Extreme Worlds

Extreme Worlds Author Francis Tsai
ISBN-10 9781600613418
Release 2009-11-06
Pages 128
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Teaches core elements of sci-fi art through exercises and 11 detailed projects that focus on such subjects as aliens, robots, space ships, weapons, space stations, strange planets and more. Original.

Discover the Extreme World

Discover the Extreme World Author Five Mile Press Pty Limited, The
ISBN-10 1743001118
Release 2011
Pages 224
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Explore our awesome planet and everything on it with this astounding guide. Produced in association with the Discovery Channel, Discover the Extreme World focuses on the extremes of core reference subjects.

Extreme Tourism

Extreme Tourism Author Godfrey Baldacchino
ISBN-10 9780080446561
Release 2006
Pages 291
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This book is a pioneering investigation of the tourism practices in the world's other, cold water, islands. Located in extreme latitudes and subject to extreme weather conditions, these islands have been developing their tourism appeal in manners that appear sustainable. They present themselves in images that speak to the pristine, unique and superlative aspects of their natural environment, history and culture. Limited seasonality, difficulty of access, restricted infrastructure, harsh climates and water too cold to swim in, are integral features of the tourism industry, often welcomed as appropriate filters to the slide to the mass market. The collection contains 13 island case studies. A set of seven hail from Northern latitudes: Baffin (Nunavut, Canada), Banks (Northwest Territories, Canada), Greenland/ Kaalaalit Nunaat, Iceland, Luleå (Sweden), Nunivak (Alaska), Solovetsky (Russia) and Svalbard (Norway). A second set of four cover the Southerly islands of Chatham (New Zealand), Falklands, Macquarie (Australia) and Stewart (New Zealand). Two other chapters discuss islands from the particular vantage points of cruise ship tourism, one for the Arctic region and one for the Antarctic. Additionally, five conceptual chapters provide insights into key tourism management issues, as they apply to cold water island experiences: (a) human resources; (b) environment; (c) promotion; (d) seasonality; and (e) access.

Surviving the World s Extreme Regions

Surviving the World   s Extreme Regions Author Chris McNab
ISBN-10 9781422287842
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 64
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The world's elite soldiers can survive in the worst of conditions, whether the extreme heat of the desert or the snowy summit of a mountain. These units are trained to be experts in warfare, but their training also gives them the knowledge to live in the planet's wildest places for weeks at a time. Learn the techniques the world's finest soldiers use to survive in harsh conditions around the globe. Discover a variety of tips for surviving in barren deserts and freezing tundra. Find out how elite troops cope with danger and deprivation. You will also learn: • how to find water and food. • how to build shelters. • how to navigate. • how to perform first aid. • how to identify and avoid dangerous animals and insects.

Inside Views from the Dissociated Worlds of Extreme Violence

Inside Views from the Dissociated Worlds of Extreme Violence Author Gaby Breitenbach
ISBN-10 9781782202455
Release 2015-04-23
Pages 272
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This book is primarily for psychotherapists, but is also for professionals such as lawyers, judges, doctors, and the clergy, and for victims. Different perspectives describe worlds of sadistic violence, revealing how human beings are deliberately and persistently broken. It explores how victims are used and abused in the context of pornography, prostitution, and snuff videos; how they are deprived of their rights through mind control: degraded to nothing more than objects, abused at the push of a button according to the desires of the tormentors. Claims by the “false memory” movement aid the tormentors, and this is reflected in the language these groups use. With an explanation of the diverse structures of dissociation, ranging from dissociation as the reaction of an organism, through conditioning, all the way to programming, the author develops a structural model for treating victims of extreme violence and mind control.

The world s most deprived Characteristics and causes of extreme poverty and hunger

The world s most deprived  Characteristics and causes of extreme poverty and hunger Author Hill, Ruth Vargas
ISBN-10 9780896297708
Release 2007
Pages 130
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The world s most deprived Characteristics and causes of extreme poverty and hunger has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The world s most deprived Characteristics and causes of extreme poverty and hunger also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The world s most deprived Characteristics and causes of extreme poverty and hunger book for free.

