The Man to See

The Man to See Author Evan Thomas
ISBN-10 9781439127964
Release 2012-12-04
Pages 592
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This bestselling biography of legendary trial lawyer Edward Bennett Williams is "a skillful and lively portrait of a larger-than-life lawyer" (Kirkus Reviews). Legendary attorney Edward Bennet Williams was arguably the best trial lawyer ever to practice. Now, for the first time, bestselling author Evan Thomas takes us into the courtrooms of Williams's greatest performances as he defends "Godfather" Frank Costello, Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Sinatra, The Washington Post, and others, as well as behind the scenes where the witnesses are coached, the traps set, and the deals cut. In addition to being a lawyer of unprecedented influence, Williams was also an important Washington insider, privy to the secrets of America's most powerful men. Thomas tells the truth behind the stories that made Williams one of the most talked about public figures of his time, including Williams's role in the publication of the Pentagon Papers and the possibility that Williams may have been Watergate's Deep Throat. Based on Thomas's exclusive access to Williams's papers, The Man to See is an unprecedented look at the strategies and influence of this exceptional man.

Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis

Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis Author Douglas Adams
ISBN-10 3453407849
Release 2009
Pages 206
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Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis book for free.

City on Fire

City on Fire Author Garth Risk Hallberg
ISBN-10 9783104031774
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 1080
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Von Garth Risk Hallberg - der neuen Stimme der amerikanischen Gegenwartsliteratur – der große, überwältigende Roman über New York City New York City, Neujahrsabend 1977. Ein Schneesturm zieht über die Stadt, Feuerwerk erleuchtet den Himmel und im Central Park fallen Schüsse. Die Ereignisse der Nacht bringen eine Gruppe unvergesslicher Figuren zusammen: Die schwerreichen Erben William und Regan Hamilton-Sweeney, Mercer, der am großen amerikanischen Roman schreibt, die Punk-Kids Sam und Charlie aus der Vorstadt, den besessenen Magazin-Reporter Richard und den Cop Larry. Sie alle leben und lieben hier, in der großen Stadt, die bankrott und gefährlich ist und zugleich vor Energie platzt. Als dann am 13. Juli 1977 die Lichter ausgehen, gerät New York City in den Ausnahmezustand – und nach dem Stromausfall ist kein Leben wie zuvor. Ein großer Roman über Liebe, Betrug und Vergebung, über Kunst, Wahrheit und Rock’n’Roll mitten in New York City - kunstvoll, überbordend, außergewöhnlich.

MZS Boston

MZS  Boston Author K. D. McAdams
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If his hangover doesn't kill him the undead just might. At 20,000 words this is the first novella in the Metropolitan Zombie Survivors series. The ending completes the story of Boston but there is always a tomorrow... Pat-O is unemployed and out of shape with a face that makes even his mother wonder what happened to him. At least according to the girl he spent last night with. He feels bad about not remembering her name, but when he tries to turn her anger and the future of his lucky T-shirt into a meet cute on the sidewalk of Beacon Street things start to get ugly. Zombies have besieged the city of Boston and in order to survive Pat-O has to put his fate in the hands of his friend Tucker who may be insane, and the information Tucker’s gathered through the less than reliable network of contacts he has as a follower of a local sports blog. Pat-O needs to get across town before the government will allegedly drop nuclear weapons to stem the tide of undead. Protecting himself with armor made from drained wine boxes and duct tape while using a broken souvenir hockey stick as a weapon Pat-O walks, jogs and sweats his way to Tucker in Cleveland Circle. Their buddy ‘Cupcake’ has stolen a Humvee from the National Guard and will pick them up there before getting out of town - ASAP. Metropolitan Zombie Survivors are courageous, creative and lucky. Pat-O and his friends are not trained for survival and have little to no experience with guns. They survive by banding together and balancing their instincts with scrappiness and a hint of intellect.

Melancholie der Ankunft

Melancholie der Ankunft Author Jhumpa Lahiri
ISBN-10 3896671103
Release 2000
Pages 251
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Stories von den Schwierigkeiten und Konflikten indischer Einwanderer auf Rhode Island.

And Drink I Did

And Drink I Did Author Jay Keefe
ISBN-10 9781629346021
Release 2015-07-27
Pages 154
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One man"s story of alcoholism and growing through recovery.

Hillbilly Elegie

Hillbilly Elegie Author J. D. Vance
ISBN-10 9783843715775
Release 2017-04-07
Pages 304
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Armut und Chaos, Resignation und Gewalt, Drogen und Alkohol: In diesem Teufelskreis befinden sich viele weiße Arbeiterfamilien in den USA – entfremdet von der politischen Führung, abgehängt vom Rest der Gesellschaft und damit anfällig für die einfachen Lösungen von Populisten. Früher konnten sich die „Hillbillys“, die weißen Fabrikarbeiter etwa aus Ohio oder Kentucky, erhoffen, kraft ihrer Arbeit zu bescheidenem Wohlstand zu kommen. Doch spätestens gegen Ende des 20sten Jahrhunderts zog der Niedergang der alten Industrien auch die Arbeiterfamilien in eine Abwärtsspirale, aus der die meisten bis heute keinen Ausweg finden. J. D. Vance ist es anhand der Geschichte seiner Familie wie keinem anderen gelungen, diese ausweglose Situation und die Krise einer ganzen Gesellschaft eindrücklich zu schildern. Sein Buch bewegte Millionen von Lesern in den USA und erklärt nicht zuletzt den Wahltriumph eines Donald Trump.

