Expert Golfer

Expert Golfer Author Matthew Cooke
ISBN-10 9781524657741
Release 2016-12-29
Pages 88
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The best golfers in the world have left their spectators in awe. Their high level of motor skill when executing fine movements in a game that breeds more frustration than inspiration makes it difficult to comprehend. The complexity of golf’s main aim (getting the little white ball in the hole and bypassing the obstacles presented around it) caused mathematicians to conclude that doing so more often than not is not probable. How do they do it? What makes them so special? Why are they so good? This book will guide you through scientific principles that reveal how the best became the best.

How Institutions Matter

How Institutions Matter Author Joel Gehman
ISBN-10 9781786354297
Release 2016-12-21
Pages 432
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This double volume presents a collection of 23 papers on how institutions matter to socio-economic life. The effort was seeded by the 2015 Alberta Institutions Conference, which brought together 108 participants from 14 countries and 51 different institutions.


Golf Author Leon Z. Seltzer
ISBN-10 9781602478480
Release 2007-08
Pages 174
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Everyone knows the name Callaway. The Callaway Golf Company is world famous for its premium golf equipment. What most people do not know is that Ely Callaway might never have gotten his golf manufacturing company off the ground without the expertise offered by the world's premiere golf physicist-Leon Z. Seltzer. Goldwin Golf has described Seltzer as 'the engineer physicist with a passion for golf...a rare individual with equal measures of scientific stature and golf fanaticism. He is respected by his peers and renowned for his theories that have shaped some of the major companies in golf. He is a man with a deep love for the sport, as well as being a fine historian and was one of the better amateur golfers in the country.' John Wong of Hireko Golf says Seltzer's innovative articles 'have given me a much more complete understanding of the how's, why's and what if's of golf physics. He is truly the Grand Master of golf physics.' Golf: The Science and the Art is a wide-ranging must read for students of the game, as well as a technical primer for the professional seeking an understanding of the science of golf. Much more than a technical book, Seltzer also discusses the history of the game, how to master the golf swing and practical keys to lowering your score in the world's most beloved sport. If you're going to purchase one book on golf, look no further than Golf: The Science and the Art. For twenty years Leon Z. Seltzer-who coined the Callaway expression 'you can't argue with physics'-served as a technical consultant for Callaway Golf, Goldwin Golf, Orlimar and several other top manufacturers, sharing his expertise with the finest minds in golf. Now he is ready to share it with you in Golf: The Science and the Art.

Bobby Jones on Golf

Bobby Jones on Golf Author Robert Tyre Jones
ISBN-10 0307482359
Release 2010-06-09
Pages 272
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By the best amateur golfer ever to play the game, this is essential instructional reading for the millions who have taken up golf during the 20 years this marvelous, timeless book has been out of print and unavailable. B & W line drawings. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Breakthrough in Golf

Breakthrough in Golf Author Curtis Elliott
ISBN-10 9781412041348
Release 2005
Pages 148
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All golfers want to improve their swings. Yet, the sheer complexity of golf instruction is a huge barrier to learning. But you can learn "the Secret!" Breakthrough In Golf is based upon the timeless swing wisdom of the greatest ball striker in history, Ben Hogan. But the book introduces a fresh way of thinking about the Secret. Once you learn it, using a method we call "Hip to Hip," you will see your swing improve in a very steady way. For the first time in your life, you will actually know what your golf swing is doing! And you will be able to figure out your golf swing all by yourself! We guarantee it!

Expert Selling

Expert Selling Author Sedric Hill
ISBN-10 9781630477172
Release 2016-02-23
Pages 254
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In today’s business environment, advanced sellers must not only achieve sales quotas, but must also sell more and more complex products and services that drive profitable revenue growth. The road from journeyman to expert is not achieved through traditional behavior-based training that requires large amounts of dedicated time, but instead happens between the ears—through cognitive skill development. Science has proven that experts differ from novices primarily in the speed in which the right knowledge is accessed and through their ability to perform the basics consistently well. In Expert Selling: A Blueprint to Accelerate Sales Excellence , sales trainer and success coach Sedric Hill unpacks the elusive “windows of expert advantage” and wraps them into the professional selling and persuasive communication domains. He reveals insights to expertise by teaching you to understand and improve the supreme mental skill in selling, connecting, which involves detecting, interpreting, and responding to buyers’ messages. You also discover the six essentials of persuasive communication—a roadmap to building excellent communication fundamentals (becoming brilliant at the basics). Finally, Hill introduces two innovative training approaches designed to accelerate selling expertise without requiring large amounts of dedicated training time. Expert Selling is not a typical how-to book. It’s more of a blueprint, guiding you like a GPS to the next level of success. As sales quotas and the preponderance of complex offerings continue to rise, a burning platform is created hastening the need for good salespeople to become journeymen and for journeymen to become experts faster than ever before!

