Farmers of Forty Centuries Permanent Farming In China Korea and Japan

Farmers of Forty Centuries   Permanent Farming In China  Korea  and Japan Author F. H. King
ISBN-10 9781312838062
Release 2015-02-16
Pages 380
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We in North America are wont to think that we may instruct all the world in agriculture, because our agricultural wealth is great and our exports to less favored peoples have been heavy; but this wealth is great because our soil is fertile and new, and in large acreage for every person. We have really only begun to farm well. The first condition of farming is to maintain fertility. This condition the oriental peoples have met, and they have solved it in their way. We may never adopt particular methods, but we can profit vastly by their experience. With the increase of personal wants in recent time, the newer countries may never reach such density of population as have Japan and China; but we must nevertheless learn the first lesson in the conservation of natural resources, which are the resources of the land. [From the Forward] Get Your Copy Today!

Farmers of Forty Centuries Or Permanent Agriculture in China Korea And Japan

Farmers of Forty Centuries Or Permanent Agriculture in China  Korea And Japan Author D. Sc. King
ISBN-10 1421900297
Release 2005-03-01
Pages 216
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Farmers of Forty Centuries Or Permanent Agriculture in China Korea And Japan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Farmers of Forty Centuries Or Permanent Agriculture in China Korea And Japan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Farmers of Forty Centuries Or Permanent Agriculture in China Korea And Japan book for free.

Farmers of Forty Centuries Or Permanent Agriculture in China Korea and Japan

Farmers of Forty Centuries  Or  Permanent Agriculture in China  Korea and Japan Author Franklin Hiram King
Release 1949
Pages 379
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Webster's edition of this classic is organized to expose the reader to a maximum number of difficult and potentially ambiguous English words. Rare or idiosyncratic words and expressions are given lower priority compared to "difficult, yet commonly used" words. Rather than supply a single translation, many words are translated for a variety of meanings in Korean, allowing readers to better grasp the ambiguity of English, and avoid using the notes as a pure translation crutch. Having the reader decipher a word's meaning within context serves to improve vocabulary retention and understanding. Each page covers words not already highlighted on previous pages. If a difficult word is not translated on a page, chances are that it has been translated on a previous page.

The Most Revolutionary Act Memoir of an American Refugee

The Most Revolutionary Act  Memoir of an American Refugee Author Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
ISBN-10 9781458018533
Release 2011-04-23
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Fifteen years of intense government harassment leads a psychiatrist, single mother and social activist to close her 25-year Seattle practice to begin a new, safe life in New Zealand. What starts as phone harassment, stalking and illegal break-ins quickly progresses to six attempts on her life and an affair with an undercover agent who railroads her into a psychiatric hospital. The Most Revolutionary Act gives readers a crash course in the mind-blowing criminal activities US intelligence is notorious for -illegal narcotics trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering and covert assassinations of both foreign and domestic leaders and activists. The US government has been taken over, and it's time to out these shadowy power brokers and hold them accountable.

The Virginia Housewife

The Virginia Housewife Author Mary Randolph
ISBN-10 9780486142197
Release 2012-06-08
Pages 208
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Charming guide, published in 1824, offers directions for making rabbit soup, beef steak pie, fried calf's feet, shoulder of mutton with celery sauce, leg of pork with pease pudding, and other culinary treats.

The Soil and Health

The Soil and Health Author Albert Howard
ISBN-10 9780813132099
Release 2011-01-23
Pages 352
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During his years as a scientist working for the British government in India, Sir Albert Howard conceived of and refined the principles of organic agriculture. Howard’s The Soil and Health became a seminal and inspirational text in the organic movement soon after its publication in 1945. The Soil and Health argues that industrial agriculture, emergent in Howard’s era and dominant today, disrupts the delicate balance of nature and irrevocably robs the soil of its fertility. Howard’s classic treatise links the burgeoning health crises facing crops, livestock, and humanity to this radical degradation of the Earth’s soil. His message—that we must respect and restore the health of the soil for the benefit of future generations—still resonates among those who are concerned about the effects of chemically enhanced agriculture.

Organic Farming

Organic Farming Author William Lockeretz
ISBN-10 9781845932893
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 282
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This book discusses organic farming with regards to the origins and principles, policies and markets, organizations and institutions, and future concepts.

Plowman s Folly

Plowman s Folly Author Edward H. Faulkner
ISBN-10 9780806148755
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 174
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When "Plowman's Folly" was first issued in 1943, Edward H. Faulkner startled a lethargic public, long bemused by the apparently insoluble problem of soil depletion, by saying, simply, "The fact is that no one has ever advanced a scientific reason for plowing." With that key sentence, he opened a new era.

An Agricultural Testament

An Agricultural Testament Author Sir Albert Howard
ISBN-10 131297138X
Release 2015-03-06
Pages 178
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State of the World 2010

State of the World 2010 Author The Worldwatch Institute
ISBN-10 9781610916295
Release 2015-03-19
Pages 266
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Like a tsunami, consumerism has engulfed human cultures and Earth’s ecosystems. Left unaddressed, we risk global disaster. But if we channel this wave, intentionally transforming our cultures to center on sustainability, we will not only prevent catastrophe, but may usher in an era of sustainability—one that allows all people to thrive while protecting, even restoring, Earth. In State of the World 2010, sixty renowned researchers and practitioners describe how we can harness the world’s leading institutions—education, the media, business, governments, traditions, and social movements—to reorient cultures toward sustainability.

