Female Brain Gone Insane

Female Brain Gone Insane Author Mia Lundin, R.N.C., N.P.
ISBN-10 9780757395925
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 248
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Four Steps to Sanity—No Doctors, No Antidepressants, No Fuss Are you one of the millions of women who feels like there is a giant boulder strapped to your back? You are exhausted but can't sleep. You find absolutely no joy in anything you do or in the people around you. You are forgetful and easily confused. You are overwhelmed, anxious, and emotionally bankrupt. In general, you feel like crap. Your doctor has told you it's all in your head and you feel like you are going insane! Mia Lundin has heard all of this before and knows exactly how to help. She has treated and cured more than 3,000 women of all ages and stages of life who felt like they were 'losing it,' and who were initially misdiagnosed and prescribed pointless antidepressants or one-size-fits-all HRT by busy doctors. After considering the whole woman and the lifestyle she lives, Mia revealed the culprit in almost all of her cases to be a combination of brain chemistry and hormone imbalance. Never a standardized solution, Female Brain Gone Insane is the first book to tackle the emotional symptoms and issues associated with hormone and brain-chemistry imbalances while giving you the same wisdom, advice, and results that Mia offers her patients through her private practice. The easiest and most compassionate program you'll ever find, Female Brain Gone Insane will guide you step by step through the scary maze of self-doubt and fear. You will learn how to listen to and identify your own symptoms to get started on your emotional rescue plan and take action toward sanity right now.

The Female Brain

The Female Brain Author Louann Brizendine
ISBN-10 9781407039510
Release 2009-05-04
Pages 352
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In this groundbreaking book, Dr Louann Brizendine describes the uniquely flexible structure of the female brain and its constant, dynamic state of change - the key difference that separates it from that of the male - and reveals how women think, what they value, how they communicate, and whom they'll love. She also reveals the neurological explanations behind why... * A woman remembers fights that a man insists never happened... * Thoughts about sex enter a woman's brain perhaps once every couple of days, but mayenter a man's brain up to once every minute... * A woman's brain goes on high alert during pregnancy - and stays that way long after giving birth... * A woman over 50 is more likely to initiate divorce than a man... * Women tend to know what people are feeling, while men can't spot an emotion unless someone cries or threatens them with bodily harm! Accessible, fun and compelling, and based on more than three decades of research, The Female Brain will help women to better understand themselves - and the men in their lives.

The Fifth Decade

The Fifth Decade Author Deborah R. Wagner
ISBN-10 9781614481539
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 276
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The "Fifth Decade" enlightens women and their families about the shifts to women’s emotional states, their bodies and their sense of wellbeing during their midlife years. With balanced, accessible and humorous discussions of female physiology and psychology as well as current treatment options, author and psychologist Deborah R. Wagner Ph.D., provides a forum to help her readers get comfortable with the volatile, powerful and colorful decades of life in the 40s and 50s. With added advice for families---including a segment for partners and children---as well as candid discussions on the impact of unanticipated (but interconnected) conditions such as anxiety, depression, changing body image, loss of feelings of empathy and nurturing and empty nesting, Dr. Wagner delivers a potent blend of science and comfort in a voice that women identify with easily. A compelling insight for women and their loved ones, "The Fifth Decade" provides a roadmap to the chaos. . .hormonal and otherwise. . .of midlife.