Coaching Golf Successfully

Coaching Golf Successfully Author Bill Madonna
ISBN-10 0736033912
Release 2001
Pages 191
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Written to help high school coaches and recreational golf instructors build a winning program, this book shows how to conduct effective practice sessions, identify technical flaws more easily, and teach winning strategies. 20 illustrations.

I m Not A Golfer I Play Golf

I m Not A Golfer  I Play Golf Author Greg Peddie
ISBN-10 9781462800971
Release 2008-02-22
Pages 238
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It took two years and the help of 15 PGA teaching professionals, sports psychologist, golf equipment designers and club fitters to make this the most exciting golf instruction book in years. By teaching the player the learning process and how to go about finding their own individual learning style and traits, I’m Not a Golfer, I Play Golf puts each student on the fast track to golf improvement. Let’s face it; real golf improvement and lower scores can be only achieved through both study and practice. If you practice without study (and you also get lucky), you’ll take the long road to lower scores. A player must study; you must learn golf improvement first. And before you learn golf improvement, wouldn’t it make sense to identify how you learn best in order to shorten the process. Don’t all players want a short cut to lower scores? I’m Not a Golfer, I Play Golf teaches you the learning process and teaches you basic golf fundamentals. This is the same information that has influenced every great player that has every played the game.

Hope for the Bogey Golfer

Hope for the Bogey Golfer Author Robert M. Gullberg
ISBN-10 9781682225981
Release 2015-11-11
Pages 200
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Most golf enthusiasts have read Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book (1993) in which Harvey shares lessons and teachings from a lifetime of teaching golf. As a lifelong history buff, I enjoyed reading his “pearls of wisdom” about golf. This one from Jack Burke, Sr. in 1943 impacted me the most about improving your game: “Get a system of some kind in playing. Any kind of a system beats trusting to luck.” S.Y.S.T.E.M. is a system that I have developed over many years. It eliminates luck. It gives bogey golfers a practical strategy to defeat the two main enemies in golf: the golf course and the mind. Get the strategy and read this e-book. It also has nuggets of advice from all kinds of golf professionals. In just over 80 pages, Hope for the Bogey Golfer takes all the complex concepts of playing golf and reduces them to eight essential keys that you can easily adapt to your game. In these guiding key principles, S.Y.S.T.E.M. will show you how to hit more solid shots, make more putts, and hit more targets. S.Y.S.T.E.M. will be explained in detail to you, and no doubt you will improve your game. I know that you will find this 80 page practical e-book informative, interesting, and thought provoking. I invite you to read Hope for the Bogey Golfer. If only one section helps you, then eureka! As an avid Midwestern golfer raised playing golf in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin (where there as many golf courses as anywhere else on the planet), I am convinced that most bogey players will never improve irrespective of what they try. Well, you needn’t be “most golfers.” Bogey golfers abound on this planet. The golf game is full of them. In fact, the vast majority of the 60 million or so golfers in the world are bogey players (averaging one over par on each hole) or worse. They look on with awe at the professional golfer who shoots par or better and wonders why they can’t do that? They are frustrated with not improving their bogey game. They play golf regularly or sometimes sporadically, but they spend more time “spoiling a good walk” than anything else. They insanely buy the newest clubs or new balls to see if maybe that will improve their game. If you are serious about getting rid of your lousy shots that cost you strokes on the scorecard, then this e-book is a must read. Robert M. Gullberg/Racine, Wisconsin

World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006

World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006 Author Sun I. Kim
ISBN-10 9783540368410
Release 2007-07-05
Pages 586
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These proceedings of the World Congress 2006, the fourteenth conference in this series, offer a strong scientific program covering a wide range of issues and challenges which are currently present in Medical physics and Biomedical Engineering. About 2,500 peer reviewed contributions are presented in a six volume book, comprising 25 tracks, joint conferences and symposia, and including invited contributions from well known researchers in this field.

Accessible Golf

Accessible Golf Author Dan Drane
ISBN-10 0880119799
Release 2006
Pages 203
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This book contains details for making golf accessible within the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), taking into account the specific needs of your community and its individual members. Case studies and other practical, field-tested information allow you to fully understand the real-world needs of people with specific disabilities - including cognitive, attentional, visual, hearing, and physical impairments - and their implications for golf instruction.

Learn to Play Golf for Fun A Beginner s Guide to Learning to Play Golf Based on Simple Instruction and Having Fun

Learn to Play Golf for Fun   A Beginner s Guide to Learning to Play Golf Based on Simple Instruction and Having Fun Author Dr. John T. Whiting
ISBN-10 9781105561634
Release 2013-04-07
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This book was written to provide an introduction to the game of golf, and to help the beginning golfer toward playing the game well and have fun. This book does not provide all of the answers, but will hopefully help the new golfer acquire a positive attitude and an introduction to the basic skills that the new golfer can build on to be a better player and enjoy the game.