The Living Soil and the Haughley Experiment

The Living Soil and the Haughley Experiment Author Lady Evelyn Barbara Balfour
ISBN-10 087663269X
Release 1943
Pages 383
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A revised study of the soil's importance to the transfer of nutrients and energy and an account of the first farm study of the relationships among land use, agricultural practices, and nutritional yield

One Straw Revolutionary

One Straw Revolutionary Author Larry Korn
ISBN-10 9781603585309
Release 2015-09
Pages 240
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One-Straw Revolutionary represents the first commentary on the work of the late Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka (1913 – 2008), widely considered to be natural farming’s most influential practitioner. Mr. Fukuoka is perhaps most known for his bestselling book The One-Straw Revolution (1978), a manifesto on the importance of no-till agriculture, which was at the time of publication a radical challenge to the global systems that supply the world’s food, and still inspires readers today. Larry Korn, who apprenticed with Mr. Fukuoka in Japan at the time, translated the manuscript and brought it to the United States, knowing it would change the conversation about food forever. The One-Straw Revolution, edited by Korn and Wendell Berry, was an immediate international success, and established Mr. Fukuoka as a leading voice in the fight against conventional industrial agriculture. In this new book, through his own personal narrative, Larry Korn distills his experience of more than thirty-five years of study with Mr. Fukuoka, living and working on his farm on Shikoku Island, and traveling with Mr. Fukuoka to the United States on two six-week visits. One-Straw Revolutionary is the first book to look deeply at natural farming and intimately discuss the philosophy and work of Mr. Fukuoka. In addition to giving his personal thoughts about natural farming, Korn broadens the discussion by pointing out natural farming’s kinship with the ways of indigenous cultures and traditional Japanese farming. At the same time, he clearly distinguishes natural farming from other forms of agriculture, including scientific and organic agriculture and permaculture. Korn also clarifies commonly held misconceptions about natural farming in ways Western readers can readily understand. And he explains how natural farming can be used practically in areas other than agriculture, including personal growth and development. The book follows the author on his travels from one back-to-the-land commune to another in the countryside of 1970s Japan, a journey that eventually led him to Mr. Fukuoka’s natural farm. Korn’s description of his time there, as well as traveling with Mr. Fukuoka during his visits to the United States, offers a rare, inside look at Mr. Fukuoka’s life. Readers will delight in this personal insight into one of the world’s leading agricultural thinkers.

The Maya Forest Garden

The Maya Forest Garden Author Anabel Ford
ISBN-10 9781315417912
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 260
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The conventional wisdom says that the devolution of Classic Maya civilization occurred because its population grew too large and dense to be supported by primitive neotropical farming methods, resulting in debilitating famines and internecine struggles. Using research on contemporary Maya farming techniques and important new archaeological research, Ford and Nigh refute this Malthusian explanation of events in ancient Central America and posit a radical alternative theory. The authors-show that ancient Maya farmers developed ingenious, sustainable woodland techniques to cultivate numerous food plants (including the staple maize);-examine both contemporary tropical farming techniques and the archaeological record (particularly regarding climate) to reach their conclusions;-make the argument that these ancient techniques, still in use today, can support significant populations over long periods of time.

Farming and Gardening for Health Or Disease

Farming and Gardening for Health Or Disease Author Albert Howard
ISBN-10 1849025215
Release 2011-02
Pages 310
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Sir Albert Howard presents a summary of his life's work in this book. Howard states "This law is true for soil, plant, animal, and man: the health of these four is one connected chain. Any weakness or defect in the health of any earlier link in the chain is carried on to the next and succeeding links, until it reaches the last, namely, man." Howard's work, decades ahead of its time, provides an insight into how he realized the value of organic methods though he went to India intending to teach the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pest control. This text has been published under the title "The Soil and Health" and also under the title "Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease."

JADAM Organic Farming

JADAM Organic Farming Author Youngsang Cho
ISBN-10 9788989220176
Release 2016-01-01
Pages 340
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JADAM Organic Farming has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from JADAM Organic Farming also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full JADAM Organic Farming book for free.

Organic Roots

Organic Roots Author
ISBN-10 9781430302056
Release 2006-11-01
Pages 168
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Eating is our strongest link to the earth that sustains us. The choices we make about what we eat are ones that have a powerful impact on the earth. This collection of writing from the founders of the modern organic farming movement explores the why and how of food production. Writing during the first half of the 20th century, these forward looking individuals saw the beginnings of modern industrial farming and the harm that it could inflict on the earth and the health of its people. They warned about unsound practices and the problems they created as well as providing a wealth of information about sustainable alternatives. They had much to say about nurturing our links with the earth through understanding how our choices either destroy or conserve the natural cycles on which our life depends. Hoping to reach everyone who cared about their food and how it was produced, these extracts are as relevant and inspiring today as they were when they were written.

The Real dirt

The Real dirt Author Northeast Organic Farming Association
ISBN-10 WISC:89049435993
Release 1994
Pages 264
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The Real dirt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Real dirt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Real dirt book for free.