Colorful Creations Butterfly Mandalas

Colorful Creations Butterfly Mandalas Author Jess Volinski
ISBN-10 1497202612
Release 2017-04-11
Pages 80
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This gorgeous coloring book for adults offers dozens of ready-to-color art activities that combine the beauty of butterflies with the symmetry and calming properties of mandalas.

Creative Haven Butterfly Mandalas Coloring Book

Creative Haven Butterfly Mandalas Coloring Book Author Jo Taylor
ISBN-10 9780486813776
Release 2017-04-19
Pages 64
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Thirty-one illustrations to color combine two of the most beautiful aspects of nature — flowers and butterflies — with the peaceful qualities of mandalas. Enjoy a contemplative experience while adding your own colors to these circular designs.

Creative Haven Dream Doodles

Creative Haven Dream Doodles Author Kathy Ahrens
ISBN-10 9780486799025
Release 2015-08-19
Pages 64
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Twenty-eight intricate images offer a mind-expanding coloring experience. But there's more here than meets the eye ― look closely to find the bumblebees, teacups, mushrooms, and other surprising figures hidden amid the wild, swirling designs. Answers are included and illustrations are printed on one side of perforated pages for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Dream Doodles with a Hidden Picture Twist and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.

Creative Coloring Animals

Creative Coloring Animals Author Valentina Harper
ISBN-10 1574219715
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 72
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Each of the 4 new titles in this series offers 30 original ready-to-colour drawings from talented artist Valentina Harper. You don't need to have the skills of an artist to enjoy these relaxing and creative activities. Each book includes valuable tips on patterning techniques. Best-selling craft author Marie Browning joins the fun with inspirational colouring advice. Printed on high quality extra-thick paper, Color a Doodle colouring books are perfect for decorating with coloured pencils, gel pens, watercolors, and more.

Color Me Happy

Color Me Happy Author Lacy Mucklow
ISBN-10 9781937994761
Release 2014-10-27
Pages 208
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With each development in technology, our lives become more complicated. We move through our days in a blur of emails, text messages, and social networking. This non-stop stimulation has left us stressed-out and distanced from the joys of the present moment. Art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter offer a simple and satisfying solution to this disconnect from reality. Featuring over 100 joyful coloring templates, Color Me Happy is a guided coloring book designed for busy adults. Organized into therapeutically-themed chapters, this book examines the benefits of putting pencil to paper and offers adults an opportunity to channel their anxiety into joyful creative accomplishment. Part of the international bestselling Color Me series, Color Me Happy is the perfect way to step back from the chaos of everyday life, color, and feel happy! Don't forget to try Color Me Calm and Color Me Stress-Free!

Power of Love Coloring Book

Power of Love Coloring Book Author Thaneeya Mcardle
ISBN-10 1497203201
Release 2017-09-05
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Feel the transforming power of love as you color seductively sweet illustrations inside this delightful coloring book. From passionate love and puppy love to family love and BFFs, Power of Love Coloring Book offers hours of affectionate creativity.

Groovy Owls Coloring Book

Groovy Owls Coloring Book Author Thaneeya McArdle
ISBN-10 1497202078
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 80
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These adorable owls from bestselling artist Thaneeya McArdle will take you to a happy place of patterning, shading, and coloring. "

Teacup Kittens Coloring Book

Teacup Kittens Coloring Book Author Kayomi Harai
ISBN-10 1497202264
Release 2016-12-06
Pages 80
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Acclaimed illustrator Kayomi Harai presents dozens of delightful kitties to color, each perched in her own pretty teacup.

Wonders of Creation

Wonders of Creation Author Zondervan Publishing
ISBN-10 0310757398
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 96
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Slow down, relax, and contemplate God s amazing world in this coloring book featuring detailed black-and-white illustrations of the animals, landscapes, and other wonders of creation. Appeals to all ages looking for a unique coloring experience."

A Million Owls

A Million Owls Author Lulu Mayo
ISBN-10 1454710268
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 64
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Tiny owls. Singing owls. Owls eating snacks, playing instruments, and preening happily on branches: a million adorable owls to color! Everyone loves these pretty birds, and fans will enjoy letting their imagination go wild as they fill in the fabulous illustrations. Each picture has lots of beautiful details to spark your creativity . . . and keep you busy for hours.

Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book

Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book Author Marjorie Sarnat
ISBN-10 9780486796642
Release 2015-07-15
Pages 64
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More than 30 fanciful full-page illustrations depict the wisest of birds in lush, tapestry-like settings. Covered with flowers, paisleys, and other patterns, these adorable owls are posed against intricately detailed backgrounds.

Hippie Animals Coloring Book

Hippie Animals Coloring Book Author Thaneeya McArdle
ISBN-10 1497202086
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 80
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Make art not war with Hippie Animals, the grooviest coloring book yet from bestselling artist Thaneeya McArdle! These fabulous furry freaks are totally stoked on coloring. Each bohemian beast will take you to a happy place of patterning, shading, and coloring. Thaneeya's whimsical images offer a fun and hassle free way to de-stress and give coloring a chance. Hippie Animals Coloring Book includes handy guides to coloring techniques like patterning, combinations, and shading. Guided Coloring Pages make coloring easy for beginners, with beautifully colored examples and ready-to-use color palettes. Perfect for decorating with all of your favorite coloring implements, each design is printed on one side only of archival-grade, acid-free, 200-year paper. Perforated pages detach easily for gifting or display. This book has earned the DO Magazine Artist Fair Trade Seal of Approval.

The Mandala Coloring Book

The Mandala Coloring Book Author Jim Gogarty
ISBN-10 9781440569982
Release 2013-09-18
Pages 208
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Free your mind with these enlightening mandala designs! For centuries, mandalas have provided an elevated level of guidance to those seeking peace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the world around them. Now, with The Mandala Coloring Book, you can use these sacred circles to help you find tranquility and balance in your life. Featuring 100 customizable mandala drawings, this book encourages you to use your imagination to create vibrant patterns that reveal your hidden creative potential and bring you closer to your true self. Each intricate design will draw your eye inward, shifting your focus toward your center and allowing you to fully relax your mind as you express yourself through these beautifully complex illustrations. Complete with expert instruction and helpful design tips, The Mandala Coloring Book will help you find your inner calm and creativity every day.

The Mini Mandala Coloring Book

The Mini Mandala Coloring Book Author Susanne F. Fincher
ISBN-10 1611801761
Release 2014-07-11
Pages 112
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48 portable mandala designs to color that provide a pathway to deeper meaning and personal growth--from the author of the popular Coloring Mandalas series. Coloring the traditional circular designs known as mandalas is a meditative practice, a healing exercise in times of crisis, and a pleasurable act of creativity. As a symbol of the Self, the mandala provides a connection to our innermost being. The forty-eight drawings presented here for coloring include designs inspired by forms of nature, Native American and Tibetan sand paintings, Hindu yantras, Turkish mosaics, and the art of M. C. Escher. These mandalas are organized according to the Great Round of Mandala, a scheme of twelve archetypal stages that represents a complete cycle of personal growth. Thus, to do the coloring book from start to finish will carry the reader through a balanced experience of change, guided by the accompanying text.

Follow Your Bliss Coloring Book

Follow Your Bliss Coloring Book Author Thaneeya McArdle
ISBN-10 1574219960
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 72
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Discover 30 empowering art activities to start you on your journey to coloring contentment, from blossoms and butterflies to sacred symbols and inspiring words.

Brilliantly Vivid Color by Number Flowers and Mandalas

Brilliantly Vivid Color by Number  Flowers and Mandalas Author F. Sehnaz Bac
ISBN-10 9781589239470
Release 2016-10-01
Pages 80
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Original artwork numbered for coloring provides creative relaxation. Each book in the Brilliantly Vivid Color-by-Number series presents 30 pieces of numbered, ready-to-color original artwork by Italian artist F. Sehnaz Bac, renowned for the stunning palettes of her whimsical painted rock designs. Flowers and Mandalas offers a wide variety of floral and circular pieces, all numbered for vibrant coloring in markers, pencils, or pens, along with coloring instructions (with a color key) and four bonus full-color prints. Relax, unwind, and be creative as you color in these lovely pieces of art.

Meditative Garden Mandala Coloring Book

Meditative Garden Mandala Coloring Book Author Delyth Angharad
ISBN-10 1454710284
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 96
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The natural world soothes and refreshes our soul and so does the process of focusing on, and coloring, mandalas. This follow-up to our successful Mandala Meditation Coloring Book features beautiful, fine-lined nature-themed patterns by South African-based artist Delyth Angharad. Quotes on serenity, nature, and meditation, written in an elegant script, accompany the elaborate circular images."