007-05-09
Pages 772
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, TAMC 2007, held in Shanghai, China in May 2007. The 67 revised full papers presented together with 2 plenary lectures were carefully reviewed and selected from over 500 submissions. All major areas in computer science, mathematics (especially logic) and the physical sciences particularly with regard to computation and computability theory are addressed. The papers particularly focus on algorithms, complexity and computability theory, giving the conference a special flavor and distinction.

A M Benjamin s the Ultimate Accountant

A M Benjamin s   the Ultimate Accountant Author
ISBN-10 9780976459040
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 54
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A M Benjamin s the Ultimate Accountant has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A M Benjamin s the Ultimate Accountant also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A M Benjamin s the Ultimate Accountant book for free.

Accidental Courage

Accidental Courage Author Joe Kita
ISBN-10 9781579544942
Release 2002-09-29
Pages 256
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The author of Another Shot explains how he conquered his worst fears—from fear of flying to being alone to fear of death—discussing the various ways in which he approached his fears, his sometimes unsuccessful tries to overcome them, and his discovery of what courage really means.

Finding Fate

Finding Fate Author A. M. Jensen
ISBN-10 1512088447
Release 2015-05-07
Pages 96
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17 year old Willow Johnson only has 2 goals in life; Graduate from High School and take care of her younger Brother Josh. Everything was going just fine until he walks into her life and the last thing she needed was to fall for a boy, let alone Cole Knight. 17 year old Cole Knight has his own wants and those are to get through high school and go unnoticed. He keeps everyone out for fear of them getting hurt. This was going almost smoothly; that was before her. The minute he walked into Willow's History class he felt a connection to her and he knows she will get away if he doesn't discover what that connection is. Together they find out just how messed up both of their lives are and realize they truly are the same. Will the secrets they both carry be enough to make them stronger or will it tear them apart? Can they overcome the obstacles that keep getting in the way of finding out what fate has in store for them?

I Am That I Am

I Am That I Am Author Roger Stephens
ISBN-10 9781615668144
Release 2010-06
Pages 104
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Our God wants us to know him. He not only wants us to know him, but he invites us to know him. One man dared to ask God who he is, and God's reply was I AM that I AM! What if people lived out the days of their lives with an awareness that God wants a meaningful relationship with them? How would that change the way they interact with God and others? In the book I AM That I AM, Dr. Roger Stephens clearly defines the misperceptions that people have of God and corrects them, sharing the ways God instructs us to connect with him, giving insight from his own struggles and triumphs. Do you often find yourself asking, why I am I going through this? Are there times when you ask, where is God? Maybe your answer is in learning that God is the I AM That I AM!

Finding Green in Iraq

Finding Green in Iraq Author Mike Gangwer
ISBN-10 9781463435493
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 192
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From the view of a US Department of Agriculture scientist, the author writes of his assignment in Iraq, working at Embassy Baghdad and traveling to nearly every Province. While nearly all of his work was agriculturally related, he writes of his experiences by combining insight and imagination as art, as well as the science of agricultural development. He brings the perspective of working with the US Military, the State Department, the Government of Iraq Ministries, as well as a host of other government agencies and organizations. The book includes 301 photographs, giving the reader a first hand look at Iraq, its people, its beauty, and the still present scars of decades of war. The author makes the compelling case that Iraq and its people can become a stable and peaceful country, but it is largely up to the young people in Iraq to find this course. In many of his journeys, he finds just such young people, and imagines what they can become ...

Finding Emma

Finding Emma Author Donna Marie Trapp
ISBN-10 9781681225289
Release 2009-10-20
Pages 156
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Finding Emma: Who Am I? is a story of one woman and every woman. Emma Sutherland embarks on a journey of discovery after she wakes up one morning and finds she feels alone after her life has fallen apart from divorce. Grieving that she has lost her identity, she starts to question herself—“Who am I?” Who we are is all too often described in terms of who or what surrounds us, missing the opportunity to give a description of ourselves, the individual. Our identity is not who’s in the room with us, but who’s in the room when we are alone. Emma slowly learns that she has worth, value and something to give back. She finds the strength to heal inside, to redefine herself and become a strong mother, daughter and woman. Emma rebuilds her life as she rebuilds herself. Finding Emma celebrates Emma’s journey out of the heart of darkness of divorce, as layer by layer, she discovers the path to peace and self-confidence through an understanding of the world beyond herself and the world within herself. No matter the source of darkness in our hearts, her example will illuminate the way…. Linda Davis

Finding the Deep River Within

Finding the Deep River Within Author Abby Seixas
ISBN-10 9780787997496
Release 2007-09-28
Pages 256
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Psychotherapist Abby Seixas examines women who are chronically busy, providing guidance to help women reassess their priorities, slow down, and enjoy their lives, and discussing to-do lists, keeping a journal, making choices, and other related topics.

I Am Strong

I Am Strong Author John S. Dickerson
ISBN-10 9780310341925
Release 2015-12-29
Pages 224
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I Am Strong by John Dickerson is the link between your weakness and God’s strength. Can we believe that? You call out to God. Your problems get worse. You suffer and wait for him. And you continue to just wait. It’s what Paul called the thorn in the flesh that bothers us day and night. But Paul learned a special secret about life, which you too can learn. He learned to let weakness be the inlet for God’s strength to rush into his life. “When I am weak”—when I feel my thorn—“then I am strong.” And the truth transformed his life. It can transform yours, too. In its chapters I Am Strong equips you to: -Unlock God’s strength for your difficulties. -Understand how a loving God will resolve the pain in your world. -Know God’s plan for your own inadequacy and hurt. -Overcome your circumstances as Christ and Paul did. -Discover the life-changing power of God’s strength where you are weakest. No matter how dark your night or how deep your pit—your Heavenly Father wants to give you a front row seat as He works good in the midst of your difficulty.

Wounded I Am More Awake

Wounded I Am More Awake Author Julia Lieblich
ISBN-10 9780826518255
Release 2012
Pages 177
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Recounts the story of a psychiatrist who was imprisoned in a Bosnian concentration camp and discusses his current work as a therapist using his experiences and medical training to treat other survivors.

The Gentleman s Magazine

The Gentleman s Magazine Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015010964305
Release 1780
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The "Gentleman's magazine" section is a digest of selections from the weekly press; the "(Trader's) monthly intelligencer" section consists of news (foreign and domestic), vital statistics, a register of the month's new publications, and a calendar of forthcoming trade fairs.