Amazon Extreme

Amazon Extreme Author Colin Angus
ISBN-10 9780767911146
Release 2002-04-09
Pages 256
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The true story of three enthusiastic (but inexperienced) adventurers who attempt to become the first team to raft the entire length of the Amazon River–all 4,007 miles--and (barely) live to tell about it. To a trio of twenty-something adrenaline junkies, it sounded like an irresistible challenge: tackle the Amazon with nothing more than a rubber raft between them and fate. But when Colin Angus, Ben Kozel, and Scott Borthwick embarked on their fantastic voyage in September 1999, just climbing to the river’s source nearly killed them. Beginning with the dehydration that nearly did the adventurers in as they hiked the Andes to the river's source, Amazon Extreme is a breathtaking account of the daily challenges, dangers, and triumphs experienced over the course of this five-month expedition. With no money to speak of and inaccurate, fifty-year-old maps to guide them, this intrepid trio manages to persevere through violent rapids, guerilla gunfire, mosquito-infested drinking water, and numerous bouts of sickness. But in spite of several near-death experiences, including one particularly terrifying moment when their raft is toppled in the raging white water, Angus's crew finds a reverence for the compelling beauty that makes this region so renowned. Amidst the hardship are moments of pure pleasure, from graceful dolphins and lush forests to the intriguing, gracious people who’ve made their homes along the riverbank. An inspiring tale of courage and exploration, this is the story of three guys who truly went off the deep end, and one who came back to write a riveting recollection of it. From the Hardcover edition.

The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology

The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology Author Pramod K. Nayar
ISBN-10 9781405183086
Release 2010-04-26
Pages 545
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Moving beyond traditional cyberculture studies paradigms in several key ways, this comprehensive collection marks the increasing convergence of cyberculture with other forms of media, and with all aspects of our lives in a digitized world. Includes essential readings for both the student and scholar of a diverse range of fields, including new and digital media, internet studies, digital arts and culture studies, network culture studies, and the information society Incorporates essays by both new and established scholars of digital cultures, including Andy Miah, Eugene Thacker, Lisa Nakamura, Chris Hables Gray, Sonia Livingstone and Espen Aarseth Created explicitly for the undergraduate student, with comprehensive introductions to each section that outline the main ideas of each essay Explores the many facets of cyberculture, and includes sections on race, politics, gender, theory, gaming, and space The perfect companion to Nayar′s Introduction to New Media and Cyberculture

African Hosts Their Guests

African Hosts   Their Guests Author W. E. A. van Beek
ISBN-10 9781847010490
Release 2012
Pages 340
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Africa is a 'theme park' for Western tourists to experience untouched wilderness, untamed nature, and truly 'authentic' cultures, where the hosts, too, are part of a discourse about the 'other' and ourselves, about wildness, danger and roots.

Real World Robots

Real World Robots Author Paul McEvoy
ISBN-10 1865098299
Release 2003
Pages 32
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'Brainwaves' is a great series of easy-to-read non-fiction which is guaranteed to get your pupils' brains buzzing

Youth Culture and Sport

Youth Culture and Sport Author Michael D. Giardina
ISBN-10 9781135914639
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 228
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Youth Culture and Sport critically interrogates and challenges contemporary articulations of race, class, gender, and sexual relations circulating throughout popular iterations of youth sporting culture in late-capitalism. Written against the backdrop of important changes in social, cultural, political, and economic dynamics taking place in corporate culture’s war on kids, this exciting new volume marks the first anthology to critically examine the intersection of youth culture and sport in an age of global uncertainty. Bringing together leading scholars from cultural studies, gender studies, sociology, sport studies, and related fields, chapters range in scope from 'action' sport subcultures and community redevelopment programs to the cultural politics of white masculinity and Nike advertising. It is a must read for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the role sport plays in the construction of experiences, identities, practices, and social differences of contemporary youth culture.

