Cybersecurity The Essential Body Of Knowledge

Cybersecurity  The Essential Body Of Knowledge Author Dan Shoemaker
ISBN-10 9781435481695
Release 2011-05-17
Pages 528
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CYBERSECURITY: THE ESSENTIAL BODY OF KNOWLEDGE provides a comprehensive, trustworthy framework of practices for assuring information security. This book is organized to help readers understand how the various roles and functions within cybersecurity practice can be combined and leveraged to produce a secure organization. In this unique book, concepts are not presented as stagnant theory; instead, the content is interwoven in a real world adventure story that runs throughout. In the story, a fictional company experiences numerous pitfalls of cyber security and the reader is immersed in the everyday practice of securing the company through various characters’ efforts. This approach grabs learners’ attention and assists them in visualizing the application of the content to real-world issues that they will face in their professional life. Derived from the Department of Homeland Security’s Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) for IT Security, this book is an indispensable resource dedicated to understanding the framework, roles, and competencies involved with information security. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Cybersecurity Author Kim J. Andreasson
ISBN-10 9781466551237
Release 2012-05-17
Pages 392
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The Internet has given rise to new opportunities for the public sector to improve efficiency and better serve constituents in the form of e-government. But with a rapidly growing user base globally and an increasing reliance on the Internet, digital tools are also exposing the public sector to new risks. An accessible primer, Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses focuses on the convergence of globalization, connectivity, and the migration of public sector functions online. It identifies the challenges you need to be aware of and examines emerging trends and strategies from around the world. Offering practical guidance for addressing contemporary risks, the book is organized into three sections: Global Trends—considers international e-government trends, includes case studies of common cyber threats and presents efforts of the premier global institution in the field National and Local Policy Approaches—examines the current policy environment in the United States and Europe and illustrates challenges at all levels of government Practical Considerations—explains how to prepare for cyber attacks, including an overview of relevant U.S. Federal cyber incident response policies, an organizational framework for assessing risk, and emerging trends Also suitable for classroom use, this book will help you understand the threats facing your organization and the issues to consider when thinking about cybersecurity from a policy perspective.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Author Sebastian Klipper
ISBN-10 9783658115777
Release 2015-11-18
Pages 47
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In diesem Buch erfahren Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, wie Firmen nach Hackerangriffen vom Markt verschwinden und wie Hacker Aktienkurse beeinflussen können. Lernen Sie, wie Homo oeconomicus beim Thema Cyber Security zum Homo carens securitate wird und wie es gelingt, mithilfe der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen „Brille“ (oder: Perspektive/Sicht) ganz neue Lösungsansätze und Sichtweisen im Kampf gegen Wirtschaftsspione, Hacker und Cyber-Kriminelle zu erkennen. Cyber Security bzw. IT-Sicherheit ist ein Zukunftsthema, an dem kaum jemand vorbeikommt. Dieses Buch beschreibt anhand aktueller Vorfälle – ohne technisches Grundwissen vorauszusetzen –, was Ökonomen wissen müssen, um sich am Gespräch über eines der wichtigsten Zukunftsthemen unserer Zeit beteiligen zu können.

Cyber Security Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics Applications and Perspectives

Cyber Security  Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics  Applications and Perspectives Author Santanam, Raghu
ISBN-10 9781609601256
Release 2010-12-31
Pages 296
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Recent developments in cyber security, crime, and forensics have attracted researcher and practitioner interests from technological, organizational and policy-making perspectives. Technological advances address challenges in information sharing, surveillance and analysis, but organizational advances are needed to foster collaboration between federal, state and local agencies as well as the private sector. Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics: Applications and Perspectives provides broad coverage of technical and socio-economic perspectives for utilizing information and communication technologies and developing practical solutions in cyber security, cyber crime and cyber forensics.

