DeJong s The Neurologic Examination

DeJong s The Neurologic Examination Author William W. Campbell
ISBN-10 9781451109207
Release 2012-09-21
Pages 830
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This 7th edition of Dejong's The Neurological Examination offers practitioners and residents of Neurology an in-depth discussion of neurologic exams that will not be found anywhere else. Without abandoning classic concepts and science, this definitive source on neurologic examination techniques has been streamlined and updated. The text integrates details of neuroanatomy and clinical diagnosis in an easy-to-read format. Anatomical and exam illustrations help ensure proper technique. Plus, illustrative cases and tables summarize differentials and list clinical findings. With this book as their guide, readers will truly understand the anatomical underpinnings of examination techniques. FEATURES * Four-color design * Updated figures and references * Text is supplemented by helpful boxes that highlight key points * When available, evidence-based medical insights are incorporated in assessing the value of specific tests

DeJong s The Neurologic Examination

DeJong s The Neurologic Examination Author William W. Campbell
ISBN-10 9781469817521
Release 2012-10-22
Pages 830
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Now in its Seventh Edition, DeJong’s The Neurologic Examination has been streamlined and updated for a new generation. An absolutely comprehensive, detailed guide to techniques on the neurologic examination, this book integrates details of neuroanatomy and clinical diagnosis in a readable manner. The text is supplemented by helpful boxes that highlight clinical pearls and offer illustrative cases, and tables summarize differentials and lists of clinical findings.

DeJong s the Neurologic Examination

DeJong s the Neurologic Examination Author William Wesley Campbell
ISBN-10 0781727677
Release 2005
Pages 671
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This classic text is a comprehensive, detailed guide to the neurologic examination. The book provides a thorough understanding of both the techniques of the examination and the anatomic and physiologic bases of the results. The brand new edition offers you a complete, concise reference you'll use everyday to quickly interpret the signs and symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, compare and contrast abnormalities, confirm findings, and make accurate differential diagnoses confidently to assess responses to treatment. This heavily revised new edition provides complete coverage of the nervous system including anatomic and physiologic presentation of disorders, recommended examination procedures, neurodiagnostic and laboratory testing, diagnostic reasoning, and neurologic differential diagnosis guidelines. You'll confidently identify the signs and symptoms of disease, know when additional diagnostic testing is indicated, accurately interpret diagnostic data, and recommend effective treatment options.

DeJong s The Neurologic Examination

DeJong s The Neurologic Examination Author Armin F. Haerer
ISBN-10 UOM:39015054144160
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 844
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A student of DeJong, Dr. Haerer has updated this classic work on neurologic tests in light of the latest imaging, electrodiagnostic and laboratory methods. Chronicles all the various neurologic tests and their results, clearly explaining what those results mean and how they relate to the human nervous system.

Pocket Guide and Toolkit to Dejong s Neurologic Examination

Pocket Guide and Toolkit to Dejong s Neurologic Examination Author William W. Campbell
ISBN-10 0781773598
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 360
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Designed as a diagnostic tool for non-neurologists or first-year neurology residents, this pocket guide contains the most essential information from the best-selling DeJong's The Neurologic Examination, Sixth Edition. Included are step-by-step instructions for each stage of the neurologic examination, numerous illustrations depicting examination techniques, and frequently used tests and scales such as the Boston Naming Test, Glasgow Coma Scale, and Denver Scale of Communication Function. A "toolkit" at the back of the book contains lightweight adaptations of implements used in performing the examination, such as visual acuity charts, a red lens, a multi-pinhole, an optokinetic nystagmus tape, and other devices.

DeJong s the Neurologic Examination

DeJong s the Neurologic Examination Author Armin F. Haerer
ISBN-10 OCLC:876123434
Release 1992
Pages 844
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DeJong s the Neurologic Examination has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from DeJong s the Neurologic Examination also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full DeJong s the Neurologic Examination book for free.