A Strange Period

A Strange Period Author Sheryl Gurrentz and Cindy Singer
ISBN-10 1462070191
Release 2011-12-08
Pages 180
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Surprising, funny, and reassuring information about the subtle and not-so-subtle experiences that comprise the Journey from regular periods, to anything but regular periods, to the end of periods. Period. WARNING: This book is intended for hormonally-challenged women only and may be offensive and/or downright appalling to younger or male audiences. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ! Could it be that the odd physical, mental, emotional, and sexual experiences you have recently noticed are related to menopause, even if you feel like you can't possibly be old enough yet? They could be if you are in perimenopause - the time of hormonal fluctuation leading up to menopause. To put it bluntly, you know you are perimenopausal when: • The only other viable alternatives are that you are pregnant, crazy, going through puberty again, and/or have early dementia. • You've had times when you can't figure out the right amount to tip, get lost in your own neighborhood, or feel like you are an impostor in your own life. • You can honestly use the saying, "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin." • The phrase, "I laughed so hard J almost wet my pants" turns into, "I laughed so hard I wet my pants" - and you didn't laugh all that hard. • You talk about your hairy a++hole, and you're not referring to your husband. • You've been looking for a good way to work not-so-feminine itching and the proliferation of pubic hair in non-pubic places into polite conversation. • You have, at least once, gotten so hot that you seriously considered completely stripping off every single piece of your clothing in a public place. • Or, you have 1/2 the energy, but need 2-times the exercise to stay in shape; want sex 1/2 as much, just when it takes your guy 2-times as long; and have 1/2 the periods, but they are 2-times as bothersome.

The Hormone Balance Cookbook

The Hormone Balance Cookbook Author Mia Lundin
ISBN-10 1510723498
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 168
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Improve your mood and your health, and achieve hormonal balance with the food you eat!

Women s Moods

Women s Moods Author Deborah Sichel
ISBN-10 0688148980
Release 1999-11-17
Pages 368
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Depression and anxiety are rampant in America. Twice as many women as men are afflicted. They suffer in silence, are misdiagnosed, or aren't even aware of their risk. Here is a bold new explanation for why women's unique brain chemistry makes them vulnerable to mood problems.and what they can do about it. Only this book details all the risk factors, including the brain's sensitivity to female hormones, life stresses, reproductive events, and a woman's genetic history. Combining more than forty years of clinical work with their own personal experiences, the authors share a self-care program that helps the brain self-stabilize to alleviate and prevent problems. They also advocate early, customized use of medication before problems become entrenched. This powerful, proven approach is a call to awareness for women who have been trying to "be strong" for too long. Both authors are sought-after speakers, known for their sensitive, no-nonsense presentations, guaranteed to fill the auditorium. They continue their work with women through the Hestia Institute, a collaborative practice they co-founded in Wellesley, Massachusetts.Depression and anxiety are rampant in America. Twice as many women as men are afflicted. They suffer in silence, are misdiagnosed, or aren't even aware of their risk. Here is a bold new explanation for why women's unique brain chemistry makes them vulnerable to mood problems.and what they can do about it. Only this book details all the risk factors, including the brain's sensitivity to female hormones, life stresses, reproductive events, and a woman's genetic history.

The Perfect Menopause

The Perfect Menopause Author Henry M. Hess
ISBN-10 9781604029352
Release 2008
Pages 238
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Blending natural and traditional medicine, offers solutions to such problems caused by menopause as decreased sexual desire, poor sleep, weight gain, forgetfulness, night sweats, mood changes, and hot flashes.

Brain On Fire My Month of Madness

Brain On Fire  My Month of Madness Author Susannah Cahalan
ISBN-10 9780141975351
Release 2012-11-13
Pages 288
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'My first serious blackout marked the line between sanity and insanity. Though I would have moments of lucidity over the coming days and weeks, I would never again be the same person ...' Susannah Cahalan was a happy, clever, healthy twenty-four-year old. Then one day she woke up in hospital, with no memory of what had happened or how she had got there. Within weeks, she would be transformed into someone unrecognizable, descending into a state of acute psychosis, undergoing rages and convulsions, hallucinating that her father had murdered his wife; that she could control time with her mind. Everything she had taken for granted about her life, and who she was, was wiped out. Brain on Fire is Susannah's story of her terrifying descent into madness and the desperate hunt for a diagnosis, as, after dozens of tests and scans, baffled doctors concluded she should be confined in a psychiatric ward. It is also the story of how one brilliant man, Syria-born Dr Najar, finally proved - using a simple pen and paper - that Susannah's psychotic behaviour was caused by a rare autoimmune disease attacking her brain. His diagnosis of this little-known condition, thought to have been the real cause of devil-possessions through history, saved her life, and possibly the lives of many others. Cahalan takes readers inside this newly-discovered disease through the progress of her own harrowing journey, piecing it together using memories, journals, hospital videos and records. Written with passionate honesty and intelligence, Brain on Fire is a searingly personal yet universal book, which asks what happens when your identity is suddenly destroyed, and how you get it back. 'With eagle-eye precision and brutal honesty, Susannah Cahalan turns her journalistic gaze on herself as she bravely looks back on one of the most harrowing and unimaginable experiences one could ever face: the loss of mind, body and self. Brain on Fire is a mesmerizing story' -Mira Bartók, New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Palace Susannah Cahalan is a reporter on the New York Post, and the recipient of the 2010 Silurian Award of Excellence in Journalism for Feature Writing. Her writing has also appeared in the New York Times, and is frequently picked up by the Daily Mail, Gawker, Gothamist, AOL and Yahoo among other news aggregrator sites.