Insider Attack and Cyber Security

Insider Attack and Cyber Security Author Salvatore J. Stolfo
ISBN-10 0387773223
Release 2008-08-29
Pages 223
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This book defines the nature and scope of insider problems as viewed by the financial industry. This edited volume is based on the first workshop on Insider Attack and Cyber Security, IACS 2007. The workshop was a joint effort from the Information Security Departments of Columbia University and Dartmouth College. The book sets an agenda for an ongoing research initiative to solve one of the most vexing problems encountered in security, and a range of topics from critical IT infrastructure to insider threats. In some ways, the insider problem is the ultimate security problem.


Cybersecurity Author Catherine A. Theohary
ISBN-10 9781437924343
Release 2010-10
Pages 23
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Increasing focus on current cyber threats to fed. info. technology systems, nonfederal critical info. infrastructure, and other nonfederal systems has led to numerous legislative cybersecurity proposals and exec. branch initiatives. In May 2009, the Obama Admin. declared that U.S. info. networks would be treated as a strategic national asset. Contents of this report: (1) Intro.; (2) Difficulties in Addressing Cybersecurity Issues: Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency; The Comprehensive Nat. Cybersecurity Initiative; Obama Admin. Cyberspace Policy Review; Common Themes of Recent Cybersecurity Initiatives; Representative Sampling of Preexisting Exec. Branch Programs and Initiatives; (3) Considerations and Options for Congress.

Cyber Security Policy Guidebook

Cyber Security Policy Guidebook Author Jennifer L. Bayuk
ISBN-10 9781118241325
Release 2012-03-28
Pages 288
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Drawing upon a wealth of experience from academia, industry, and government service, Cyber Security Policy Guidebook details and dissects, in simple language, current organizational cyber security policy issues on a global scale—taking great care to educate readers on the history and current approaches to the security of cyberspace. It includes thorough descriptions—as well as the pros and cons—of a plethora of issues, and documents policy alternatives for the sake of clarity with respect to policy alone. The Guidebook also delves into organizational implementation issues, and equips readers with descriptions of the positive and negative impact of specific policy choices. Inside are detailed chapters that: Explain what is meant by cyber security and cyber security policy Discuss the process by which cyber security policy goals are set Educate the reader on decision-making processes related to cyber security Describe a new framework and taxonomy for explaining cyber security policy issues Show how the U.S. government is dealing with cyber security policy issues With a glossary that puts cyber security language in layman's terms—and diagrams that help explain complex topics—Cyber Security Policy Guidebook gives students, scholars, and technical decision-makers the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions on cyber security policy.

Cyber Security and the Politics of Time

Cyber Security and the Politics of Time Author
ISBN-10 9781107109421
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Cyber Security and the Politics of Time has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cyber Security and the Politics of Time also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cyber Security and the Politics of Time book for free.

Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives

Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives Author Jane LeClair
ISBN-10 9780989845144
Release 2015-03-02
Pages 262
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Did you know your car can be hacked? Your medical device? Your employer’s HVAC system? Are you aware that bringing your own device to work may have security implications? Consumers of digital technology are often familiar with headline-making hacks and breaches, but lack a complete understanding of how and why they happen, or if they have been professionally or personally compromised. In Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives, twelve experts provide much-needed clarification on the technology behind our daily digital interactions. They explain such things as supply chain, Internet of Things, social media, cloud computing, mobile devices, the C-Suite, social engineering, and legal confidentially. Then, they discuss very real threats, make suggestions about what can be done to enhance security, and offer recommendations for best practices. An ideal resource for students, practitioners, employers, and anyone who uses digital products and services.

