Country Music Hair

Country Music Hair Author Erin Duvall
ISBN-10 9780062439222
Release 2016-11-08
Pages 128
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Country music’s greatest mullets, bobs, beehives, and bouffants collected together in one entertaining volume, illustrated with dozens of color and black-and-white photographs. "The higher the hair, the closer to god." From mullets to mustaches and teased hair to bobs, country singers each have their own distinct looks which enhance their performance and image. Some wear hats and others wear wigs. Some follow the trends and others set them. Some have stylists on the tour bus and others rely on God and hair-spray. As Dolly Parton famously said, "People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there." As country has grown in stature and popularity since the 1960s, country musicians have evolved their music—and their hairstyles and fashion as well. Industry insider Erin Duvall takes fans on a lively tour in this entertaining history that combines interviews with famous hairstylists and fifty of country music stars’ best ’dos, including 1990s mullet king, Billy Ray Cyrus. While business in the front and party in the back may be outdated today, twenty years ago it was one of country’s defining styles. In Country Music Hair, Duvall tells a tale of the day the mullet died and the rumor of the strong emotional reaction from the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer’s young daughter, Miley, who desperately pleaded with him to keep his mane. A fantastic and fun trip down memory lane, Country Music Hair is a must for country listeners and pop culture fans.

Reading Country Music

Reading Country Music Author Cecelia Tichi
ISBN-10 0822321688
Release 1998
Pages 408
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Expanded edition of special SAQ issue on country music. Six new articles will be added by Jocelyn Neal on the structure of country, Cristine Kreyling on “Music Row” in Nashville, Walter Herbert on Willie Nelson and the interpretation of his m

The Girl s Guide to Country

The Girl s Guide to Country Author Kim Adelman
ISBN-10 076791418X
Release 2003
Pages 210
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Ready for a fun-filled gallop through the contemporary country music scene? From the diva chic of Shania Twain to the kitschy appeal of Dolly Parton, this illustrated handbook celebrates the styles and starpower that make today’s country hot, fun, and incredibly sexy. Saluting living legends Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson alongside current superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, The Girls’ Guide to Country gives female fans of all ages the lowdown on the music, fashion, lifestyle, memorabilia, and, of course, the sexy men of this wildly popular genre. So, saddle up and get ready to enjoy: pinups of seven essential hunks thirteen easy steps for how to become a country superstar in-depth analysis of seventeen truly outstanding country hairstyles (mullets and more!) insider tips on everything from how to score free Kenny Chesney concert tickets to how dress like the Dixie Chicks and much more! Praise for The Girls’ Guide to Elvis “It’s just like being in junior high again. This book offers the scoop on Elvis’s way with women—the wives, the girlfriends, the screaming fans—and leaves plenty of room for ever important hair and wardrobe discussions.” —Time “Adelman gives a girl all she could want to know about her idol.” —Chicago Tribune

Cashville Dilution of Original Country Music Identity Through Increasing Commercialization

 Cashville    Dilution of Original Country Music Identity Through Increasing Commercialization Author Stephanie Sch„fer
ISBN-10 9783842878457
Release 2012-04
Pages 124
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Where I come from, it?s cornbread and chicken... This line from Alan Jackson?s country hit defines the genre as the music of the American South. All its ambiguity set aside, the South stands proudly for its hospitality, politeness, sense of place and community. Family and religion are traditionally more important down there than in the rest of the country. As Southern culture becomes more and more americanized and the music of the small town Southern man (another Jackson song) is adapted for a mainstream audience, the original rustic identity that defines the true American genre loses its charm. Modern country music has become slick and professionalized and sounds more and more like common pop music to make it more profitable. This study focuses on the authentic country music identity and how it is threatened by increasing commercialization. It defines said identity and the working class culture from which it springs. It traces the history of country music and its different genres from the 19th and early 20th century cowboy music over Western Swing and Honky-Tonk of the 1930s and 1940s, the progressive movements of the 1960s and 1970s up to today?s mainstream Country Pop, and shows how its target audience has changed over time and how the opposition tries to preserve traditional sounds. Authentic Texas Country is set in contrast to the commercial Nashville recording industry and both are compared in their respective developments over the years. In the face of terrorism, which poses a threat to the American National identity, country music with its representative American values has become increasingly popular and enforces a strong collective identity on a national level. However, in doing so, it also dilutes the original identity that was once restricted to life in a small town community rather than the country as a whole. What sets country music as a genre apart is its narrative structure. Every song has a story to tell: Be it about ?The Cold Hard Facts of Life?, a prayer finally answered, or the first kiss on a Saturday night.

The Country Music Murders

The Country Music Murders Author Stella Ruth
ISBN-10 9780595223190
Release 2002-03-01
Pages 356
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Intrigues and murder in the country music business.

