Fashioning Lives

Fashioning Lives Author Eric Darnell Pritchard
ISBN-10 9780809335541
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 326
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Fashioning Lives: Black Queers and the Politics of Literacy analyzes the life stories of sixty Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people along with archival documents, literature, and film. Author Eric Darnell Pritchard provides a theoretical framework for studying the literacy work of Black LGBTQ people, who do not fit into the traditional categories imposed on their language practices and identities. Examining the myriad ways literacy is used to inflict harm, Pritchard discusses how these harmful events prompt Black LGBTQ people to ensure their own survival by repurposing literacy through literacy performances fueled by accountability to self and communal love towards social and political change, a process the author calls “restorative literacies.” Pritchard highlights restorative literacies in literacy institutions (e.g., libraries, schools), historical records repositories, religious and spiritual spaces, parties, community events, activist organizations, and digital spheres. This trailblazing study draws connections between race and queerness in literacy, composition, and rhetoric and provides the basis for a sustainable dialogue on their intersections in the discipline.

Career Women in Contemporary Japan

Career Women in Contemporary Japan Author Anne Stefanie Aronsson
ISBN-10 9781317686972
Release 2014-10-24
Pages 270
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Since Japan’s economic recession began in the 1990s, the female workforce has experienced revolutionary changes as greater numbers of women have sought to establish careers. Employment trends indicate that increasingly white-collar professional women are succeeding in breaking through the "glass ceiling", as digital technologies blur and redefine work in spatial, gendered, and ideological terms. This book examines what motivates Japanese women to pursue professional careers in the contemporary neoliberal economy, and how they reconfigure notions of selfhood while doing so. It analyses how professional women contest conventional notions of femininity in contemporary Japan and in turn, negotiate new gender roles and cultural assumptions about women, whilst reorganizing the Japanese workplace and wider socio-economic relationships. Further, the book explores how professional women create new social identities through the mutual conditioning of structure and self, and asks how women come to understand their experiences; how their actions change the gendering of the workforce; and how their lives shape the economic, political, social, and cultural landscapes of this post-industrial nation. Based on extensive fieldwork, Career Women in Contemporary Japan will have broad appeal across a range of disciplines including Japanese culture and society, gender and family studies, women’s studies, anthropology, ethnology and sociology.

The Self fashioning of an Early Modern Englishwoman

The Self fashioning of an Early Modern Englishwoman Author Mary Jo Kietzman
ISBN-10 UOM:39015058205678
Release 2004
Pages 338
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Carleton began her career as a heroine of Restoration popular culture in 1663 when her husband prosecuted her for four weeks of bigamy. She claimed to be a member of the German aristocracy and performed the role so convincingly that she was acquitted and her claim accepted socially. In the next ten

Forbidden Fruit Sex Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers

Forbidden Fruit   Sex   Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers Author Mark D. Regnerus Assocaite Professor of Sociology University of Texas at Austin
ISBN-10 9780198043300
Release 2007-02-05
Pages 304
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Americans remain deeply ambivalent about teenage sexuality. Many presume that such uneasiness is rooted in religion. But how exactly does religion contribute to the formation of teenagers' sexual values and actions? What difference, if any, does religion make in adolescents' sexual attitudes and behaviors? Are abstinence pledges effective? What does it mean to be "emotionally ready" for sex? Who expresses regrets about their sexual activity and why? Tackling these and other questions, Forbidden Fruit tells the definitive story of the sexual values and practices of American teenagers, paying particular attention to how participating in organized religion shapes sexual decision-making. Merging analyses of three national surveys with stories drawn from interviews with over 250 teenagers across America, Mark Regnerus reviews how young people learn-and what they know-about sex from their parents, schools, peers and other sources. He examines what experiences teens profess to have had, and how they make sense of these experiences in light of their own identities as religious, moral, and responsible persons. Religion can and does matter, Regnerus finds, but religious claims are often swamped by other compelling sexual scripts. Particularly interesting is the emergence of what Regnerus calls a new middle class sexual morality which has little to do with a desire for virginity but nevertheless shuns intercourse in order to avoid risks associated with pregnancy and STDs. And strikingly, evangelical teens aren't less sexually active than their non-evangelical counterparts, they just tend to feel guiltier about it. In fact, Regnerus finds that few religious teens have internalized or are even able to articulate the sexual ethic taught by their denominations. The only-and largely ineffective-sexual message most religious teens are getting is, "Don't do it until you're married." Ultimately, Regnerus concludes, religion may influence adolescent sexual behavior, but it rarely motivates sexual decision making.

The Private Lives and Professional Identity of Medical Students

The Private Lives and Professional Identity of Medical Students Author Robert S. Broadhead
ISBN-10 1412838533
Release 1983-01-01
Pages 128
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The Private Lives and Professional Identity of Medical Students has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Private Lives and Professional Identity of Medical Students also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Private Lives and Professional Identity of Medical Students book for free.

