Cajun Foodways

Cajun Foodways Author C. Paige Gutierrez
ISBN-10 160473602X
Release 2012
Pages 149
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Study shows, Cajuns claim to be unusually food-oriented, unusually talented in preparing of foods, and unusual in their ability to enjoy food. Cajuns' attention to their own traditional foodways is more than merely nostalgia or a clever marketing ploy to lure tourists and sell local products. The symbolic power of Cajun food is deeply rooted in Cajuns' ethnic identity, especially their attachments to their natural environment and their love of being with people, both.

Cajun Country

Cajun Country Author Barry Jean Ancelet
ISBN-10 9781604736175
Release 2012-01-20
Pages 281
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The first book in the Folklife in the South series and by far the broadest look at traditional Cajun culture ever assembled. It not only describes the traditions as they are but also explains how they came to be.

Ethnic and Regional Foodways in the United States

Ethnic and Regional Foodways in the United States Author Linda Keller Brown
ISBN-10 0870494198
Release 1984
Pages 271
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" . . . provides valuable information for the specialist in American studies, and for the anthropologist or folklorist focusing on food use, and may also be of interest to the general reading audience. With such a wide appeal, the book may not only document the American romance with ethnic foods, but may contribute to it as well." --Joanne Wagner, Anthropological Quarterly How do customs surrounding the preparation and consumption of food define minorities within a population? The question receives fascinating and multifaceted answers in this book, which considers a smorgasbord of dishes that sustain group identity and often help to bridge inter-group barriers. The essays explore the symbolic meaning of shared foodways in interpreting inter- and intra-group behavior, with attention to theoretical problems and the implications of foodways research for public policy. Topics receiving rewarding analysis in this volume include food festivals, modes of food preparation, meal cycles, seasonal celebrations, nutrition education, and the government's inattention to ethnic customs in forumlating its food policies.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Author John T. Edge
ISBN-10 9781469616520
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 336
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When the original Encyclopedia of Southern Culture was published in 1989, the topic of foodways was relatively new as a field of scholarly inquiry. Food has always been central to southern culture, but the past twenty years have brought an explosion in interest in foodways, particularly in the South. This volume marks the first encyclopedia of the food culture of the American South, surveying the vast diversity of foodways within the region and the collective qualities that make them distinctively southern. Articles in this volume explore the richness of southern foodways, examining not only what southerners eat but also why they eat it. The volume contains 149 articles, almost all of them new to this edition of the Encyclopedia. Longer essays address the historical development of southern cuisine and ethnic contributions to the region's foodways. Topical essays explore iconic southern foods such as MoonPies and fried catfish, prominent restaurants and personalities, and the food cultures of subregions and individual cities. The volume is destined to earn a spot on kitchen shelves as well as in libraries.

Foodways and Cajun Identity

Foodways and Cajun Identity Author C. Paige Gutierrez
ISBN-10 OCLC:12599404
Release 1983
Pages 700
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Foodways and Cajun Identity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Foodways and Cajun Identity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Foodways and Cajun Identity book for free.

Stir the Pot

Stir the Pot Author Marcelle Bienvenu
ISBN-10 0781811201
Release 2005
Pages 208
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Despite the increased popularity of Cajun foods such as gumbo, crawfish étouffée, and boudin (a pork and rice sausage), relatively little is known about the history of this fascinating cuisine. 'Stir the Pot' explores its origins and evolution from the seventeenth-century French settlement in Nova Scotia to the explosion of Cajun food onto the American dining scene over the past few decades.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Author Celeste Ray
ISBN-10 9781469616582
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 296
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Transcending familiar categories of "black" and "white," this volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture complicates and enriches our understanding of "southernness" by identifying the array of cultures that combined to shape the South. This exploration of southern ethnicities examines the ways people perform and maintain cultural identities through folklore, religious faith, dress, music, speech, cooking, and transgenerational tradition. Accessibly written and informed by the most recent research that recovers the ethnic diversity of the early South and documents the more recent arrival of new cultural groups, this volume greatly expands upon the modest Ethnic Life section of the original Encyclopedia. Contributors describe 88 ethnic groups that have lived in the South from the Mississippian Period (1000-1600) to the present. They include 34 American Indian groups, as well as the many communities with European, African, and Asian cultural ties that came to the region after 1600. Southerners from all backgrounds are likely to find themselves represented here.