Science and Golf II

Science and Golf II Author Alastair J. Cochran
ISBN-10 9781135825317
Release 2002-09-11
Pages 672
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This book contains the papers presented at the second World Scientific Congress of Golf. The overall theme of the congress is the application of science, scientific method and scientific research in golf. The congress is intended to provide a forum for scientists of different disciplines to meet and discuss their ideas and research and for practising coaches to interact with scientists.

Motor Learning and Performance 5E With Web Study Guide

Motor Learning and Performance  5E With Web Study Guide Author Richard Schmidt
ISBN-10 9781450443616
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 336
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Combines a conceptual model of motor performance with a principles-to-application learning approach, making comprehension of the principles of motor performance and learning accessible even for students with little or no knowledge of physiology, psychology, statistical methods, and other basic sciences.

Expert Performance in Sports

Expert Performance in Sports Author Janet L. Starkes
ISBN-10 0736041524
Release 2003
Pages 469
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Grade level: 10, 11, 12, i, s, t.

A Difficult Par

A Difficult Par Author James R. Hansen
ISBN-10 9780698157002
Release 2014-05-08
Pages 512
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The definitive account of modern golf’s foremost architect from the New York Times bestselling author of First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong Robert Trent Jones was the most prolific and influential golf course architect of the twentieth century and became the archetypical modern golf course designer. Jones spread the gospel of golf by designing courses in forty-two US states and twenty-eight countries. Twenty U.S. Opens, America’s national championship, have been contested on Jones-designed courses. New York Times bestselling biographer James R. Hansen, author of First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, recounts how an English immigrant boy arrived in upstate New York in 1912, just as golf was emerging as a popular pastime in America. Jones excelled as a golfer, earning admission to Cornell University, whose faculty consented to a curriculum tailored to teach him the knowledge needed to design golf courses. Cornell provided the springboard for an act of self-invention that propelled Jones from obscurity to worldwide fame. Jones believed that every hole should be “a difficult par but an easy bogey.” As gifted as he was at golf design, Jones was equally skilled as a salesman, promoter, and entrepreneur. Golf Digest’s annual rankings of the 100 Greatest Golf Courses have regularly featured about fifty Jones designs, paving the path for his two sons, Robert Jr., and Rees, whose work would carry on their father’s tradition. Hansen examines Jones’s legacy in all its complexity and influence, including the fraternal rivalry of Jones’s distinguished sons.

The Road To Excellence

The Road To Excellence Author K. Anders Ericsson
ISBN-10 9781317779063
Release 2014-03-05
Pages 384
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Excellence and the highest levels of performance in the arts and sciences, sports, and games have always been an object of fascination to both scientists and lay people. Only during the last 20 years have scientists studied these levels of performance in the laboratory in order to identify their mediating mechanisms. Contrary to the common belief that innate talents are the critical factors for exceptional performance, investigators have found that acquired skills, knowledge, and physiological adaptations in response to intense practice are the primary mechanisms, mediating the highest levels of performance. This is the first and only book to examine how elite performers effect their exceptional accomplishments. The world's leading researchers on expert performance and creative achievement review theories and recent findings from many different domains of expertise on how experts optimize improvement in their performance and eventually attain excellence. Elite performers are shown to have engaged in deliberate-practice activities specifically designed to improve their performance from an early age. By age 20 they have often accumulated over 10,000 hours of practice! The essential elements of deliberate practice, such as specific goals to improve performance, successive refinement through repetition, feedback and instruction, are explicated for different domains. Although the content of practice tasks will necessarily differ from domain to domain, investigators have found invariant characteristics for the optimal duration of practice sessions, maximal amounts of daily practice, the length of intense preparation (around 10 years), and ages of peak performance. Some of the book's chapters extend the review to the acquisition of everyday-life skills such as reading, to the performance of teams of experts, and to the development of creative achievement, geniuses, and artistic child prodigies. The book concludes with commentaries by several outstanding scientists in psychology, education, and history of science who discuss the generalizability of presented ideas and raise issues for future issues. EXTRA COPY...It could be said that striving for excellence is what characterizes humanity, or perhaps what characterizes humanity at its best. Why do so few individuals ever reach the highest levels when so many start out on the Road to Excellence? In this book, the world's foremost researchers of expert performance in domains as diverse as sports, medicine, chess, and the arts explore the similarities and differences in the extended and strenuous Road to Excellence taken by the successful individuals in each domain. Their findings will intrigue and inspire readers who are themselves driven to achieve or who simply want to better understand the processes involved.