Embrace the Case Interview

Embrace the Case Interview Author Brad Schiller
ISBN-10 9789491847097
Release 2014-02-12
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A Fraught Embrace

A Fraught Embrace Author Ann Swidler
ISBN-10 9781400884988
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 304
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The complex relationships between altruists, beneficiaries, and brokers in the global effort to fight AIDS in Africa In the wake of the AIDS pandemic, legions of organizations and compassionate individuals descended on Africa from faraway places to offer their help and save lives. A Fraught Embrace shows how the dreams of these altruists became entangled with complex institutional and human relationships. Ann Swidler and Susan Cotts Watkins vividly describe the often mismatched expectations and fantasies of those who seek to help, of the villagers who desperately seek help, and of the brokers on whom both Western altruists and impoverished villagers must rely. Based on years of fieldwork in the heavily AIDS-affected country of Malawi, this powerful book digs into the sprawling AIDS enterprise and unravels the paradoxes of AIDS policy and practice. All who want to do good—from idealistic volunteers to world-weary development professionals—depend on brokers as guides, fixers, and cultural translators. These irreplaceable but frequently unseen local middlemen are the human connection between altruists' dreams and the realities of global philanthropy. The mutual misunderstandings among donors, brokers, and villagers—each with their own desires and moral imaginations—create all the drama of a romance: longing, exhilaration, disappointment, heartache, and sometimes an enduring connection. Personal stories, public scandals, and intersecting, sometimes clashing fantasies bring the lofty intentions of AIDS altruism firmly down to earth. Swidler and Watkins ultimately argue that altruists could accomplish more good, not by seeking to transform African lives but by helping Africans achieve their own goals. A Fraught Embrace unveils the tangled relations of those involved in the collective struggle to contain an epidemic.

Exile and Embrace

Exile and Embrace Author Anthony Santoro
ISBN-10 9781555538187
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 308
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With passion and precision, Exile and Embrace examines the key elements of the religious debates over capital punishment and shows how they reflect the values and self-understandings of contemporary Americans. Santoro demonstrates that capital punishment has relatively little to do with the perpetrators and much more to do with those who would impose the punishment. Because of this, he convincingly argues, we should focus our attention not on the perpetrators and victims, as is typically the case in debates pro and con about the death penalty, but on ourselves and on the mechanisms that we use to impose or oppose the death penalty. An important book that will appeal to those involved in the death penalty debate and to general religious studies and American studies scholars, as well.

Asia in Japan s Embrace

Asia in Japan s Embrace Author Walter Hatch
ISBN-10 0521565154
Release 1996-06-28
Pages 281
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This book is an incisive analysis of Japan's deepening economic presence in Asia. The authors argue that Japanese business and government elites are working together to build an expanded--and potentially exclusive--production zone. They show how a complex web of production networks develop and that such strategic control of technology is a unique model of globalization. Asia in Japan's Embrace is highly accessible, up to date, comprehensive and controversial, outlining the policy implications of the Japan-Asia alliance and its impact on global trade.

The Judicialization of Politics in Latin America

The Judicialization of Politics in Latin America Author Rachel Sieder
ISBN-10 9781137108876
Release 2016-04-30
Pages 305
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During the last two decades the judiciary has come to play an increasingly important political role in Latin America. Constitutional courts and supreme courts are more active in counterbalancing executive and legislative power than ever before. At the same time, the lack of effective citizenship rights has prompted ordinary people to press their claims and secure their rights through the courts. This collection of essays analyzes the diverse manifestations of the judicialization of politics in contemporary Latin America, assessing their positive and negative consequences for state-society relations, the rule of law, and democratic governance in the region. With individual chapters exploring Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, it advances a comparative framework for thinking about the nature of the judicialization of politics within contemporary Latin American democracies.

Salome s Embrace

Salome   s Embrace Author Maggy Anthony
ISBN-10 9781351849753
Release 2017-11-09
Pages 136
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C. G. Jung, a man who accomplished a revolution in analytical psychology and made an impact both directly and indirectly on a great number of people, also took women seriously. The release of The Red Book has greatly added to our knowledge of Jung’s relationship with the feminine: from his mother, his wife and his extramarital affairs to the effect these had on the formulation of his psychology and on the women who had the courage to explore the need for a spiritual link to Jung and who became known as the Valkyries. In this revised and expanded study of the many women in Jung’s close circle, Anthony explores the women who followed Jung during his lifetime, his need for their company, and their contributions to his work. The book includes studies of Emma Jung, Sabina Spielrein and Toni Wolff, as well as Jung’s mother Emilie, and many other collaborators and followers. It also includes chapters on The Red Book, the Zurich Psychological Club and Dadaism. Including never-before published primary material, including interviews with the women themselves, Salome’s Embrace assesses their work and its value for the generations of Jungian analysts that have followed, including women who practice depth psychology today. The book will be of great interest to analytical psychologists and Jungian psychotherapists in practice and in training, academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, gender, and women’s history.