Neurological Clinical Examination

Neurological Clinical Examination Author John Morris
ISBN-10 9781444145397
Release 2012-02-24
Pages 158
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This book and extensive video library provide a practical guide to the clinical neurological examination, an essential tool in the diagnosis of common and unusual neurological conditions encountered in the outpatient clinic and hospital ward. Each chapter covers a different condition and uses a step-by-step approach selecting those aspects of the clinical examination that are most likely to lead you to the correct diagnosis Over 100 video clips accessible via QR codes in the book illustrate a wide range of neurological signs The text is heavily illustrated with clear diagrams Tables are used to list the various causes of particular signs Key features of the neurological examination which help in reaching the correct conclusion are listed as Tips Primary care physicians, neurologists, and trainees preparing for certifying examinations will find this book an invaluable learning companion and essential tool for the diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Technique of the Neurologic Examination

Technique of the Neurologic Examination Author William DeMyer
ISBN-10 0070163537
Release 1994
Pages 553
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This book's unique, self-teaching programmed format helps to (1) teach students how to conduct a neurologic examination (2) review the anatomy and physiology for interpreting it, and (3) show which laboratory tests help to clarify the clinical problem. Updated to reflect the impact of new imaging modalities such as CT and MRI on neurological diagnosis, the book is designed to closely represent the situations physicians will encounter in practice and rehearses the responses they will need to make.

Neurological Differential Diagnosis

Neurological Differential Diagnosis Author John Patten
ISBN-10 3540662847
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Neurological Differential Diagnosis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Neurological Differential Diagnosis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Neurological Differential Diagnosis book for free.

Clinical Signs in Neurology

Clinical Signs in Neurology Author William W. Campbell
ISBN-10 9781496328144
Release 2015-08-25
Pages 400
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Get the most relevant facts on neurologic pathology in a handy A-to-Z format – at your fingertips in seconds! This concise volume is an easy-access resource of useful neurologic signs, heavily illustrated and supplemented with dozens of videos online. More than 1,500 entries guide you in the important art of mastering the neurological examination so you can arrive at a quick, accurate diagnosis. Details the physical signs of neurologic pathology in an easy-to-use alphabetical format. Heavily illustrated with clinical photographs and descriptive figures to help you sharpen your diagnostic skills. More than 50 videos online take you step by step through a neurological examination. Provides hard-to-find information on multiple signs or lesser-known signs that are useful to know.


ISBN-10 8126515570
Release 2008-01-19
Pages 386
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This book gives detailed information about the methods that have stood the test of time and additionally outlines some newer methods that are already proving their value. It aims to help the reader become sufficiently conversant with specific exam techniques to be able to approach neurological cases with much more confidence. This book contains exclusive chapters on general medical investigation neuroradiology and imaging techniques.· The Introductory Stages· The Cranial Nerves· The Motor System· The Sensory System· The Motor-Sensory Links· Examinations of Particular Difficulty· The Investigation of Neurological Problems

Seizures and Epilepsy

Seizures and Epilepsy Author Jerome Engel
ISBN-10 9780195328547
Release 2013-01-31
Pages 706
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This second edition of Seizures and Epilepsy, written almost a quarter of a century after the ground-breaking first edition, is more than an update: it is a complete revision due to tremendous advances in the field. Our understanding of the fundamental neuronal mechanisms underlying epileptic phenomena, as well as current diagnosis and treatment, have been heavily influenced over the past several decades by seminal neuroscientific developments, particularly the introduction of molecular neurobiology, genetics, and modern neuroimaging. According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy accounts for 1% of the global burden of disease, equivalent to breast cancer in women and lung cancer in men. Among primary disorders of the brain, it is equivalent to depression, dementia, and substance abuse. Singly authored by Jerome Engel, Jr, this must-read from 1989 reasserts itself as a modern classic comprehensive textbook covering a broad range of both basic and clinical epileptology.