Dynamic Networks and Cyber Security

Dynamic Networks and Cyber Security Author Niall Adams
ISBN-10 9781786340764
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 224
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As an under-studied area of academic research, the analysis of computer network traffic data is still in its infancy. However, the challenge of detecting and mitigating malicious or unauthorised behaviour through the lens of such data is becoming an increasingly prominent issue. This collection of papers by leading researchers and practitioners synthesises cutting-edge work in the analysis of dynamic networks and statistical aspects of cyber security. The book is structured in such a way as to keep security application at the forefront of discussions. It offers readers easy access into the area of data analysis for complex cyber-security applications, with a particular focus on temporal and network aspects. Chapters can be read as standalone sections and provide rich reviews of the latest research within the field of cyber-security. Academic readers will benefit from state-of-the-art descriptions of new methodologies and their extension to real practical problems while industry professionals will appreciate access to more advanced methodology than ever before. Contents:Network Attacks and the Data They Affect (M Morgan, J Sexton, J Neil, A Ricciardi & J Theimer)Cyber-Security Data Sources for Dynamic Network Research (A D Kent)Modelling User Behaviour in a Network Using Computer Event Logs (M J M Turcotte, N A Heard & A D Kent)Network Services as Risk Factors: A Genetic Epidemiology Approach to Cyber-Security (S Gil)Community Detection and Role Identification in Directed Networks: Understanding the Twitter Network of the Care.Data Debate (B Amor, S Vuik, R Callahan, A Darzi, S N Yaliraki & M Barahona)Anomaly Detection for Cyber Security Applications (P Rubin-Delanchy, D J Lawson & N A Heard)Exponential Random Graph Modelling of Static and Dynamic Social Networks (A Caimo)Hierarchical Dynamic Walks (A V Mantzaris, P Grindrod & D J Higham)Temporal Reachability in Dynamic Networks (A Hagberg, N Lemons & S Misra) Readership: Researchers and practitioners in dynamic network analysis and cyber-security. Key Features:Detailed descriptions of the behaviour of attackersDiscussions of new public domain data sources, including data quality issuesA collection of papers introducing novel methodology for cyber-data analysis

Strategic Cyber Security

Strategic Cyber Security Author
ISBN-10 9789949904051
Release 2011
Pages 168
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Strategic Cyber Security has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Strategic Cyber Security also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Strategic Cyber Security book for free.


Cybersecurity Author Thomas J. Mowbray
ISBN-10 9781118849651
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 360
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A must-have, hands-on guide for working in the cybersecurity profession Cybersecurity involves preventative methods to protect information from attacks. It requires a thorough understanding of potential threats, such as viruses and other malicious code, as well as system vulnerability and security architecture. This essential book addresses cybersecurity strategies that include identity management, risk management, and incident management, and also serves as a detailed guide for anyone looking to enter the security profession. Doubling as the text for a cybersecurity course, it is also a useful reference for cybersecurity testing, IT test/development, and system/network administration. Covers everything from basic network administration security skills through advanced command line scripting, tool customization, and log analysis skills Dives deeper into such intense topics as wireshark/tcpdump filtering, Google hacks, Windows/Linux scripting, Metasploit command line, and tool customizations Delves into network administration for Windows, Linux, and VMware Examines penetration testing, cyber investigations, firewall configuration, and security tool customization Shares techniques for cybersecurity testing, planning, and reporting Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions is a comprehensive and authoritative look at the critical topic of cybersecurity from start to finish.

Cyber Security Essentials

Cyber Security Essentials Author James Graham
ISBN-10 1439851263
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 342
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The sophisticated methods used in recent high-profile cyber incidents have driven many to need to understand how such security issues work. Demystifying the complexity often associated with information assurance, Cyber Security Essentials provides a clear understanding of the concepts behind prevalent threats, tactics, and procedures. To accomplish this, the team of security professionals from VeriSign’s iDefense® Security Intelligence Services supply an extensive review of the computer security landscape. Although the text is accessible to those new to cyber security, its comprehensive nature makes it ideal for experts who need to explain how computer security works to non-technical staff. Providing a fundamental understanding of the theory behind the key issues impacting cyber security, the book: Covers attacker methods and motivations, exploitation trends, malicious code techniques, and the latest threat vectors Addresses more than 75 key security concepts in a series of concise, well-illustrated summaries designed for most levels of technical understanding Supplies actionable advice for the mitigation of threats Breaks down the code used to write exploits into understandable diagrams This book is not about the latest attack trends or botnets. It’s about the reasons why these problems continue to plague us. By better understanding the logic presented in these pages, readers will be prepared to transition to a career in the growing field of cyber security and enable proactive responses to the threats and attacks on the horizon.