My Time With God

My Time With God Author Alson B. H. Percival
ISBN-10 9781481713696
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 376
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The Reverend Canon Alson B H Percival is a man deeply engulfed in devotional life. When he prays the atmosphere is transformed with the Divine presence and those present become drawn into the apostles’ (Peter, James and John) transfiguration experience. I believe such occasions are due to the fact that he is in spiritual communion with his God on a daily basis. Canon Percival prides himself with the fact that he leads his family, his staff and some parishioners in daily devotions. For the past twenty eight (28) years of his ministry he has conducted all-night Prayer Meetings, Prayer and Fast Sessions, and Prayer and Bible Studies with much spiritual success. This book "My Time with God" find its development from the spiritual reservoir Canon Percival continues to draw his resource. Each reader will find that this book is written with her or him in mind. Gloria Lanns, A Prayer Partner In this book Canon Percival has combined God’s wonderful truth from scriptures with devotional readings pertinent to every day life. Because of his deep spiritual background he gives us a daily reading for a fresh and unique perspective. Each reader will experience the abundant grace of God as he/she meditates on each daily reading. Rev Fr Alric Francis Sr., Priest-in-Charge, St Thomas & St James, Nevis The book “My Time with God” in its daily devotion has a prayer to help you take hold of the remarkable insights and principles that the Holy Spirit has imparted to the good Canon. It is my wish that God will bless you, fill your heart with grace and peace in abundance, and draw you closer to the God who gave his all to meet your every day thirst. Rev Fr Isaiah Phillip

Dying for Ideas

Dying for Ideas Author Costica Bradatan
ISBN-10 9781472525826
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 272
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What do Socrates, Hypatia, Giordano Bruno, Thomas More, and Jan Patocka have in common? First, they were all faced one day with the most difficult of choices: stay faithful to your ideas and die or renounce them and stay alive. Second, they all chose to die. Their spectacular deaths have become not only an integral part of their biographies, but are also inseparable from their work. A "death for ideas" is a piece of philosophical work in its own right; Socrates may have never written a line, but his death is one of the greatest philosophical best-sellers of all time. Dying for Ideas explores the limit-situation in which philosophers find themselves when the only means of persuasion they can use is their own dying bodies and the public spectacle of their death. The book tells the story of the philosopher's encounter with death as seen from several angles: the tradition of philosophy as an art of living; the body as the site of self-transcending; death as a classical philosophical topic; taming death and self-fashioning; finally, the philosophers' scapegoating and their live performance of a martyr's death, followed by apotheosis and disappearance into myth. While rooted in the history of philosophy, Dying for Ideas is an exercise in breaking disciplinary boundaries. This is a book about Socrates and Heidegger, but also about Gandhi's "fasting unto death" and self-immolation; about Girard and Passolini, and self-fashioning and the art of the essay.

Fashioning Models

Fashioning Models Author Joanne Entwistle
ISBN-10 9780857853110
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 224
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The fashion model's hold on popular consciousness is undeniable. How did models emerge as such powerful icons in modern consumer culture? This volume brings together cutting-edge articles on fashion models, examining modelling through race, class and gender, as well as its structure as an aesthetic marketplace within the global fashion economy. Essays include treatments of the history of fashion modelling, exploring how concerns about racial purity and the idealization of light skinned black women shaped the practice of modelling in its early years. Other essays examine how models have come to define femininity through consumer culture. While modelling's global nature is addressed throughout, chapters deal specifically with model markets in Australia and Tokyo, where nationalist concerns colour what is considered a pretty face. It also considers how models glamorize consumption through everyday activities, and neoliberal labour forms via reality TV. With commentaries from industry professionals who experienced the cultural juggernaut of the supermodels, the final essay situates their impact within the rise of brand culture and the globalization of fashion markets since 1990. Accessible and highly engaging, Fashioning Models is essential reading for students and scholars of fashion and related disciplines.

Storied Lives

Storied Lives Author George C. Rosenwald
ISBN-10 0300054556
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 304
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Presents a series of personal interviews with a variety of subjects: religious fundamentalists in Appalachia; Holocaust survivors; women who have given up their children for adoption and others. The contributors argue that even though life stories are personal they are affected by cultural factors.