Wer bin ich wenn ich online bin

Wer bin ich  wenn ich online bin   Author Nicholas Carr
ISBN-10 9783641080686
Release 2011-12-22
Pages 384
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Wie beeinflusst sie Körper und Geist? Heute schon gegoogelt? Im Durchschnitt sind die Deutschen etwa zweieinhalb Stunden täglich online. Neuesten Studien zufolge, so zeigt Bestsellerautor und IT-Experte Nicholas Carr, bewirkt bereits eine Onlinestunde am Tag erstaunliche neurologische Prägungen in unserem Gehirn. Wer das Internet nach Informationen, sozialen Kontakten oder Unterhaltung durchforstet, verwendet, anders als beim Buch- oder Zeitunglesen, einen Großteil seiner geistigen Energie auf die Beherrschung des Mediums selbst. Und macht sich um die Inhalte, buchstäblich, keinen Kopf. Die Folge: Im Internetzeitalter lesen wir oberflächlicher, lernen wir schlechter, erinnern wir uns schwächer denn je. Von den Anpassungsleistungen unseres Gehirns profitieren nicht wir, sondern die Konzerne, die mit Klickzahlen Kasse machen. In seinem neuen Buch verbindet Carr, zwanzig Jahre nach Entstehung des World Wide Web, seine medienkritische Bilanz mit einer erhellenden Zeitreise durch Philosophie-, Technologie- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte – von Sokrates’ Skepsis gegenüber der Schrift, dem Menschen als Uhrwerk und Nietzsches Schreibmaschine bis zum User als Gegenstand aktueller Debatten und Studien. Und er vermittelt – jenseits von vagem Kulturpessimismus – anhand greifbarer Untersuchungen und Experimente, wie das Internet unser Denken verändert.

Organization and Management in the Embrace of Government

Organization and Management in the Embrace of Government Author Jone Pearce
ISBN-10 9781135651237
Release 2001-05-01
Pages 184
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Organization and Management in the Embrace of Government is an original exploration of how governments affect the ways people organize themselves, manage those organizations, and respond to the organizations thus created. It is a grounded theory of how governments that are weak, erratic, or hostile undermine complex organization, trust, meritocracy, commitment, and other implicit expectations about how organizations operate. Scholars, students, and all those interested in a better understanding of how governments affect our cultural expectations of one another, our organizations, and the economies based upon them will find this groundbreaking volume to be a rich resource. The author, President-Elect of the Academy of Management, distills original comparative data drawn from China, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and the United States to paint a coherent theory of the organizational effects of governments. The book has been written primarily to introduce organizational and governmental scholars to the ways that governments can influence organization and management. However, it also is written with an eye to readers with practical interests in international management or governments. This pioneering work will be discussed and analyzed for decades to come.

Fatal Embrace

Fatal Embrace Author Cris Barrish
ISBN-10 9781466869745
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 384
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When Anne Marie Fahey, beautiful, ambitious secretary to the Governor of Delaware, disappeared in June of 1996, all eyes immediately turned to Thomas Capano, the high-powered attorney with whom Anne Marie had been having a clandestine love affair. Well-respected, politically connected, married, and a father of four, Thomas Capano denied knowing anything about Anne Marie's disappearance. But when his brother turned him in to investigators, Capano's image was shattered. During the murder trial, he emerged as a sordid womanizer, a volatile man with a short fuse, and ultimately, as a brutal murderer who shot Anne Marie and recruited her brother to help dispose of her body. Now acclaimed writer Peter Meyer and award-winning journalist Cris Barrish explore the astounding true story behind this sensational case in Fatal Embrace...how a simple flirtation in the corridors of power turned into a very fatal attraction...how Capano stuffed Fahey's body in a plastic cooler, dumped it in the sea-- and what lurid final act would keep it from ever being found...how, in an explosive murder trial that galvanized the nation and pitted brother against brother, Capano became his own worst enemy-- and was convicted of cold-blooded murder... Please note ebook edition does not contain photos.

Locked in A Violent Embrace

Locked in A Violent Embrace Author Zvi Eisikovits
ISBN-10 9781452221281
Release 2000-04-15
Pages 192
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Representing an entirely new approach to domestic violence interventions, this book is based on data accumulated by the authors over the past 12 years from a series of qualitative studies and clinical practice with battered women and their batterers.