Beherrschbarkeit von Cyber Security Big Data und Cloud Computing

Beherrschbarkeit von Cyber Security  Big Data und Cloud Computing Author Udo Bub
ISBN-10 9783658064136
Release 2014-09-29
Pages 86
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Cloud Computing, Big Data, Cyber Security, Industrie 4.0 etc. sind vielleicht nur Schlagworte, aber sie sind auch Ausdruck neuer, komplexer Problemstellungen, deren Behandlung und Beherrschung uns vor große Herausforderungen stellt. Deshalb sind wieder einmal, diesmal auf Einladung der EIT ICT Labs in Berlin, renommierte Sicherheitsexperten und Entscheidungsträger zusammen gekommen, um diese Themen zu diskutieren und beleuchten. Durch die Mitte 2013 bekannt gewordenen umfassenden Ausspähungen von Bürgern und Institutionen hat das Konferenzthema Beherrschbarkeit von Cloud und Co. weiter an Aktualität gewonnen.

Cybersecurity and Cyberwar

Cybersecurity and Cyberwar Author P.W. Singer
ISBN-10 9780199918102
Release 2013-12-04
Pages 224
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A generation ago, "cyberspace" was just a term from science fiction, used to describe the nascent network of computers linking a few university labs. Today, our entire modern way of life, from communication to commerce to conflict, fundamentally depends on the Internet. And the cybersecurity issues that result challenge literally everyone: politicians wrestling with everything from cybercrime to online freedom; generals protecting the nation from new forms of attack, while planning new cyberwars; business executives defending firms from once unimaginable threats, and looking to make money off of them; lawyers and ethicists building new frameworks for right and wrong. Most of all, cybersecurity issues affect us as individuals. We face new questions in everything from our rights and responsibilities as citizens of both the online and real world to simply how to protect ourselves and our families from a new type of danger. And yet, there is perhaps no issue that has grown so important, so quickly, and that touches so many, that remains so poorly understood. In Cybersecurity and CyberWar: What Everyone Needs to Know?, New York Times best-selling author P. W. Singer and noted cyber expert Allan Friedman team up to provide the kind of easy-to-read, yet deeply informative resource book that has been missing on this crucial issue of 21st century life. Written in a lively, accessible style, filled with engaging stories and illustrative anecdotes, the book is structured around the key question areas of cyberspace and its security: how it all works, why it all matters, and what can we do? Along the way, they take readers on a tour of the important (and entertaining) issues and characters of cybersecurity, from the "Anonymous" hacker group and the Stuxnet computer virus to the new cyber units of the Chinese and U.S. militaries. Cybersecurity and CyberWar: What Everyone Needs to Know? is the definitive account on the subject for us all, which comes not a moment too soon. What Everyone Needs to Know? is a registered trademark of Oxford University Press.

Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense Information Encryption and Cyphering

Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense  Information Encryption and Cyphering Author Nemati, Hamid R.
ISBN-10 9781615207848
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 408
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Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense: Information Encryption and Cyphering applies the principles of cryptographic systems to real-world scenarios, explaining how cryptography can protect businesses' information and ensure privacy for their networks and databases. It delves into the specific security requirements within various emerging application areas and discusses procedures for engineering cryptography into system design and implementation.


Cybersecurity Author Gregory C. Wilshusen
ISBN-10 9781437930078
Release 2010-06
Pages 64
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In response to the ongoing threats to federal systems and operations posed by cyber attacks, Pres. Bush established the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) in 2008. This initiative consists of a set of projects aimed at reducing vulnerabilities, protecting against intrusions, and anticipating future threats. This report determined: (1) what actions have been taken to develop interagency mechanisms to plan and coordinate CNCI activities; and (2) what challenges CNCI faces in achieving its objectives related to securing federal information systems. To do this, the report reviewed CNCI plans, policies, and other documentation and interviewed officials at OMB, DHS, and the ODNI, among other agencies. Charts and tables.