Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug Author Leslie Mosier
ISBN-10 0062658824
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 96
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Get in on the fun with the "King of Pop Culture" Doug the Pug as he eats his way around the world in this delightful coloring book, packed with dozens of illustrations and fun activities. Whether he’s cozying up on the couch with take out and television, hanging out with celebrities on the red carpet, or attending the latest music festival, Doug the Pug has stolen hearts around the world. In this adorable coloring book, join Doug on his adventures sampling a wide range of wonderful flavors from country to country and coast to coast. Along with 75 illustrations that capture the planet’s most famous pug with his local snack of choice, this charming coloring book includes entertaining themed interactive activities. As adorable as its namesake, Doug the Pug is a must-have for the king’s fans, dog lovers, and coloring enthusiasts of all ages.

Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug Author Leslie Mosier
ISBN-10 9781250105820
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 160
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A New York Times Bestseller Doug the Pug is the king of pop culture. More than seven million adoring fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat can’t get enough of him. Doug spreads love everywhere he goes, and now with his literary debut, he’s coming to living rooms around the world. It’s hard to find a more well-connected pup than Doug. He’s homies with the hottest stars out there: Justin Bieber, Steven Tyler, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen, to name just a few. Did you catch him in Fall Out Boy’s latest music video? Doug can ball with the best of them. He’s a rising star and everyone’s favorite squishy face. Doug has made appearances at music festivals including Lollapalooza and the Billboard Hot 100 Music Fest, but he doesn’t let fame go to his head. Doug is a humble pug, but the people have asked for more, so he’s obliged with this awesome New York Times bestselling collection of photos. Doug is a fashion icon, a culinary gourmand, a music enthusiast, and an all-around happenin’ guy. This book is just a sneak peek at some of his greatest adventures so far. From his furry heart to yours, enjoy!

Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug Author Catharine Archer
ISBN-10 1910455156
Release 2016-02-02
Pages 64
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Doug the Pug is a charming little baggy dog. Here, he shares tales of his busy life as a working dog.

Pugs in Costumes

Pugs in Costumes Author Virginia Woof
ISBN-10 9781466887176
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 128
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From haute couture Oscar dresses and character classics, superheroes to inanimate objects, there isn't a creature on earth that can rock a costume quite like a pug. With over 100 full color, candid photographs of these adorable dogs in outfits ranging from adorable to hysterical to downright absurd, this book is a pure delight for animal lovers of all stripes. Packed with 128 pages of color photographs, some of the pugs you'll meet in this volume include: - Scarlett O'Pugra - Bob Pugley - Pugzilla - Chewpugca and Pug Vader - Evita Pugron - The Ba HumPug! And many, many more.

Pugdala Coloring Book

Pugdala Coloring Book Author Laurren Darr
ISBN-10 194335622X
Release 2015-11-11
Pages 120
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Gain clarity, focus, and peace coloring PugDalas - over 50 Pug mandalas & mantras/affirmations included... Mandalas are a form of therapy used by thousands worldwide. People seeking to calm their thoughts and increase their productivity focus on coloring mandalas every day. Now, anyone with a love of pugs and a desire for clarity, have a source for those reflections in the "PugDala Coloring Book." Unlock your creativity with the more than fifty PugDala designs included in the "PugDala Coloring Book." Also included are over fifty mantras (also called affirmations) for meditation during the coloring process. Choose your medium, choose the PugDala to color, and enjoy. Turn your thoughts inward. Each of the designs were created for pug people and pet lovers to focus on coloring to relieve stress, increase the positive energy in their lives, and and have fun in the process! Laurren Darr has been plumb pug crazy since childhood. She immerses herself in creating through writing and art. Laurren has found that including creative habits in life is beneficial to health while feeding the soul. Advantages of coloring: Many promising studies have been conducted on art therapy. For those who are less inclined to create art as therapy and wanting a simpler solution, they are using coloring books to enrich their lives. Physicians and therapists prescribe coloring for many different illnesses including depression, PTSD, dementia, and even cancer patients to reduce their pain and stress levels in treatment. Everyday, people are also looking for natural and joyful ways to lessen pain and reduce the tension in their lives. By coloring, the mind focuses. This, in turn, allows the brain to replace mind chatter and negative thoughts with positive thoughts. There are many benefits to having a coloring book routine, which include: Achieve a meditation state of mind. The alpha brain waves are present when the mind is sleeping or in a deep zen-like meditative state. When a person is coloring, the brain can get into this soothing, restorative mode. Assuage stress, worry, and fears. This happens in the amygdala portion of the brain where emotions and motivation are integrated. The amygdala gets calmed during the coloring process. Improve fine motor skills. This happens through the repetition of coloring and focusing on a task using your hands to stay within a finite area. Increase creativity. Coloring unlocks the right side of the brain and keeps it stimulated, allowing for more creative thoughts and solutions. This also leads to increased productivity. Relax, gain clarity, and focus. People can also reduce their blood pressure while coloring."