The Last Embrace

The Last Embrace Author Denise Hamilton
ISBN-10 9781439105511
Release 2008-07-01
Pages 400
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Los Angeles 1949. A city of big dreams and dark shadows... Lily Kessler, a former stenographer and spy for the OSS, comes to Los Angeles to find her late fiancé's sister Kitty, an actress who is missing from her Hollywood boardinghouse. The next day, Kitty's body is found in a ravine below the Hollywood sign. Unimpressed by the local police, Lily investigates on her own. As she delves into Kitty's life, she encounters fiercely competitive starlets, gangsters, an eccentric special-effects genius, exotic denizens of Hollywood's nightclubs, and a homicide detective who might distract her from her quest for justice. But the landscape in L.A. can shift kaleidoscopically, and Lily begins to see how easily a young woman can lose her balance and fall prey to the alluring city's dangers.... With vibrant characters and unerring insight into the desires and dark impulses that can flare between men and women, The Last Embrace showcases Denise Hamilton at the height of her storytelling powers as she transports readers to a fascinating, transitional time in one of America's most beguiling cities.

Star Walk Embrace Your Inner Power and Find Success on the Runway of Life

Star Walk  Embrace Your Inner Power and Find Success on the Runway of Life Author
ISBN-10 9781937445430
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Star Walk Embrace Your Inner Power and Find Success on the Runway of Life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Star Walk Embrace Your Inner Power and Find Success on the Runway of Life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Star Walk Embrace Your Inner Power and Find Success on the Runway of Life book for free.

Her Nightly Embrace

Her Nightly Embrace Author Adi Tantimedh
ISBN-10 9781473659780
Release 2017-03-16
Pages 320
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Ravi Chandra Singh is the last guy you'd expect to become a private detective. A failed religious scholar, he now works for Golden Sentinels, an upmarket London private investigations agency. His colleagues are a band of gleefully amoral and brilliant screw-ups: Ken and Clive, brutal ex-cops who are also a couple; Mark Chapman, a burned-out stoner hiding a great mind; Marcie Holder, a cheerful former publicist; Benjamin Lee, a techie prankster from South London; David Okri, an ambitious lawyer from a well-connected Nigerian family; and Olivia Wong, an upper-class Hong Kong financial analyst hiding her true skills as one of the most dangerous hackers in the world-all under the watchful eye of Roger Golden, wheeler-dealer extraordinaire, and his mysterious office manager, Cheryl Hughes. Thrust into a world where the rich, famous, and powerful hire him to solve their problems and wash their dirty laundry, Ravi finds himself in over his head with increasingly bizarre and complex cases - and the visions that he's been having of Hindu gods aren't helping. As Ravi struggles to stay ahead of danger, he wonders if the things he's seeing are a delusion - or if he might, in fact, be an unrecognised shaman of the modern world...

Beating the Odds From shocking childhood abuse to the embrace of a loving family one man s true story of courage and redemption

Beating the Odds   From shocking childhood abuse to the embrace of a loving family  one man s true story of courage and redemption Author Paul Connolly
ISBN-10 9781784181406
Release 2014-07-03
Pages 300
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'She'd done more to belittle, undermine and scar me, with her ten years of scorn and hatred, than Starling with his brutal physical batterings or any of the others with their attempts at forced sexual contact. But no-one gets jailed for what they say, even when it amounts to deliberate mental torture...'As Paul Connolly struggled to leave behind his painful, humiliating childhood in the notorious St Leonard's children's home, the ghosts of his past would not let go. The paedophiles and sadists had damaged so many kids. Some had died, from suicide or heroin. Others, like Paul, had emerged, battered and illiterate, to try to find a place in the world. When a fall from a roof shattered his boxing ambitions, he survived in a brutal underworld of routine violence, before eventually building a career as a celebrity fitness trainer, working with the stars of fashion and film.After Against All Odds became a surprise bestseller, everything changed for Paul. He found himself speaking at the House of Lords, appearing on TV and getting involved in projects with abused kids and illiterate adults. But a rare heart infection almost killed him, and the old demons still haunted him.Four years later, Paul has made a new world for himself, centred on his young family and a successful training business that mends broken bodies, builds confidence and changes lives for the better. His story is a remarkable tale of endurance and survival - vivid, disturbing, but ultimately uplifting, as the beaten child who was once told 'You're rubbish; you'll never be worth a thing' becomes a man with the heart to love, live and embrace the future.

Vault Case Interview Practice Guide

Vault Case Interview Practice Guide Author Rajit Malhotra
ISBN-10 1581311680
Release 2002
Pages 132
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Professional career guide from the Vault Career Library - 18 actual case interview questions used in consulting interviews, from market entry cases to guesstimates to M&A cases, with detailed step-by-step analysis of each.

Fighting for Allergy Free Food The Extended Interviews

Fighting for Allergy Free Food   The Extended Interviews Author Tamar Kummel
ISBN-10 9781387108985
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Fighting for Allergy Free Food The Extended Interviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fighting for Allergy Free Food The Extended Interviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fighting for Allergy Free Food The Extended Interviews book for free.

The Wharton MBA Case Interview Study Guide

The Wharton MBA Case Interview Study Guide Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000045264429
Release 1997
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The Wharton MBA Case Interview Study Guide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Wharton MBA Case Interview Study Guide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Wharton MBA Case Interview Study Guide book for free.