Financing Education in a Climate of Change

Financing Education in a Climate of Change Author Vern Brimley Jr.
ISBN-10 9780133980349
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 432
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. This new edition of the classic text in the field of school finance retains the practical tone and superior presentation that made the previous editions best sellers, while presenting the most up-to-date information and material available on key subjects. Here readers get a firm, balanced look of all facets of financing education, clarified and reinforced through numerous clear tables, figures, and key concept lists, and a tone and presentation that illustrates even the most difficult concepts. The new Twelfth Edition of Financing Education in a Climate of Change includes information on hot button topics such as the economics of education, recent court decisions 50-state comparison tables, the Common Core State Standards, and the ongoing debate about school vouchers, tax credits, and charter schools.

Financing Education in a Climate of Change

Financing Education in a Climate of Change Author Percy E. Burrup
ISBN-10 0205287832
Release 1999
Pages 400
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A text for a beginning course in school finance, with an emphasis on the principle of equalization of educational opportunity. Contains chapters on economics of education, sources of revenue, federal interest in education, public funds and nonpublic schools, accounting and auditing, and human resour

Financing Education in a Climate of Change Pearson New International Edition

Financing Education in a Climate of Change  Pearson New International Edition Author Vern Brimley
ISBN-10 9781292035109
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 416
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For educational administration and leadership students taking school finance courses. A popular, user-friendly school finance text that is both current and comprehensive. The newly revised eleventh edition of this classic school finance text retains its practical tone and superior presentation while adding the most up-to-date information and material regarding education finance. Providing readers with a firm knowledge of all facets of financing education — along with a number of helpful pedagogical tools such as clear tables and end-of-chapter assignment projects — this new edition adds information on hot button topics including the economics of education, recent and relevant court decisions, and the ongoing debate about school vouchers, tax credits, and charter schools.

Financing Education in a Climate of Change

Financing Education in a Climate of Change Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781467290654
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 30
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Facts101 is your complete guide to Financing Education in a Climate of Change. In this book, you will learn topics such as Financing Education Equitably, Patterns for School Finance Systems, Sources of Revenue, and Eroding Local Control plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

School Bond Success

School Bond Success Author Carleton R. Holt
ISBN-10 9781475839289
Release 2017-09-07
Pages 286
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Many school buildings across America are falling apart due to age or lack of maintenance. Others are outmoded and do not meet the needs of modern educational programs and curricula. Unfortunately, school administrators and boards of education have found it increasingly difficult to obtain the funding necessary to correct facility problems in their districts. However help is at hand in the fourth edition of a popular title originally published in 1999. Holt updates the status of school facilities in the U.S. and provides new information on the gap between federal, state, and local funding. New to this edition is a discussion of the importance of senior voter contributions for the success of election campaigns. The nuts and bolts of securing the funding for facility construction, a component of the building process usually overlooked in training administrators, are clearly outlined in chapters that begin with a look at the problem of aging schools and follow through the planning and project development phases to the bond campaign and election-day. Filled with tips, checklists, and insights on the details from experienced school leaders, this is the perfect guide to consult every step on the way to victory.

Educational Regimes and Anglo American Democracy

Educational Regimes and Anglo American Democracy Author Ronald A. Manzer
ISBN-10 0802087809
Release 2003
Pages 602
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Manzer's comparative political study of schools in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States focuses on five fundamental problems in the historical development of Anglo-American educational regimes: the original creation of systems of elementary education in the nineteenth century as publicly provided and publicly governed; the transformation of secondary schools in the early twentieth century to match the emerging structure of occupational classes in capitalist industrial economies; the planning for secondary schools in the development of the welfare state after the Second World War; the accommodation of social diversity in public schools from the 1960s to the 1990s in response to increasingly strong assertions of ethnicity, language, race, and religion, not only as criteria for equal treatment, but also as foundations of communal identity; and more.

