Figure Drawing for Concept Artists

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists Author Kan Muftic
ISBN-10 1909414441
Release 2017-06-13
Pages 192
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Figure Drawing for Concept Artists is the essential life drawing primer for concept artists, by respected industry practitioner Kan Muftic.

Figure Drawing for Artists

Figure Drawing for Artists Author Steve Huston
ISBN-10 9781631590658
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 192
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How often does an aspiring artist read a book or take a class on drawing the human body, only to end up with page after page of stiff lifeless marks rather than the well-conceived figure the course promised? Though there are many books on drawing the human figure, none teach how to draw a figure from the first few marks of the quick sketch to the last virtuosic stroke of the finished masterpiece, let alone through a convincing, easy-to-understand method. That changes now. In Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count, award-winning fine artist Steve Huston shows beginners and pros alike the two foundational concepts behind the greatest masterpieces in art and how to use them as the basis for their own success. Embark on a drawing journey and discover how these twin pillars of support are behind everything from the Venus De Milo to Michelangelo's Sibyl to George Bellow's Stag at Sharkey's, how they're the fundamental tools for animation studios around the world, and how the best comic book artists from the beginnings of the art form until now use them whether they know it or not. Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count sketches out the same two-step method taught to the artists of DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, and Disney Animation, so pick up a pencil and get drawing.

Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators

Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators Author David H. Ross
ISBN-10 9780385346245
Release 2015-07-28
Pages 208
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Draw the Human Figure Anywhere, Anytime For today’s in-demand comic creators, animators, video game artists, concept designers, and more, being able to quickly draw the human figure in a variety of action-packed poses is a requirement. But what do you do if you don’t have models or photographic reference readily available? In Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators, artist and instructor David H. Ross provides an alternative solution, showing you how to master freehand figure drawing without visual reference by using a modern twist on the classic technique of blocking out the human figure in mannequin form. Step-by-step lessons guide illustrators from basic poses (standing, running, jumping) to extreme motions (throwing punches, high kicking). For on-the-go artists, Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators allows you complete freedom to bring your figures to life at any time. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Classic Human Anatomy in Motion

Classic Human Anatomy in Motion Author Valerie L. Winslow
ISBN-10 9780770434151
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 304
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This essential companion book to the bestselling Classic Human Anatomy provides artists and art students with a deeper understanding of human anatomy and different types of motion, inspiring more realistic and energetic figurative art. Fine-art instruction books do not usually focus on anatomy as it relates to movement, despite its great artistic significance. Written by a long-time expert on drawing and painting human anatomy, Classic Human Anatomy in Motion offers artists everything they need to realistically draw the human figure as it is affected by movement. Written in a friendly style, the book is illustrated with hundreds of life drawing studies (both quick poses and long studies), along with charts and diagrams showing the various anatomical and structural components. This comprehensive manual features 5 distinct sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the human figure: bones and joint movement, muscle groups, surface form and soft tissue characteristics, structure, and movement. Each chapter builds an artistic understanding of how motion transforms the human figure and can create a sense of expressive vibrancy in one's art. From the Hardcover edition.

Fantasy Artist s Figure Drawing Bible

Fantasy Artist s Figure Drawing Bible Author Matt Dixon
ISBN-10 1408100762
Release 2008
Pages 256
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Drawing fantasy, manga and comic book characters is very popular at the moment. These areas appeal to a wide range of budding artists from schoolboys wanting to make their own graphic novels to those wanting to develop fantasy games on their computers. This book is a good, sound text on how to develop characters - a bit of personality but mostly how to work up preliminary sketches to the final finished character. There are sample pages from various artists' sketchbooks and lots of drawings in different poses to show how to convey different features, postures and movement. There are also outline figures that can be traced and then coloured in or developed further. All in all, this is a useful sourcebook for anyone interested in drawing fantasy figures. It is in the handy wirobound format.