Light Medicine of the Future

Light  Medicine of the Future Author Jacob Liberman
ISBN-10 9781591437888
Release 1990-10-01
Pages 304
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Light: Medicine of the Future challenges the modern myth that the sun is dangerous to our well-being and claims that technological advancements, such as most fluorescent lighting, sunglasses, tanning lotions, and our indoor lifestyles, may be more harmful than helpful. Integrating scientific research, clinical experience, and his own insights, Dr. Jacob Liberman has worked effectively with more than 15,000 individuals, from the learning disabled and physically/emotionally traumatized to business executives and Olympic athletes. The book discusses the use of light in the treatment of various cancers, depression, stress, visual problems, PMS, sexual dysfunction, learning disabilities, and the human immune system.

The Hot Topic

The Hot Topic Author Christa D'Souza
ISBN-10 9781501136351
Release 2016-12-27
Pages 192
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This humorous, candid, and well-researched book is a refreshing and accessible guide to menopause for today’s modern woman. There has never been a better time to be a menopausal woman. After all, technology is such that sixty really is the new forty… But, for Christa D’Souza, menopause created more questions than she had answers for: How can I get through menopause? How long does it last? Is hormone replacement therapy safe? What is the point of us now that we are officially biologically irrelevant? Is there a cut-off age for wearing braids? In this fabulously confessional romp through the struggles of menopause, D’Souza shares her own insights on this phase of every woman’s life and the research that has brought her to some unexpected places—from meeting menopausal nuns in San Francisco to hunter-gathering with the Hadza tribe in Tanzania in her search for the answers to her menopause questions. She also delves into the latest science with experts around the world, discovering some surprising silver linings to this key milestone of maturity. An insightful, empowering, no-holds-barred guide through the mysteries of menopause, The Hot Topic is a treat of a book that will demystify this phase of life and have you laughing the whole way through!

Menopause Sucks

Menopause Sucks Author Joanne Kimes
ISBN-10 9781440515040
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 272
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Do they call menopause "the change" because... You have to change shirts three times a day-after you've sweat through them? You have to change addresses, just to avoid all that mail from the AARP? You have to change your diet to nothing but milk and broccoli—just to get your RDA of calcium? With hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats (oh, my!), menopause might not be your favorite phase of life. However, bestselling author Joanne Kimes is here to provide relief as welcome as hand-held fans and sweat-free sheets. In her signature, no-holds-barred style, Kimes dishes on: Dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions Anecdotes, remedies, and gentle tips to help you cope with all the physical changes you're facing How to enjoy menopausal sex Menopause brings about a whirlwind of emotional and physical transformations. Menopause Sucks gives you all the info—and belly laughs—you need to cool down during this hot change of life.

The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause

The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause Author Nisha Jackson
ISBN-10 9780974206738
Release 2004-05-01
Pages 195
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Explaining why women between the ages of 35 and 50 often experience significant changes in mood, weight, sex drive, and general well-being due to hormonal imbalances, this guide shows women how to regain control of their hormones—and their lives—and feel good again through natural means. Women who have had long-standing physical and emotional complaints written off by doctors as normal or genetic are provided with step-by-step solutions to such hormone-related problems as weight gain, fibroids, sex-drive doldrums, adult acne, depression, anxiety, irritability, chronic fatigue, and facial hair. Perimenopausal women will be able to regain control of their health by putting together a game plan for renewal—including hormone balancing and weight management plans that will help them feel better—with dramatic, life-changing results.