Country Music Originals

Country Music Originals Author Tony Russell
ISBN-10 0199839905
Release 2010-03-15
Pages 288
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Graced by more than 200 illustrations, many of them seldom seen and some never before published, this sparkling volume offers vivid portraits of the men and women who created country music, the artists whose lives and songs formed the rich tradition from which so many others have drawn inspiration. Included here are not only such major figures as Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family, Fiddlin' John Carson, Charlie Poole, and Gene Autry, who put country music on America's cultural map, but many fascinating lesser-known figures as well, such as Carson Robison, Otto Gray, Chris Bouchillon, Emry Arthur and dozens more, many of whose stories are told here for the first time. To map some of the winding, untraveled roads that connect today's music to its ancestors, Tony Russell draws upon new research and rare source material, such as contemporary newspaper reports and magazine articles, internet genealogy sites, and his own interviews with the musicians or their families. The result is a lively mix of colorful tales and anecdotes, priceless contemporary accounts of performances, illuminating social and historical context, and well-grounded critical judgment. The illustrations include artist photographs, record labels, song sheets, newspaper clippings, cartoons, and magazine covers, recreating the look and feel of the entire culture of country music. Each essay includes as well a playlist of recommended and currently available recordings for each artist. Finally, the paperback edition now features an extensive index.

Country Music

Country Music Author C.W. Smith
ISBN-10 9780989632904
Release 1976-06-01
Pages 430
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C.W. Smith's award-winning first novel, Thin Men of Haddam, established him as a novelist of power and compassion, and Country Music offers up a shrewd anatomy of sexual and social stances that extends the range and depth of his vision. Country Music opens when Bobby Joe Gilbert, Hedorville's Bane to Virgins and Most Unlikely to Succeed, confronts an unwelcome question: "What are you going to do with yourself?" Desperate to escape his reputation and the limitations of his world, he makes a stab at college, but the effort dissipates in endless games of pinball and a stormy friendship with Polly, a lesbian pinball addict who resists his sexual advances and penetrates his psychic defenses. He weds Ginger, a gorgeous blonde who epitomizes his macho notions of womanhood, but the marriage is doomed by her childishness and his inability to cope with the intricacies of love and sharing. Warily, he returns to Hedorville and to the same-old, same-old crowd - and also to his responsibility for the death of a girl who trusted him, the ugly secret he must face before turning to the future. The women in Bobby Joe’s life - Pinball Polly, his wife Ginger, and Nelda Sue, the girl he keeps leaving and keeps coming back to - are deftly created women. They and a host of others bring a world to life, while its creator rings changes on themes of sex, destiny, escape, and the complexity of human entanglements. This new ebook edition also includes an essay by the author about working in Hollywood on the film adaptation. “Smith’s portrait of a troubled young man searching for himself he knows not where... is alive, funny, sad, and as real as it can be. Bobby Joe’s thrashing around about himself and the way things are is country music in a new key.” – Publisher’s Weekly.

Indianapolis Monthly

Indianapolis Monthly Author
Release 2002-06
Pages 272
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Indianapolis Monthly is the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new and what’s news. Through coverage of politics, crime, dining, style, business, sports, and arts and entertainment, each issue offers compelling narrative stories and lively, urbane coverage of Indy’s cultural landscape.

Country Music s Most Wanted

Country Music s Most Wanted Author Francesca Peppiatt
ISBN-10 1574885936
Release 2004
Pages 272
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Pick and grin with fun country music trivia

Country Music

Country Music Author Arelo Sederberg
ISBN-10 9780595421930
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 720
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"Country Music" consists of 24 stories, three of them novelette length, depicting rural life in America during the Great Depression and Army life during the Korean War of the 1950s. The stories are linked through setting and characters to produce the effect of two episodic novels-one concerning the basic training, combat experience and readjustment to civilian life of a group of Army draftees, the other a dissection of "small townism" during the stressful 1930s. Many of the stories are written in a colloquial and dialectal style, from the viewpoint of the characters.

Mick Ronson The Spider with the Platinum Hair

Mick Ronson   The Spider with the Platinum Hair Author Weird
ISBN-10 9781786065056
Release 2017-04-06
Pages 300
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Mick Ronson was a lot more than just the guitarist for Ziggy Stardust. This fully updated first biography is full of first-hand recollections by those who were closest to him including a foreword by his wife Suzi and a hand-written speech by his daughter Lisa. During the five years it has taken to collate this work, authors Weird and Gilly have spoken to over fifty family members, close friends and colleagues including exclusive interviews with Suzi Ronson, David and Maggi Ronson (brother and sister), Minnie Ronson (mother), Steve Popovich (manager), Lou Reed, Mick Jones, Ian Hunter, Chrissie Hynde, Glen Matlock, Cherry Vanilla, Steve Harley, Bob Harris, Joe Elliott and a host of others. As a result, this book provides a deeply intimate and compelling insight into the life and times of an extraordinarily talented guitarist. A man who was tender and caring off the stage, yet fierce and electrifying on it. Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Ian Hunter and Annette Peacock are just a few of the names that were to become associated with the Mick Ronson legend. He toured with Bob Dylan, played with Mott The Hoople, worked with Lou Reed and produced an impressive number of albums with arresting originality. From his days as a mobile grocer to his performances at Wembley Stadium, this minutely detailed biography also includes scores of unpublished photographs and unseen rarities including: a hand-written six-page autobiography by the man himself, love letters to his first girlfriend, family album photographs and an exhaustive discography. After losing his battle with cancer, Mick passed away in the spring of 1993 at the young age of 46. This book is a salute to his remarkable music and legacy. Fully revised and updated with scores of new unpublished photographs and even more rare memorabilia. 'I was struck by the enormity of Mick's contribution to every record he played on - arrangements, incredible guitar, beautiful backing vocals, classical piano - he did it all, and he was northern and glamorous'