Brand Risk

Brand Risk Author David Abrahams
ISBN-10 9781317172758
Release 2016-04-08
Pages 224
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Brand risk is often narrowly defined as risk to reputation. Yet risk and uncertainty are evident in many aspects of brand performance and marketing operations. Considered and responsible risk-taking is central to effective brand management. Risk literacy is the marketer’s third necessary competence, alongside strategic insight and financial understanding. In Brand Risk, a practical and accessible book for those who hold responsibilities in marketing or risk management, David Abrahams brings together relevant risk thinking and a range of techniques for the evaluation of brand exposures and opportunities - whether in response to the ambitions of a key business project, new market conditions or shareholder concern. A balanced review of the subject is enriched by reference to topics of current interest and is supported by illustrative examples throughout. Presenting the essentials of brand management and risk management side-by-side, Brand Risk offers graduated and complementary approaches to brand risk assessment, from the intuitive to the data-driven.

Digital Gameplay

Digital Gameplay Author Nate Garrelts
ISBN-10 9780786483471
Release 2005-08-11
Pages 268
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In recent years, computer technology has permeated all aspects of life--not just work and education, but also leisure time. Increasingly, digital games are the way we play. This volume addresses the world of digital games, with special emphasis on the role and input of the gamer. In fifteen essays, the contributors discuss the various ways the game player interacts with the game. The first half of the book considers the physical and mental aspects of digital game play. The second section concentrates on other factors that influence play. Essays cover the full range of digital gaming, including computer and video games. Topics include several detailed investigations of particular, often controversial games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as well as a consideration of the ways in which game-playing crosses socioeconomic, age, gender and racial lines. The concluding essays discuss scholars' perceptions of digital media and efforts to frame them.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Events in Agriculture

Natural Disasters and Extreme Events in Agriculture Author Mannava VK Sivakumar
ISBN-10 3540224904
Release 2005-07-06
Pages 367
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Agricultural production is highly sensitive to weather and climate-related disasters such as drought, storm and flood. While it is not possible to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, the resultant disastrous effects can be reduced mitigated through proper planning and effective preparation. This book, based on a gathering of experts in Beijing, discusses ways to reduce the vulnerability of agriculture to disaster and extreme events, both by accurate and timely warning, and by impact-reducing countermeasures.

Strange New Worlds

Strange New Worlds Author Ray Jayawardhana
ISBN-10 9781400846542
Release 2013-04-21
Pages 280
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In Strange New Worlds, renowned astronomer Ray Jayawardhana brings news from the front lines of the epic quest to find planets--and alien life--beyond our solar system. Only in the past two decades, after millennia of speculation, have astronomers begun to discover planets around other stars--thousands in fact. Now they are closer than ever to unraveling distant twins of the Earth. In this book, Jayawardhana vividly recounts the stories of the scientists and the remarkable breakthroughs that have ushered in this extraordinary age of exploration. He describes the latest findings--including his own--that are challenging our view of the cosmos and casting new light on the origins and evolution of planets and planetary systems. He reveals how technology is rapidly advancing to support direct observations of Jupiter-like gas giants and super-Earths--rocky planets with several times the mass of our own planet--and how astronomers use biomarkers to seek possible life on other worlds. Strange New Worlds provides an insider's look at the cutting-edge science of today's planet hunters, our prospects for discovering alien life, and the debates and controversies at the forefront of extrasolar-planet research. In a new afterword, Jayawardhana explains some of the most recent developments as we search for the first clues of life on other planets.

Extreme Toyota

Extreme Toyota Author Emi Osono
ISBN-10 NWU:35556038327268
Release 2008-05-23
Pages 306
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After six years of research, six case studies, and more than 220 interviews with Toyota employees, distributors, and dealers across the globe, the authors provide fascinating insights on the inner workings of the Toyota company and why it is so successful.

Extreme Michigan Weather

Extreme Michigan Weather Author Paul Gross
ISBN-10 9780472034130
Release 2010
Pages 166
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Decades of weather information for twenty-two cities, plus descriptions of Michigan's weather extremes