Vertigo Its Multisensory Syndromes

Vertigo  Its Multisensory Syndromes Author Thomas Brandt
ISBN-10 9781447133421
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 329
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A variety of syndromes are hidden behind the term vertigo; the interdisciplinary approach here shows how surprisingly easy it is to correctly diagnose and effectively treat them. The book's clinical practicality uncovers the key elements necessary for understanding vertigo: the sensorimotor physiology, careful history-taking, and otoneurological examination. For each syndrome, there is a full description of the clinical features and diagnostic procedure. Numerous tables and thorough cross-referencing guide you to differential diagnosis. Special emphasis is placed on the relationship between the management and the underlying pathological mechanism of the disease.

Tunnel Syndromes

Tunnel Syndromes Author Marko M. Pecina
ISBN-10 9781420041248
Release 2001-08-16
Pages 336
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The need for a comprehensive resource with easy-to-find information has increased with the addition of nine new syndromes. Tunnel Syndromes: Peripheral Nerve Compression Syndromes provides a quick overview of tunnel syndromes including the definition, anatomy, etiology, clinical signs and symptoms, and treatment. It presents a total of 50 tunnel syndromes. Following the tradition of the first two editions, this resource continues to probe the origins of tunnel syndromes and to propose probable causes that lead to them. All existing chapters have been updated and new chapters have been added including: Spinal accessory nerve syndrome Intercostobrachial nerve syndrome Notalgia paresthetica Medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve syndrome Distal posterior interosseous nerve syndrome Medial superior cluneal nerve syndrome Pudendus nerve syndrome Lateral plantar nerve syndrome Medial plantar nerve syndrome New in this Edition: New syndromes of clinical importance Improved illustrations, including new magnetic resonance images Twenty-seven new drawings (graphic designs) and twenty new photos Updated references with a total of more than 1,650 citations

Anatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis

Anatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis Author Cary D. Alberstone
ISBN-10 9781604061697
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 600
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2010 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner!Praise for this book:Superbly written...Each anatomic structure is discussed in detail, yet the language is concise and not overwhelming...accompanied by impressive color illustrations that are extensive and original...the perfect resource.--AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) Young Neurosurgeons' NewsletterAnatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis is a lavishly illustrated book that places special emphasis on the paramount importance of signs and symptoms for the accurate diagnosis of neurologic disorders. It opens with a comprehensive review of neuroembryology, enabling readers to gain knowledge of normal nervous system development and related developmental disorders. The second section of the book comprises an easily accessible presentation of the anatomy of regional parts and to-the-point information on the cardinal manifestations of disease. Separate chapters in the third section of the book present the anatomy of different functional systems and provide practical approaches to diagnosing patients with system disorders. A final chapter covers the anatomy of the vascular system and cerebrospinal fluid. Highlights: Practical organization of chapters, according to regions and functional systems, reflects the clinician's approach to patient care Full-color illustrations provide an indispensable visual aid to learning and reviewing clinically relevant neurologic anatomy and pathways Numerous tables summarize key points Ideal for reading cover-to-cover, this book is essential for residents and students seeking to fully understand the complexity of clinical neuroanatomy. Seasoned clinicians will find the book a valuable refresher.

Localization in Clinical Neurology

Localization in Clinical Neurology Author Paul W. Brazis
ISBN-10 9781451153583
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 668
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This classic work is written for frontline clinicians who need to ask "Where is it?" when diagnosing a neurological disorder, helping them reach a diagnosis with greater accuracy and avoiding unnecessary testing. Updated to reflect the latest literature, enhanced with color anatomical diagrams and additional tables, Localization in Clinical Neurology is a cornerstone in clinical neurology.

Neurological Examination Made Easy E Book

Neurological Examination Made Easy E Book Author Geraint Fuller
ISBN-10 9780702055027
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 272
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A concise and highly illustrated guide to the clinical examination of the nervous system for medical students, rsidents and junior doctors. A concise and lucid explanation of how to examine the nervous system. Copiously illustrated with clear line diagrams and flow charts. Instructions are clear and systematic – what to do, what you will find, and what it means. Strengthening of recommendations on the order of sensory testing. Addition of Halmagyi's head thrust test. Updating of the cases in the section on passing clinical exams.