American Popular Music From Minstrelsy to MP3

American Popular Music  From Minstrelsy to MP3 Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781478438700
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 206
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Facts101 is your complete guide to American Popular Music, From Minstrelsy to MP3. In this book, you will learn topics such as SOCIAL DANCE AND JAZZ, 1917-1935, THE GOLDEN AGE OF TIN PAN ALLEY SONG, RACE RECORDS AND HILLBILLY MUSIC, and THE SWING ERA, 1935-1945 plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Country Music Changed My Life

Country Music Changed My Life Author Ken Burke
ISBN-10 9781556529917
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 356
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In this book based on new interviews, some of country music's greatest stars share personal moments of redemption, inspiration, and heartache related to the music that shaped their lives. Brenda Lee explains how her childhood singing gift raised her entire family out of dire poverty, and Pat Boone speaks about the spiritual influence of his father-in-law, Red Foley. Barbara Pittman talks about her childhood friendship with Elvis Presley, while Little Jimmy Dickens divulges how Hank Williams came to write a song for him and why he never recorded it. Mickey Gilley talks about gladly living in, then gladly escaping, the shadow of his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis, and Hank Thompson reveals how his background in electrical engineering helped revolutionize country music. More stories from Glen Campbell, Don Williams, Johnny Legend, Chris Hillman, and many others explain the inspiration and effect of country music in their lives.

Country Music

Country Music Author Nicolae Sfetcu
Release 2014-05-09
Pages 73
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In popular music, country music, also called country and western music or country-western, is an amalgam of popular musical forms developed in the Southern United States, with roots in traditional folk music, Celtic Music, Blues, Gospel music, and Old-time music that began to develop rapidly in the 1920s. The term country music began to be widely applied to the music in the 1940s and was fully embraced in the 1970s while country and western declined in use. "Encompassing a wide range of musical genres, from folk songs and religious hymns to rhythm and blues, country music reflects our Nation's cultural diversity as well as the aspirations and ideals that unite us. It springs from the heart of America and speaks eloquently of our history, our faith in God, our devotion to family, and our appreciation for the value of freedom and hard work. With its simple melodies and timeless, universal themes, country music appeals to listeners of all ages and from all walks of life." (President George H. W. Bush celebrated country music by declaring October, 1990 "Country Music Month")

Detroit Country Music

Detroit Country Music Author Craig Maki
ISBN-10 9780472052011
Release 2013-10-11
Pages 338
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The first book to tell the story of country music in Detroit

The Country Music Reader

The Country Music Reader Author Travis D. Stimeling
ISBN-10 9780190233730
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 376
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In The Country Music Reader Travis D. Stimeling provides an anthology of primary source readings from newspapers, magazines, and fan ephemera encompassing the history of country music from circa 1900 to the present. Presenting conversations that have shaped historical understandings of country music, it brings the voices of country artists and songwriters, music industry insiders, critics, and fans together in a vibrant conversation about a widely loved yet seldom studied genre of American popular music. Situating each source chronologically within its specific musical or cultural context, Stimeling traces the history of country music from the fiddle contests and ballad collections of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries through the most recent developments in contemporary country music. Drawing from a vast array of sources including popular magazines, fan newsletters, trade publications, and artist biographies, The Country Music Reader offers firsthand insight into the changing role of country music within both the music industry and American musical culture, and presents a rich resource for university students, popular music scholars, and country music fans alike.

Country Music Broke My Brain

Country Music Broke My Brain Author Gerry House
ISBN-10 9781939529909
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 240
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Nashville is filled with stars and lovers and writers and dreamers. Nashville is also teeming with lunatics and grifters and dip wads and moochers. Gerry House fits easily into at least half of those categories. Someone would probably have to be brain-damaged or really damn talented to try to entertain professional entertainers over a decades-long radio show in Music City, USA. Fortunately, House is little of both. Host of the nationally syndicated, top-rated morning show, “Gerry House & The Foundation” for 25 years, he has won virtually every broadcasting award there is including a place in the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Gerry also spent that time deep inside the songwriting and recording world in Nashville. In Country Music Broke My Brain, Gerry tells his stories from the other side of the microphone. He reveals never-aired, never-before published conversations with country music’s biggest names—Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, and Reba McEntire to name a few—and leaves you with his own crazy antics that will either have you laughing or shaking your head in disbelief. With exclusive celebrity stories, humorous trivia and anecdotes, and broadcasting wisdom, this book is a treat for country music fans or for anyone who wants a good laugh.