Pug Coloring Book

Pug Coloring Book Author Individuality Books
ISBN-10 1530441455
Release 2016-03-11
Pages 82
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Pug coloring book: Total destress for dog lovers everywhere A STRESS RELIEVING COLORING BOOK EVERY DOG LOVER SHOULD OWN: ) Pug coloring book: Total destress for dog lovers everywhere is an awesome way to relieve stress, aid relaxation and create beauty that you can be proud of hang up in your home. In this edition of Colouring Books for Adults we've designed cute pug designs for adults that show you how beautiful and calming coloring in pugs can be. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with anxiety or depression, this and many other colouring books are a brilliant way to lift your spirits and unleash your inner creative genius What's inside Pug coloring book: Total destress for dog lovers everywhere? Large Sized Stress Relieving Pug coloring book: Total destress for dog lovers everywhere Pages (A4 8.5" by 11") 20 Hand Drawn, intricate pug designs Unique Stress Relieving Pug Coloring Book Designs with plenty of room to colour. Single Sided Pug Coloring Book Pages - so you can color and frame your works: ) Buy Stress Relieving Pug Coloring Book now! It's time to relax: ) "

The Pug Lovers Coloring Book

The Pug Lovers Coloring Book Author Mindful Coloring Books
ISBN-10 1539146189
Release 2016-10-03
Pages 64
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Perfect for anyone who loves to color and especially dedicated to all the pug lovers! The adorable pugs in this coloring book are seen dressed in costumes, napping with toys, eating ice cream and much more. Some dogs are decorated in adult coloring style designs as well. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or in search of the perfect gift this coloring book for grown ups could be just right!

Pug in a Truck

Pug in a Truck Author Nancy Coffelt
ISBN-10 9780547528953
Release 2006-10-30
Pages 40
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Pug and his friend travel far and wide. They deliver goods in their big red truck. Sometimes they see toothpicks, and dragon wagons, even ground clouds . . . So hop in—and make sure to keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down. Because when you’re on the road with Pug, there’s plenty of trucker talk and adventure around every corner!

YSL Pr t Porter

YSL  Pr  t    Porter Author Glenat
ISBN-10 1419706772
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 40
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Celebrating 40 years of glamorous fashion and design, this officially authorized coloring book and sketchbook is based on the drawings and works of Yves Saint Laurent (1936–2008). This playful and unique memento allows for a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of the YSL brand, as well as the chance for the reader to reimagine these famous designs. Yves Saint Laurent was more than just a stylist: He was a genius designer who reinvented the world of haute couture. From the beginning, YSL wanted his clothing to be accessible to women all over the world. His “Rive Gauche” collection was the first-ever ready-to-wear collection made by a haute couture designer. This collection became an iconic one that bridged the gap between haute couture and the clothes that women could actually wear. Prêt-à-Porter explores the behind-the-scenes process of this collection and includes original drawings and sketches by Yves Saint Laurent himself. The book is a unique collection of fashion inspiration and interactive design that allows readers to discover Yves Saint Laurent’s design methods in a coloring book that is both stylish and fun. Praise for YSL: PRÊT-À-PORTER: "YSL: PRÊT-À-PORTER pays tribute to Saint Laurent’s design career. But the interactive sketchbook also nods to the importance he placed on options, allowing readers to mix and match swatches to rework some of Saint Laurent’s pieces." – “Filled with pages of sketches, silhouettes, and patterns to excite the elementary schooler in us all, YSL: Prêt-À-Porter: Coloring, Activity, and Inspiration Book is simultaneously a historical document and an outlet for innovation.” —Refinery29 “It’s a coloring, activity and history book all-in-one, featuring Yves Saint Laurent’s sketches, close-ups of his prints and a deeper look into his design process in a way that’s fun and creative.” — “It’s time for crayons and couture. Little ladies and the young at heart will swoon over YSL: Prêt à Porter—a coloring, activity and inspiration book based on master couturier Yves Saint Laurent’s sketches spanning 1936–2008.” —New York Daily News online “Ideal for budding fashion mavens.” – Women’s Wear Daily

Prince the Coloring Book

Prince  the Coloring Book Author Tony Millionaire
ISBN-10 1627310460
Release 2017-04-25
Pages 104
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A royal tribute by the many artists who loved the paisley one and his music. Just add color.