The Figurative Artist s Handbook

The Figurative Artist s Handbook Author Robert Zeller
ISBN-10 9781580934527
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 304
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An Authoritative, Comprehensive Guide for Contemporary Figurative Artists Mastering the figure is an essential tool for any serious visual artist. At a time when renewed interest in figurative art is surging throughout the art world, author Robert Zeller presents The Figurative Artist's Handbook--the first comprehensive guide to figure drawing and painting to appear in decades. Illustrated with Zeller's own exquisite drawings and paintings as well as works by nearly 100 historical and contemporary figurative art masters, the handbook is also a treasure trove of the finest figurative art of the past and the present day. Included are Michelangelo, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Peter Paul Rubens, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Gustav Klimt, Edward Hopper, Andrew Loomis, Andrew Wyeth, Lucian Freud, Odd Nerdrum, Eric Fischl, Bo Bartlett, Steven Assael, John Currin, and many others. Original and thoroughly modern in his approach, Zeller brings together three figure-drawing methods long thought to be at odds, synthesizing these seemingly incompatible techniques to achieve a cohesive and complete understanding of the human figure. Although all three methods underlie contemporary fine-arts practice and education, no artist's handbook has ever combined them before: The Study of Gesture (Disegno): Rooted in the Italian Mannerist style of the 16th and 17th centuries, the gestural method emphasizes life, rhythm, and movement in the human body. The Structural Approach: A mainstay of 20th- and 21st-century art instruction, this method applies an architectural perspective to the body, using a block conception for anatomically sound, solid figures. The Atelier Method: Based on the training provided by 18th- and 19th-century art academies, the atelier approach creates sensual, smooth renderings based on meticulous study of the figure's surface morphology in light and shadow. Covering all the basics as well as many advanced techniques, The Figurative Artist's Handbook is aimed at both students and experienced artists. A practical, how-to guide, it provides in-depth step-by-step instruction and--rare among figure-drawing books--features sections on composition, portraiture, and painting. Chapters on creativity and on using a sketchbook help readers hone their artistic vision and evolve ideas from the initial inspiration to the fully developed work. Also included is an extensive section highlighting the great movements in figurative art throughout history--from ancient Egypt and Greece to the present.

Expressive Figure Drawing

Expressive Figure Drawing Author Bill Buchman
ISBN-10 9780823033140
Release 2010
Pages 176
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Designed to address beginning to intermediate artists, this book is the ultimate guide to portraiture and figure painting in watercolour. It guides artists through the entire portrait and figure painting process, from selecting the right materials and tools to exhibiting the finished painting. Richly illustrated, the book features paintings by such masters of watercolour as Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent and Georgia O'Keeffe.

Force Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators

Force  Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators Author Mike Mattesi
ISBN-10 9781136142376
Release 2012-08-17
Pages 248
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Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators Capture the force in your life drawing subjects with this practical guide to dynamic drawing techniques - packed with superb, powerfully drawn examples that show you how to: * Bring your work to life with rhythmic drawing techniques * Create appealing and dynamic poses in your drawings * Experience the figure's energy in three dimensional space * Use the asymmetry of straight and curved lines to clarify the direction of force in the body * Build on your foundational anatomy and figure drawing skills to animate your drawings *Apply the theory of force to your on-location and animal drawing observations Whether you are an animator, comic book artist, illustrator or fine arts' student you'll learn to use rhythm, shape, and line to bring out the life in any subject while Mike Mattesi's infectious enthusiasm will have you reaching for your pencils! Mike Mattesi is the owner and founder of Entertainment Art Academy ( based in Southern California. He has been a professional production artist and instructor for the last fifteen years with clients including Disney, Marvel Comics, Hasbro Toys, ABC, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, DreamWorks and Nickelodeon. Audience level: Intermediate to advanced

Drawing Basics and Video Game Art

Drawing Basics and Video Game Art Author Chris Solarski
ISBN-10 9780823098484
Release 2012-09-18
Pages 240
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"This book supports my own 30-year crusade to demonstrate that games are an art form that undeniably rivals traditional arts. It gives detailed explanations of game art techniques and their importance, while also highlighting their dependence on artistic aspects of game design and programming.” — John Romero, co-founder of id Software and CEO of Loot Drop, Inc. "Solarski’s methodology here is to show us the artistic techniques that every artist should know, and then he transposes them to the realm of video games to show how they should be used to create a far more artful gaming experience ... if I were an artist planning to do video game work, I’d have a copy of this on my shelf." — Marc Mason, Comics Waiting Room Video games are not a revolution in art history, but an evolution. Whether the medium is paper or canvas—or a computer screen—the artist’s challenge is to make something without depth seem like a window into a living, breathing world. Video game art is no different. Drawing Basics and Video Game Art is first to examine the connections between classical art and video games, enabling developers to create more expressive and varied emotional experiences in games. Artist game designer Chris Solarski gives readers a comprehensive introduction to basic and advanced drawing and design skills—light, value, color, anatomy, concept development—as well as detailed instruction for using these methods to design complex characters, worlds, and gameplay experiences. Artwork by the likes of Michelangelo, Titian, and Rubens are studied alongside AAA games like BioShock, Journey, the Mario series, and Portal 2, to demonstrate perpetual theories of depth, composition, movement, artistic anatomy, and expression. Although Drawing Basics and Video Game Art is primarily a practical reference for artists and designers working in the video games industry, it’s equally accessible for those interested to learn about gaming’s future, and potential as an artistic medium. Also available as an eBook From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Artist s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing

The Artist s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing Author Anthony Ryder
ISBN-10 9780770434748
Release 2014-03-02
Pages 160
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Many of us want to learn “how to draw.” But as artist Anthony Ryder explains, it’s much more important to learn what to draw. In other words, to observe and draw what we actually see, rather than what we think we see. When it comes to drawing the human figure, this means letting go of learned ideas and expectation of what the figure should look like. It means carefully observing the interplay of form and light, shape and line, that combine to create the actual appearance of human form. In The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing, amateur and experienced artists alike are guided toward this new way of seeing and drawing the figure with a three-step drawing method. The book’s progressive course starts with the block-in, an exercise in seeing and establishing the figure’s shape. It then build to the contour, a refined line drawing that represents the figure’s silhouette. The last step is tonal work on the inside of the contour, when light and shadow are shaped to create the illusion of form. Separate chapters explore topics critical to the method: gesture, which expresses a sense of living energy to the figure; light, which largely determines how we see the model; and form, which conveys the figure’s volume and mass. Examples, step-by-steps, and special “tips” offer helpful hints and practical guidance throughout. Lavishly illustrated with the author’s stunning artwork, The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing combines solid instruction with thoughtful meditations on the art of drawing, to both instruct and inspire artists of all levels.

The Anatomy of Style

The Anatomy of Style Author Patrick J. Jones
ISBN-10 0957664982
Release 2016-01-04
Pages 158
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Continuing the tradition of such revered masters of anatomy as Andrew Loomis and Burne Hogarth, but with his own, refreshingly original approach, is highly regarded artist and teacher Patrick J. Jones. In this unique, practical guide - a follow-up to the bestselling Sci-Fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques (Korero, 2014) - Patrick takes the daunting task of learning human anatomy and breaks it into step-by-step stages that cover the critical foundation that every figurative artist needs to know.

Figure Drawing Master Class

Figure Drawing Master Class Author Dan Gheno
ISBN-10 9781440339943
Release 2015-05-28
Pages 176
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How to draw like the masters! With Figure Drawing Master Class, you will discover the secrets to creating masterful figure drawings through examples of Old Master drawings, as well as Dan Gheno's own beautiful drawings, demonstrations and diagrams. This take-home course covers everything you need to put yourself on the fast-track to successful figure drawing. Inside you'll find: The basics of training your hand to draw Gesture drawing lessons How to draw heads and hands How to accurately compose your figures Keys to replicating the subtle details in the posture of the head to suggest emotion The basics of human proportions With tips, tricks and historical references, the drawing instruction inside will help you with all the critical skills you need to travel your own journey through successful figure drawing and improve your drawings for years to come. Learn to draw all aspects of the human figure with diagrams, demonstrations and Old Master drawings More than 120 drawings by Old Master artists including Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Rembrandt Includes 5 step-by-step demonstrations to reinforce the key concepts of figure drawing

Freehand Drawing and Discovery

Freehand Drawing and Discovery Author James Richards
ISBN-10 9781118421208
Release 2013-01-31
Pages 288
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Features access to video tutorials! Designed to help architects, planners, and landscape architects use freehand sketching to quickly and creatively generate design concepts, Freehand Drawing and Discovery uses an array of cross-disciplinary examples to help readers develop their drawing skills. Taking a "both/and" approach, this book provides step-by-step guidance on drawing tools and techniques and offers practical suggestions on how to use these skills in conjunction with digital tools on real-world projects. Illustrated with nearly 300 full color drawings, the book includes a series of video demonstrations that reinforces the sketching techniques.

Movement and Form

Movement and Form Author Samantha Youssef
ISBN-10 0994836104
Release 2015-07
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Movement and Form has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Movement and Form also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Movement and Form book for free.

High focus Drawing

High focus Drawing Author James McMullan
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047912590
Release 1994
Pages 158
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"James McMullan, one of America's most celebrated illustrators, has created an exciting new approach to figure drawing. Using his experience as an artist and a teacher, McMullan lucidly presents his new strategy, High-Focus Drawing, demonstrating his method with examples from master works as well as from student art. High-Focus Drawing is a melding of memory, common sense, heightened awareness of our own bodies, and curiosity to find what is unique in the model." "In contrast to a mechanistic approach, where the artist isolates portions of the body, High-Focus Drawing asks the student to take in the entire figure at once, resulting in a drawing that embodies a strong sense of immediacy and energy. This approach produces lively, seamless figure drawings without construction lines. For students and artists at any level who are interested in exploring the possibilities of figure drawing this book provides both guidance and inspiration."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Perspective for Comic Book Artists

Perspective  for Comic Book Artists Author David Chelsea
ISBN-10 9780823005673
Release 1997
Pages 176
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Teaches comic book artists about artistic perspective, covering one, two, and three-point perspective, using circles, drawing the human figure, and explaining the horizon and vanishing point

The Quick Pose a Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing

The Quick Pose  a Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing Author Erin Meads
ISBN-10 1320544479
Release 2015-07-17
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The Quick Pose a Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Quick Pose a Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Quick Pose a Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing book for free.