Introduction to the US Food System

Introduction to the US Food System Author Roni Neff
ISBN-10 9781118913055
Release 2014-10-08
Pages 576
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A public health approach to the US food system Introduction to the US Food System: Public Health, Environment, and Equity is a comprehensive and engaging textbook that offers students an overview of today's US food system, with particular focus on the food system's interrelationships with public health, the environment, equity, and society. Using a classroom-friendly approach, the text covers the core content of the food system and provides evidence-based perspectives reflecting the tremendous breadth of issues and ideas important to understanding today's US food system. The book is rich with illustrative examples, case studies, activities, and discussion questions. The textbook is a project of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF), and builds upon the Center's educational mission to examine the complex interrelationships between diet, food production, environment, and human health to advance an ecological perspective in reducing threats to the health of the public, and to promote policies that protect health, the global environment, and the ability to sustain life for future generations. Issues covered in Introduction to the US Food System include food insecurity, social justice, community and worker health concerns, food marketing, nutrition, resource depletion, and ecological degradation. Presents concepts on the foundations of the US food system, crop production, food system economics, processing and packaging, consumption and overconsumption, and the environmental impacts of food Examines the political factors that influence food and how it is produced Ideal for students and professionals in many fields, including public health, nutritional science, nursing, medicine, environment, policy, business, and social science, among others Introduction to the US Food System presents a broad view of today's US food system in all its complexity and provides opportunities for students to examine the food system's stickiest problems and think critically about solutions.

The HALOS711 Twinflames Family Cookbook

The HALOS711 Twinflames Family Cookbook Author
ISBN-10 9781301448579
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The HALOS711 Twinflames Family Cookbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The HALOS711 Twinflames Family Cookbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The HALOS711 Twinflames Family Cookbook book for free.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Author Richard Pillsbury
ISBN-10 9780807877210
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 248
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The location of "the South" is hardly a settled or static geographic concept. Culturally speaking, are Florida and Arkansas really part of the same region? Is Texas considered part of the South or the West? This volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture grapples with the contestable issue of where the cultural South is located, both on maps and in the minds of Americans. Richard Pillsbury's introductory essay explores the evolution of geographic patterns of life within the region--agricultural practices, urban patterns, residential buildings, religious preferences, foodways, and language. The entries that follow address general topics of cultural geographic interest, such as Appalachia, exiles and expatriates, Latino and Jewish populations, migration patterns, and the profound Disneyfication of central Florida. Entries with a more concentrated focus examine major cities, such as Atlanta, New Orleans, and Memphis; the influence of black and white southern migrants on northern cities; and individual subregions, such as the Piedmont, Piney Woods, Tidewater, and Delta. Putting together the disparate pieces that make up the place called "the South," this volume sets the scene for the discussions in all the other volumes of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.

Mardi Gras Gumbo and Zydeco

Mardi Gras  Gumbo  and Zydeco Author Marcia G. Gaudet
ISBN-10 9781604736427
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 179
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Ethnic Studies -- Southern Studies The detectable identity of southern Louisiana's one-of-a-kind culture has been expressed in numerous descriptive phrases--"south of the South," "the northern tip of the Caribbean," "this folklore land." A strange, piquant, and savory mixture, it also has been likened to one of the region's signature dishes, gumbo. Capturing this elusive culture and its charm has challenged many authors, anthropologists, and anthologists. Coming perhaps closest of any book yet published, this new anthology of readings affords reflections on southern Louisiana's distinctive traditions, folklore, and folklife. Crystalizing its rich diversity and character, these sharply focused essays are a precise introduction to aspects that too often are diffused in sundry discussions of general Deep South culture. Here, each is seen distinctly, precisely, and uniquely. Written by leading scholars, the thirteen essays focus on many subjects, including the celebration of Mardi Gras and of Christmas, Louisiana foodways, the delineation between Cajun and Creole, the African Americans and Native Americans of the region, Zydeco music, and Cajun humor. The essays show great range and are reprinted from hard-to-find publications. They include a description of Cajun Country Mardi Gras on the prairies of southwestern Louisiana, an analysis of the social implications of the New Orleans Mardi Gras parades, a study of the Houma Indians of coastal Louisiana, and an analysis of the devotion given to a young Cajun girl whom many regard as a saint. Collected here, the essays portray a land and a people that are unlike any other. Marcia Gaudet, a professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is the author of "Tales from the Levee: The Folklore of St. John the Baptist Parish" and "Porch Talk with Ernest Gaines: Conversations on the Writer's Craft." James C. McDonald, a professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is the editor of "The Allyn and Bacon Sourcebook for College Writing Teachers."