Die Entscheidung

Die Entscheidung Author Naomi Klein
ISBN-10 9783104031453
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 704
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***JETZT ODER NICHTS – der provokante Gesellschaftsentwurf der international bekannten Bestsellerautorin Naomi Klein (›NoLogo‹ und ›Die Schock-Strategie‹)*** Vergessen Sie alles, was Sie über den Klimawandel zu wissen meinten: Es geht nicht nur um CO2-Emissionen, es geht um den Kapitalismus! Die weltbekannte Aktivistin Naomi Klein weckt uns aus der kollektiven Ohnmacht angesichts der Klimakatastrophe. In einer packenden Vision zeigt sie, dass wir uns dieser existentiellen Herausforderung stellen können. Wir müssen unser Wirtschaftssystem des Immer-mehr aufgeben und etwas radikal Neues wagen. Denn überall auf der Welt gibt es bereits überraschende und inspirierende Alternativen. Brillant gedacht, fundiert recherchiert, hoffnungsvoll und spannend. Ein Buch, das aufrüttelt und Lust auf die Zukunft macht. »Die Klimakatastrophe kann die Welt zum Besseren ändern.« — Naomi Klein »Naomi Klein befasst sich in ihrer unbestechlichen, leidenschaftlichen und akribischen Art mit den größten und drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit. Ihr Werk hat die Spielregeln der Debatte verändert. Für mich zählt sie zu den inspirierendsten politischen Vordenkern der Welt von heute.« — Arundhati Roy »Zweifellos eines der wichtigsten Bücher des Jahrzehnts.« — Amitav Ghosh »Naomi Klein ist ein Genie. Sie hat für das Feld der Politik das geleistet, was Jared Diamond für die Erforschung der Geschichte des Menschen getan hat. Meisterhaft verwebt sie politische, ökonomische und historische Fakten und verdichtet sie zu einfachen und mächtigen Wahrheiten mit universeller Anwendbarkeit.« — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. »Naomi Kleins klare Sprache und ihr Scharfsinn, machen Lust auf Veränderung und verdeutlichen die Notwendigkeit zum sofortigen Handeln.« — Charlize Theron »Eine mitreißende Pflichtlektüre!« — Michael E. Mann, Direktor des Earth System Science Center an der Pennsylvania State University

Financing Public Schools

Financing Public Schools Author Kern Alexander
ISBN-10 9781135106553
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 510
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Financing Public Schools moves beyond the basics of financing public elementary and secondary education to explore the historical, philosophical, and legal underpinnings of a viable public school system. Coverage includes the operational aspects of school finance, including issues regarding teacher salaries and pensions, budgeting for instructional programs, school transportation, and risk management. Diving deeper than other school finance books, the authors explore the political framework within which schools must function, discuss the privatization of education and its effects on public schools, offer perspectives regarding education as an investment in human capital, and expertly explain complex financial and economic issues. This comprehensive text provides the tools to apply the many and varied fiscal concepts and practices that are essential for aspiring public school administrators who aim to provide responsible stewardship for their students. Special Features: "Definitional Boxes" and "Key Terms" throughout chapters enhance understanding of difficult concepts. Coverage of legal, political, and historical issues provides a broader context and more complex understanding of school finance. Offers in-depth exploration of business management of financial resources, including fiscal accounting, school facilities, school transportation, financing with debt, and the nuances of school budgeting techniques.

Costs of Education

Costs of Education Author Betty Cox
ISBN-10 9781885432544
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 236
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How schools budget and spend the money they receiveAnalyzes links (or their absence) to educational goalsA candid guide to how resources are used in schools Based on extensive research and hands-on school budgeting, this volume is a systematic exposition of how money is collected and spent in the thousands of public school districts in the US, as well as parochial, private and charter schools. The volume explains both the paper trail of how money is allocated in budgets and justified in outlays, as well as the decision-making steps authorizing the collection and spending of funds. A thesis of the book is that money for schools should in all instances contribute to the promotion of educational goals. The book shows that the determination of, as well as the realization, of such goals is subject to complexities that result in questionable uses of limited resources--a result that has wide implications.

The School Superintendent

The School Superintendent Author Theodore J. Kowalski
ISBN-10 9781483321790
Release 2012-11-09
Pages 448
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The School Superintendent: Theory, Practice, and Cases is the essential guide to succeeding as a superintendent or as an administrator in another district-level position. Comprehensive in both theory and practice, this textbook and reference guide examines the role and responsibilities of school district administration in professional, social, philosophical, and political frames, while balancing perspectives of rewards and challenges commonly expressed by school superintendents. Important topics covered include the emerging role of superintendent as communicator, the changing conditions in districts and schools, inadequate funding for public schools, and the treatment of policy administration, leadership roles, and community involvement. Fully updated, the Third Edition provides: greater emphasis on the challenges facing novice superintendents; new material on strategic planning and visioning; new and expanded coverage of contemporary issues such as inadequate district funding and social challenges; additional figures, tables, key terms, and other helpful learning tools; and more.