How to Live a Holy Life

How to Live a Holy Life Author C. E. Macomber
ISBN-10 1421801124
Release 2005-01-12
Pages 184
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Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - A person may almost be known by the books he reads. If he habitually reads bad books, we can pretty safely conclude that he is a bad man; on the other hand, if he habitually reads religious books, we can reasonably presume that he is a religious man. Why is this? It is because the nature of a person's books is usually the nature of his thoughts; and as a man thinks, so he is. Consequently, our reading devotional literature is a great aid to our being devotional. Too few, I fear, realize how important to our spiritual advancement is the cultivation of a taste for devotional reading. As a rule, those who have a taste for spiritual books and gratify that taste prosper in the Lord, while those who have no relish for such books labor at a great disadvantage. Some one has said that "he who begins a devout life without a taste for spiritual reading may consider the ordinary difficulties multiplied in his case by ten." The most spiritual men of all ages have had a strong love for reading spiritual books. If, however, my reader happens not to have such a taste or such a love, he should not be discouraged, for it can be created and increased through perseverance in reading devotional literature.

Fashioning Teenagers

Fashioning Teenagers Author Kelley Massoni
ISBN-10 9781611325072
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 256
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Founded in 1944 by Helen Valentine, Seventeen magazine was the first modern “teen magazine.” An immediate success, it became iconic in establishing the tastes and behaviors of successive generation of teen girls covering the last half of the 20th century. Kelley Massoni has written the first cultural history of the origins of Seventeen and its role in shaping the modern teen girl ideal. Using content analysis, interviews, letters, oral histories, and promotional materials, Massoni is able to show how Seventeen helped create the modern concept of “teenager.” The early Seventeen provided a generation of thinking young women with information on citizenship and clothing, politics and popularity, adult occupations and adolescent preoccupations, until economic and social forces converged to reshape the magazine toward teen consumerism. A chapter on the 21st century Seventeen brings the story to the present. Fashioning Teenagers will be of interest to students of popular culture, sociology, gender studies, mass media, journalism, business, and American studies.

The Self Fashioning of Disraeli 1818 1851

The Self Fashioning of Disraeli  1818 1851 Author Charles Richmond
ISBN-10 0521497299
Release 1998
Pages 212
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The first book to show how Disraeli fashioned his personality during his formative years.

Liturgy as a Way of Life The Church and Postmodern Culture

Liturgy as a Way of Life  The Church and Postmodern Culture Author Bruce Ellis Benson
ISBN-10 9781441240521
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 160
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How do the arts inform and cultivate our service to God? In this addition to an award-winning series, distinguished philosopher Bruce Ellis Benson rethinks what it means to be artistic. Rather than viewing art as practiced by the few, he recovers the ancient Christian idea of presenting ourselves to God as works of art, reenvisioning art as the very core of our being: God calls us to improvise as living works of art. Benson also examines the nature of liturgy and connects art and liturgy in a new way. This book will appeal to philosophy, worship/liturgy, art, music, and theology students as well as readers interested in engaging issues of worship and aesthetics in a postmodern context, including Christian artists and worship leaders.

Music as Social Life

Music as Social Life Author Thomas Turino
ISBN-10 9780226816982
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 258
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In 'Music as Social Life', Thomas Turino explores why it is that music and dance are so often at the centre of our most profound personal and social experiences.

Religion and AIDS Treatment in Africa

Religion and AIDS Treatment in Africa Author Dr Marian Burchardt
ISBN-10 9781472428417
Release 2014-09-28
Pages 320
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This book critically interrogates emerging interconnections between religion and biomedicine in Africa in the era of antiretroviral treatment for AIDS. Highlighting the complex relationships between religious ideologies, practices and organizations on the one hand, and biomedical treatment programmes and the scientific languages and public health institutions that sustain them on the other, this anthology charts largely uncovered terrain in the social science study of the Aids epidemic. Spanning different regions of Africa, the authors offer unique access to issues at the interface of religion and medical humanitarianism and the manifold therapeutic traditions, religious practices and moralities as they co-evolve in situations of AIDS treatment. This book also sheds new light on how religious spaces are formed in response to the dilemmas people face with the introduction of life-prolonging treatment programmes.

Leadership Through The Dark

Leadership Through The Dark Author Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux
ISBN-10 9781468531930
Release 2012-02-10
Pages 120
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This book will explain the procedures in which leaders should use to develop their ministry while offering instructions on how this is done. The process will be different for each individual; this is presented in the chapters of this book. Each chapter has its own issues expressed by way of suggestions in how to focus on them. It presents the mode and characteristics of leaders and what appears to be their motives and concerns. The book displays leaders in many different ways, good and bad. It reveals that darkness is not always a see-less disposition, but, a self made category that place excuses and self made reasons for failure. You will love the descriptions given along with the circumstances incurred in these chapters, and may feel at some point in the book it is speaking about you...that is when you will realize how energizing it will be to the ones who reads this book!

The Good Life

The Good Life Author Charles B. Guignon
ISBN-10 0872204383
Release 1999
Pages 325
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Organized around themes such as harmony with one’s self and with the world, right relation to God, the use of reason, self-exploration, and living in a disordered world, the selections in this anthology explore traditional philosophical thought from Plato to de Beauvoir on the topic of human flourishing.