Listen Like a Dog

Listen Like a Dog Author Jeff Lazarus
ISBN-10 9780757318986
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 264
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Have you ever talked to a dog. Not just the "Who's a good boy? Spike's a good boy" stuff, but really talked? About your struggles, your heartaches, your joys—baring your soul to a canine friend? If you have, chances are it made you feel free to say whatever you wanted, without the burden of justifying your position, sounding witty, or telling an entertaining story. Free to take your time, without fear of judgment or recrimination. Even if you can't have a real discussion, when compared to conversations with humans you'd probably admit that dogs are the better communicators—paws down. Why? Because even though they don't speak our language, they really listen. It's time to take a fresh look at listening and we need go no further than the furry best friend at our feet. Dogs don't interrupt us, finish our sentences, offer advice, try to top our stories, or text us instead of talking to us. Dogs pay extremely close attention to us; they study our facial expressions, our body language, our eye movements, and our voice patterns. Dogs do not just listen with their ears, they listen with their entire being. True listening can enhance every relationship in one's life, and can transform broken associations and inject new life into business and social interactions. It is the magic ingredient that forges real connections with others. People want good listeners in their inner circle, they want do business with them, they trust them and will share critical information with them. That means the person who masters this skill has enormous advantages, both in business and in his or her personal life. By listening like a dog, readers will find renewed connection and a deeper sense of compassion, companionship and understanding with the people in their lives.


PMDD Author James E. Huston
ISBN-10 1572242833
Release 2002
Pages 161
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Offers women suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder information on the disease's causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, with tips for helping them manage the disorder without disrupting their lives.

I Blame The Hormones A raw and honest account of one woman s fight against depression HarperTrue Life A Short Read

I Blame The Hormones  A raw and honest account of one woman   s fight against depression  HarperTrue Life     A Short Read Author Caroline Church
ISBN-10 9780008100162
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 88
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I Blame the Hormones follows the story of one woman battling long-term depression, her determination to root out the cause, and her ultimate discovery which freed her from its prison.

Menopause and the Mind

Menopause and the Mind Author Claire L. Warga
ISBN-10 9780684854793
Release 2000-04-20
Pages 416
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In a unique guide, a neuropsychologist offers insight into the mental disruptions that often accompany the onset of menopause, including lapses in memory; presents selfscreening tools; and identifies treatment alternatives, from estrogen therapy to dietary changes. Reprint.


Shmirshky Author Kendall Hart
ISBN-10 9781401396503
Release 2011-01-18
Pages 176
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“Informative, engaging, and hilarious!” —Sarah Brokaw, author of Fortytude Hot flashes flashing you awake at 3 a.m.? Forgetting the names of your very own children? Don’t worry—E, the author of Shmirshky, understands how you feel. Shmirshky is the first book of its kind—a guide to women’s midlife changes that’s quick, easy, and full of love! Reading Shmirshky is like having coffee with a hilarious friend who tells it straight about hormone craziness and how to get help. Let’s face it, perimenopause and menopause are still too rarely talked about. Shmirshky turns this taboo topic into an all-inclusive page-turner. Whether you’re a woman who’s suddenly losing her keys, her temper, and her mind, or that woman’s partner, child, or friend, Shmirshky is for you. Suffering in silence is OUT. Reaching out is IN. What the heck is a shmirshky? a delicious dessert an ancient form of yoga a superfood a posh baby stroller brand a painful deep tissue massage an automatic floor mop a precursor to modern-day vodka the feeling you get after eating too many French fries a feeling of serenity and empowerment a community a movement a name for something special that only women possess a guide to achieving your very own version of hormone happiness . . . well, now you’re on to something!