Research Actionable Knowledge and Social Change

Research  Actionable Knowledge  and Social Change Author Edward P. St. John
ISBN-10 9781579227371
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 276
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A professional text written for social science researchers and practitioners, Research, Actionable Knowledge and Social Change provides strategies and frameworks for using social science research to engage in critical social and educational problem solving. Combining the best practices of critical analysis and traditional research methods, this professional text offers guidance for using the Action Inquiry Model (AIM), a transformative model that explains how to successfully conduct action-oriented research in a multitude of professional service organizations. The aim of the text is to encourage a new generation of research-based partnerships reforms that promote equity and access for underserved populations. Topics discussed include: • The historical precedents for universities engaged in social change • The limitations of current social science theory and methods • The critical-empirical approach to social research • The issues relating to social justice within the policy decision process • The use of social research to integrate an emphasis of social justice into economic and policy decision making Research, Actionable Knowledge and Social Change does not propose different foundations for social research, but rather argues that it is necessary to reconsider how to work with theory and research methods to inform change. This text can also be used by students enrolled in graduate and Ed.D/Ph.D Higher Education Leadership programs and graduate programs across professional fields including K-12, public administration, sociology, health, cultural studies, organizational development and organizational theory. It further offers students guidance for research design and dissertation research.

Experteninterviews und Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse

Experteninterviews und Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse Author Jochen Gläser
ISBN-10 3531172387
Release 2010-07-15
Pages 347
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Viele sozialwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen beruhen auf Rekonstruktionen von Situationen oder Prozessen. Das Lehrbuch vermittelt anhand zweier Beispieluntersuchungen anwendungsbereites Wissen über alle Phasen solcher rekonstruierender Untersuchungen und stellt je eine Erhebungs- und eine Auswertungsmethode ausführlich vor. Die Interviewpartner werden als Experten aufgefasst, die über spezifisches Wissen über die zu rekonstruierenden Sachverhalte verfügen. Die qualitative Inhaltsanalyse ermöglicht eine systematische Extraktion relevanter Informationen aus den Interviews und ist zugleich offen für nicht erwartete Befunde. Mit Lernfragen nach jedem Kapitel und einer übersichtlichen Gliederung eignet sich das Buch als praxisorientierte Einführung.

Lernen sichtbar machen berarbeitete deutschsprachige Ausgabe von Visible Learning

Lernen sichtbar machen     berarbeitete deutschsprachige Ausgabe von  Visible Learning Author John Hattie
ISBN-10 3834012807
Release 2014
Pages 439
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Lernen sichtbar machen berarbeitete deutschsprachige Ausgabe von Visible Learning has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lernen sichtbar machen berarbeitete deutschsprachige Ausgabe von Visible Learning also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lernen sichtbar machen berarbeitete deutschsprachige Ausgabe von Visible Learning book for free.

Financing Education

Financing Education Author Quentin L. Quade
ISBN-10 1412823633
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 166
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Lack of family structure, violence in the schools, and overcrowded classrooms spur a never-ending cry for "reforms" to confront such issues. Quentin L. Quade cuts through the alarming din to what he feels is the real heart of the matter - the ways society assigns tax dollars dedicated to education, what he refers to as educational finance monopoly - or EFM. Financing Education examines the major problems of American K-12 education, establishes the causal connections with EFM, offers school choice without financial penalty as a powerful and obvious cure, and examines several American school choice proposals. It will be of interest to policymakers, policy analysts, educators, taxpayers, parents, and all persons concerned about America's educational quality.