The Juggling Pug

The Juggling Pug Author Sean Bryan
ISBN-10 9781628739558
Release 2014-07-22
Pages 32
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A town becomes instantly famous when one special pug begins to juggle. But the pug is also mischievous, messy, and quite naughty. He digs holes in the yard, drinks all the soda in the fridge, and even poops on the rug! This continues until, finally, a little girl has had enough. It’s only when the town calls a meeting to deal with this new nuisance that the pug must learn to control his behavior, or else! From the award-winning author and illustrator of A Girl and Her Gator comes a story that will teach kids how to juggle good behavior and the limelight. Now in a new edition (with updated jacket and smaller trim size), Bryan’s wacky rhyming and Murphy’s witty illustrations are sure to entertain young readers and parents alike. A good read-aloud for children ages 3 to 6, this book is a good reminder to children to be respectful of others' things. Sean Bryan creates a humorous story that parents won't mind reading over and over again and younger children just learning to read will be able to master the simple text.

Her Right Foot

Her Right Foot Author Dave Eggers
ISBN-10 9781452162935
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 104
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If you had to name a statue, any statue, odds are good you'd mention the Statue of Liberty. Have you seen her? She's in New York. She's holding a torch. And she's taking one step forward. But why? In this fascinating, fun take on nonfiction, uniquely American in its frank tone and honest look at the literal foundation of our country, Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris investigate a seemingly small trait of America's most emblematic statue. What they find is about more than history, more than art. What they find in the Statue of Liberty's right foot is the powerful message of acceptance that is essential to an entire country's creation. Can you believe that?

The Art of Southern Charm

The Art of Southern Charm Author Patricia Altschul
ISBN-10 9781682308349
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 224
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Patricia Altschul, the surprise breakout star of Bravo’s hit reality show Southern Charm, introduces an essential lifestyle guide as refreshing and fun as a gin martini. “Patricia on #SouthernCharm, like lookin’ in the damn mirror. Cheers queen.” —Lady Gaga Fan-favorite Bravolebrity Patricia Altschul from the primetime show Southern Charm finally brings fans her eagerly anticipated opus on etiquette and living a glamorous Southern lifestyle. Patricia provides advice on every situation, from hosting a memorable cocktail party, to decoding the dress code for any event, to handling a drunken boor at the dinner table, to delivering the perfectly phrased insult—like her now iconic “shameless strumpet.” The Art of Southern Charm takes readers inside the world of Charleston’s most captivating grande dame, who (with Michael the Butler) offers a blueblood’s blueprint for curating and celebrating life at its best.

Pug Like Percy

Pug Like Percy Author Fiona Harrison
ISBN-10 0008195706
Release 2016-11
Pages 384
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Pug Like Percy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pug Like Percy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pug Like Percy book for free.

Art of Pug Coloring Book Collection

Art of Pug Coloring Book Collection Author Ed Delacruz
ISBN-10 1539358607
Release 2016-10-05
Pages 52
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Art of Pug Coloring Book Collection - A Coloring Book for Pug Lovers. A beautiful collection of Pug illustrations printed singled sided and ready to color. Featuring artwork by Ed Delacruz inspired by Henna, Mandala, Zentangles, Art Nouveau, Asian and Egyptian art.

Disney U How Disney University Develops the World s Most Engaged Loyal and Customer Centric Employees

Disney U  How Disney University Develops the World s Most Engaged  Loyal  and Customer Centric Employees Author Doug Lipp
ISBN-10 9780071808088
Release 2013-03-29
Pages 256
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Leadership lessons from the iconic brand you can use to drive Disney-style success In helping Walt Disney create “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Van France and his team started a business revolution in 1955 that eventually became the Disney University—the employee training and development program that powers one of the most famous brands on earth. Disney U examines how Van France's timeless company values and leadership expertise have turned into a training and development dynasty: the Disney U. The book reveals the heart of the Disney Culture and describes the company's values and operational philosophies that support the world-famous Disney brand. Doug Lipp is an internationally acclaimed expert on customer service, leadership, change management and global competitiveness, specializing in the lessons he learned at the Disney U.

The Grumbly Pug

The Grumbly Pug Author Jennifer Niland Wright
ISBN-10 1620711338
Release 2017-05-01
Pages 128
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A funny, charming and utterly heartwarming memoir by a pug! Illustrated with color photographs throughout.