Lovers Muggers Thieves A Boston Memoir

Lovers  Muggers   Thieves   A Boston Memoir Author
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Lovers Muggers Thieves A Boston Memoir has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lovers Muggers Thieves A Boston Memoir also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lovers Muggers Thieves A Boston Memoir book for free.


Macbeth Author Уильям Шекспир
ISBN-10 9785040868315
Release 2017-10-14
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Macbeth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Macbeth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Macbeth book for free.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams Author Leigh Montville
ISBN-10 9780385507493
Release 2004-04-13
Pages 400
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The Kid. The Splendid Splinter. Teddy Ballgame. One of the greatest figures of his generation, and arguably the greatest baseball hitter of all time. But what made Ted Williams a legend – and a lightning rod for controversy in life and in death? Still a gangly teenager when he stepped into a Boston Red Sox uniform in 1939, Williams’s boisterous personality and penchant for towering home runs earned him adoring admirers and venomous critics. In 1941, the entire country followed Williams's stunning .406 season, a record that has not been touched in over six decades. Then at the pinnacle of his prime, Williams left Boston to train and serve as a fighter pilot in World War II, missing three full years of baseball, making his achievements all the more remarkable. Ted Willams's personal life was equally colorful. His attraction to women (and their attraction to him) was a constant. He was married and divorced three times and he fathered two daughters and a son. He was one of corporate America's first modern spokesmen, and he remained, nearly into his eighties, a fiercely devoted fisherman. With his son, John Henry Williams, he devoted his final years to the sports memorabilia business, even as illness overtook him. And in death, controversy and public outcry followed Williams and the disagreements between his children over the decision to have his body preserved for future resuscitation in a cryonics facility--a fate, many argue, Williams never wanted. With unmatched verve and passion, and drawing upon hundreds of interviews, acclaimed best-selling author Leigh Montville brings to life Ted Williams's superb triumphs, lonely tragedies, and intensely colorful personality, in a biography that is fitting of an American hero and legend.

The Trouble in Aragon Valley

The Trouble in Aragon Valley Author CJ Carroll
ISBN-10 9781312423541
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The Trouble in Aragon Valley has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Trouble in Aragon Valley also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Trouble in Aragon Valley book for free.

Wovon wir reden wenn wir von Liebe reden

Wovon wir reden  wenn wir von Liebe reden Author Raymond Carver
ISBN-10 3596903882
Release 2012
Pages 164
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Wovon wir reden wenn wir von Liebe reden has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wovon wir reden wenn wir von Liebe reden also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wovon wir reden wenn wir von Liebe reden book for free.

Finally Fate

Finally Fate Author Tamra Lassiter
ISBN-10 9781942235835
Release 2017-08-15
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Fate may take its own sweet time, but true love is worth the wait. Kennedy Simms has grown weary of love passing her by, and she’s tired of her well-meaning but overprotective brother meddling in her life. When fate brings Kennedy a handsome, intelligent, and wealthy boyfriend, she thinks it’s finally her turn. But if William is her one and only, then why can’t she stop thinking about someone else? Bryce Chambers has liked Kennedy from afar for too many years. She’s smart and beautiful and unfortunately, the sister of his very good friend and boss. Bryce abides by the Guy Code and tries to keep away from Kennedy, but when he can’t suppress his feelings any longer, Kennedy’s with the perfect William. Will Bryce find a way to move on with his life, or will fate finally bring him the love he’s been waiting for?

In einem andern Land

In einem andern Land Author Ernest Hemingway
ISBN-10 3499226022
Release 1999
Pages 383
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In dem 1929 erschienen Roman In einem andern Land verarbeitet Ernest Hemingway literarisch seine Erlebnisse während des Ersten Weltkrieges und erzählt die Geschichte einer hinter der Front aufblühenden Liebe zwischen einer Krankenschwester und einem Offizier. Hemingways Roman zeichnet sich durch die meisterhafte erzählerische Leistung aus, eine Gefühlsverbindung von Fronterlebnis und dem zarten Spiel einer beginnenden Liebe glaubhaft herzustellen. (Quelle: Umschlagtext).

Martini Straight Up

Martini  Straight Up Author Lowell Edmunds
ISBN-10 IND:30000064031135
Release 1998
Pages 153
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From its contested origins in nineteenth-century California; through its popularity among the smart set of the 1930s, world leaders of the 1940s, and the men in the gray flannel suits of the 1950s; to its resurgence among today's retro-hipsters: Lowell Edmunds traces the history and cultural significance of the cocktail H. L. Mencken called "the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet."

The 12 Bottle Bar

The 12 Bottle Bar Author David Solmonson
ISBN-10 9780761181385
Release 2014-07-29
Pages 416
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It’s a system, a tool kit, a recipe book. Beginning with one irresistible idea--a complete home bar of just 12 key bottles--here’s how to make more than 200 classic and unique mixed drinks, including sours, slings, toddies, and highballs, plus the perfect Martini, the perfect Manhattan, and the perfect Mint Julep. It’s a surprising guide--tequila didn’t make the cut, and neither did bourbon, but genever did. And it’s a literate guide--describing with great liveliness everything from the importance of vermouth and bitters (the “salt and pepper” of mixology) to the story of a punch bowl so big it was stirred by a boy in a rowboat.


Wanderer Author Sterling Hayden
ISBN-10 1574090488
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 434
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The autobiography of Sterling Hayden: actor, (Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather, Asphalt Jungle), sailor, officer, writer (Voyage), one-time communist, and constant wanderer.