Oversexed and underfucked

Oversexed and underfucked Author Iris Osswald-Rinner
ISBN-10 9783531928654
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 272
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Oversexed and underfucked! Diese sicherlich pointiert formulierte und auch provozierende Diagnose über den gegenwärtigen Zustand des ‚sexuellen Begehrens’ unterstellt, dass die Lust der Geschlechter aufeinander heute weitgehend abhanden gekommen sei und dass die vermeintliche, ganz wesentlich durch die Medien getragene, Übersexualisierung daran einen erheblichen Anteil habe. Und sie impliziert, dass ‚wir’ alle wissen (wollen), was guter Sex ist. Entlang dieser Leitnahmen geht die vorliegende Arbeit der gesellschaftlichen Konstruktion der Lust auf den Grund. Sie analysiert die Ideen einer ‚gelingenden Sexualität’ aus der Sicht der Wissenschaft ebenso wie das Rezeptwissen erfolgreicher Sexualratgeber von 1950 bis heute. Die aus diesen Quellen ‚rekonstruierten’ sexuellen Skripte (Dornröschen-Skript, Ken&Barbie-Skript, Adam&Eva-Skript und Ich&Ich-Skript) weisen – insgesamt betrachtet – eine typische Entwicklungslinie auf, die von der Darstellung des Geschlechtsverkehrs als Drama im Dornröschen-Skript bis hin zur als Porncast inszenierten Selbstbefriedigung im Ich&Ich-Skript führt. Der Begriff ‚underfucked’ zeigt somit nicht einen Mangel an Geschlechtsverkehr an, sondern beschreibt vielmehr seinen fortschreitenden ‚sozialen Tod’.

Financing Education in Sub Saharan Africa

Financing Education in Sub Saharan Africa Author UIS
ISBN-10 9789291890972
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 128
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"In the current economic climate, how can African governments provide every child with a decent education? This report provides the statistical evidence to evaluate the policy trade-offs in responding to the rising demand for primary and secondary education in sub-Saharan Africa. The report presents the most comprehensive and timely data available on the financing of education in 45 sub-Saharan African countries. In addition, historical data enable the authors to track trends since the World Education Forum in 2000 and examine the financial impact of the steadfast commitment of many African governments to provide universal primary education. Over the past ten years, real expenditure on education has risen by 6% annually across the region. It is often assumed that the resources were used to widen enrollment. Yet, recent data show that many countries also made significant investments to improve their educational services. The report also introduces new indicators on critical issues, such as the qualifications and salaries of teachers, the running costs of schools, and the provision of textbooks. The authors examine financing trends in private education, as well as official development assistance, which accounts for more than 50% of public education budgets in some countries. In short, this report provides the facts -- not assumptions -- to analyse policy options and optimise the use of limited financial resources."--P. [4] of cover.

Die Machiavellis der Wissenschaft das Netzwerk des Leugnens

Die Machiavellis der Wissenschaft   das Netzwerk des Leugnens Author Erik M. Conway
ISBN-10 9783527412112
Release 2013-12-18
Pages 389
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Ein ganz realer Thriller: Wie skrupellose Lobbyisten seriöse Forscher diffamierten und gezielt Falschinformationen in lancierten Medienkampagnen global verbreiteten. Der Plot ist hollywoodreif, die Geschichte so skandalträchtig wie bestürzend Eine Handvoll Forscher leugnet, manipuliert und diskreditiert anerkannte wissenschaftliche Tatsachen wie den Klimawandel oder den Zusammenhang zwischen dem Rauchen und gesundheitlichen Risiken. Doch Die Machiavellis der Wissenschaft (im Original Merchants of Doubt) ist kein fiktiver Roman, sondern berichtet von der Realität. In den USA sorgte das Buch von Naomi Oreskes und Erik M. Conway für Furore und wurde zum Bestseller. Kein Wunder, die Geschichte, die sie erzählen, ist schließlich unglaublich – es ist die Geschichte über den Kampf gegen Fakten und über den Handel mit dem Zweifel, über die Manipulation der Medien und die Diffamierung Einzelner. Und sie geht uns alle an. Schließlich lehnten die USA als einzige Industrienation die Ratifizierung des Kyoto–Protokolls ab und verhinderten so wichtige Schritte des Klimaschutzes. Ein Lehrstück über die Macht der Industrielobby und ihre Handlanger aus Politik und Wissenschaft und ein Lehrstück darüber, wie erschreckend einfach es möglich ist, mit unlauteren Absichten selbst seriöse Medien zu beeinflussen und mit nachweislich falschen Informationen zu »füttern«.