Matzoh Ball Gumbo

Matzoh Ball Gumbo Author Marcie Cohen Ferris
ISBN-10 9781442997325
Release 2009-08-05
Pages 437
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Since early colonial times in America, Jewish southerners have been tempted by delectable regional foods. Because some of these foods - including pork and shellfish - have been traditionally forbidden to Jews by religious dietary laws, southern Jews face a special predicament. In a culinary journey through the Jewish South, Arkansas native Marcie Cohen Ferris explores how southern Jews embraced, avoided, and adapted southern food and, in the process, have found themselves at home. From colonial Savannah and Charleston to Civil War era New Orleans and Natchez, from New South Atlanta to contemporary Memphis and the Mississippi and Arkansas Deltas, examines the expressive power of food throughout southern Jewish history. Jews in the South reinvented traditions as they adjusted to living in a largely Christian world where they were bound by regional rules of race, class, and gender. In some cases, Jews merely adjusted their eating habits to match those of their new neighbors. In other cases, they created a new cuisine that revealed a merging of the many cultures they encountered in the New World. At the dining table, Jewish southerners created a distinctive religious expression that reflects the evolution of southern Jewish life. Featuring a trove of photographs, Matzoh Ball Gumbo also includes anecdotes, oral histories, and more than thirty recipes to try at home. Ferris's rich tour of southern Jewish foodways helps us answer the question, ''What does it mean to be both southern and Jewish?''

Festival of American Folklife

Festival of American Folklife Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000108634464
Release 1988
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Festival of American Folklife has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Festival of American Folklife also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Festival of American Folklife book for free.

Louisiana Folklore Miscellany

Louisiana Folklore Miscellany Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000053428193
Release 1999
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Louisiana Folklore Miscellany has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Louisiana Folklore Miscellany also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Louisiana Folklore Miscellany book for free.

Louisiana Folklife

Louisiana Folklife Author Nicholas R. Spitzer
ISBN-10 IND:39000006079318
Release 1985
Pages 350
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Louisiana Folklife has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Louisiana Folklife also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Louisiana Folklife book for free.

Encyclopedia of American folklore

Encyclopedia of American folklore Author Linda S. Watts
ISBN-10 0739484427
Release 2007
Pages 468
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Encyclopedia of American Folklore helps readers explore the topics, terms, themes, figures, and issues related to the folklore of the United States.

Cooking in Cajun Country

Cooking in Cajun Country Author Cher'e Dastugue Coen
ISBN-10 9781423612469
Release 2009-09-01
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Travel through southern Louisiana and you'll quickly learn that Cajun cooking is more than a heavy dose of black pepper or a splash of tangy hot sauce. With more than 100 authentic Cajun recipes from Louisiana's Acadian parishes, now home cooks can create lip-smacking recipes such as Andouille-Stuffed Pork Loin, Butter Beans with Sausage, Grand Chenier Crawfish Jambalaya, Sweet Potato en Brochette, and Tried-and-True Pecan Pie. You will also learn a little about the history, people, and culture from which the Cajun cuisine originated. Breaux shows how a true Cajun cookstraditional meals as well as the modern methods of preparing delicious home-cooked meals.