Bone Deep in Landscape

Bone Deep in Landscape Author Mary Clearman Blew
ISBN-10 0806132701
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 208
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Blew's reflections on a woman's life in the Rocky Mountain West immerse readers in the landscape of mountains and prairies and of blizzards and scorching sun. "Blew again demonstrates her artistry and strong connection to the Western terrain of her past and present homes in Montana and Idaho".--" Publishers Weekly". 9 illustrations.

Performance Ethnography

Performance Ethnography Author Norman K. Denzin
ISBN-10 9780761910398
Release 2003-06-24
Pages 315
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In Performance Ethnography, one of the world’s most distinguished authorities on qualitative research, established the initial published connection of performance narratives with performance ethnography and autoethnography; the linkage of these formations to critical pedagogy and critical race theory; and the histories of these formations, and shown how they may be connected. Performance Ethnography is divided into three parts. Part I covers pedagogy, ethnography, performance, and theory as the foundation for a performative social science. Part II addresses the worlds of family, nature, praxis, and action, employing a structure that is equal parts memoir, essay, short story, and literary autoethnography. Part III examines the ethics and practical politics of performance autoethnography, anchored in the post-9/11 discourse in the United States. The amalgam serves as an invitation for social scientists and ethnographers to confront the politics of cultural studies and explore the multiple ways in which performance and ethnography can be both better understood and used as mechanisms for social change and economic justice. .

Believing in Place

Believing in Place Author Richard V. Francaviglia
ISBN-10 0874175429
Release 2003
Pages 289
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Believing in Place is a reflection on the ways that human needs and spiritual traditions can shape our perceptions of the land. That the Great Basin has inspired such a complex variety of responses is partly due to its enigmatic vastness and isolation, partly to the remarkable range of peoples who have found themselves in the region. Using not only the materials of traditional geography but folklore, anthropology, Native American and Euro-American religion, contemporary politics, and New Age philosophies, Francaviglia has produced a timely investigation of the role of human conceptions of place in that space we call the Great Basin.

Hell of a Vision

Hell of a Vision Author Robert L. Dorman
ISBN-10 9780816599431
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 272
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The American West has taken on a rich and evocative array of regional identities since the late nineteenth century. Wilderness wonderland, Hispanic borderland, homesteader’s frontier, cattle kingdom, urban dynamo, Native American homeland. Hell of a Vision explores the evolution of these diverse identities during the twentieth century, revealing how Western regionalism has been defined by generations of people seeking to understand the West’s vast landscapes and varied cultures. Focusing on the American West from the 1890s up to the present, Dorman provides us with a wide-ranging view of the impact of regionalist ideas in pop culture and diverse fields such as geography, land-use planning, anthropology, journalism, and environmental policy-making. Going well beyond the realm of literature, Dorman broadens the discussion by examining a unique mix of texts. He looks at major novelists such as Cather, Steinbeck, and Stegner, as well as leading Native American writers. But he also analyzes a variety of nonliterary sources in his book, such as government reports, planning documents, and environmental impact studies. Hell of a Vision is a compelling journey through the modern history of the American West—a key region in the nation of regions known as the United States.

Michigan Quarterly Review

Michigan Quarterly Review Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015071119013
Release 1962
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Michigan Quarterly Review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Michigan Quarterly Review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Michigan Quarterly Review book for free.

Landscape of the Mind

Landscape of the Mind Author John F. Hoffecker
ISBN-10 9780231518482
Release 2010-08-05
Pages 288
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John F. Hoffecker explores the origin and growth of the mind, drawing on information from the human fossil record, archaeology, and history. Hoffecker argues that, as an indirect result of bipedal locomotion, early humans developed a feedback relationship among their hands, brains, and tools, evolving the capacity to externalize thoughts in the form of shaped stone objects. When anatomically modern humans evolved a parallel capacity to externalize thought as symbolic language, individual brains within social groups were integrated into a neocortical internet, or super-brain, thus giving birth to the mind. Noting that archaeological traces of symbolism coincide with evidence for the ability to generate novel technology, Hoffecker contends that human creativity, as well as higher-order consciousness, is a product of the collective super-brain. Hoffecker equates the subsequent growth of the mind with human history, which began in Africa more than 50,000 years ago. As anatomically modern humans spread across the globe, adapting to a variety of climates and habitats, they redesigned themselves technologically and developed alternative realities via toolmaking, tool use, and artistic expression. Hoffecker connects the rise of civilization to a hierarchical reorganization of the super-brain, triggered by explosive population growth. According to him, subsequent history reflects the varying degrees to which rigid hierarchies of states and empires suppressed the creative powers of the mind, constraining the further accumulation of knowledge. The modern world emerged from the fragments of a collapsed empire after 1200 AD. In the final chapter, Hoffecker speculates on the possibility of artificial intelligence and a mind without biology.

Sir Walter Scott Landscape and Locality

Sir Walter Scott  Landscape and Locality Author James Reed
ISBN-10 9781472514110
Release 2014-01-13
Pages 198
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Scott was the first British novelist to discover in landscape a literary as well as a pictoral medium, an insight which he exploits to powerful effect in his Scottish novels. Mr Reed's book breaks new ground by demonstrating the originality of Scott's landscapes, in which romantic nature takes its place in a realistic context of people, history, architecture and traditions. The author shows how, as poet and novelist, Scott explores the notion of place to a depth where it operates not merely as dramatic background but as a force which shapes and directs the minds of its inhabitants. This study adds a new dimension to the understanding of Scott's work.

Flags in the Window

Flags in the Window Author Norman K. Denzin
ISBN-10 0820488186
Release 2007
Pages 113
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Written over a four-year period and originally conceived as "Notes from a Homeland War Diary," these concise, provocative essays record on-going reactions - reports from the war zone - to what Joan Didion calls the -new normal- under the Bush Administration. They rethink questions of power, political authority, patriotism, democracy, science, civil society, and the academy. Flags in the Window should be read by everyone who has an interest in the alternative view of the Iraq War."

Western American Literature

Western American Literature Author
ISBN-10 UCBK:C077578099
Release 2000
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Western American Literature has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Western American Literature also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Western American Literature book for free.

Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects Author Rob Merritt
ISBN-10 1589984455
Release 2007
Pages 30
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Landscape Architects has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Landscape Architects also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Landscape Architects book for free.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047421246
Release 1998
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Landscape Architecture has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Landscape Architecture also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Landscape Architecture book for free.

Prehistoric landscape development and human impact in the upper Allen valley Cranborne Chase Dorset

Prehistoric landscape development and human impact in the upper Allen valley  Cranborne Chase  Dorset Author Charles French
ISBN-10 1902937473
Release 2007-12-30
Pages 400
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This volume concerns the palaeo-environmental and archaeological investigations of the upper Allen valley of Cranborne Chase, Dorset, between 1998 and 2003, which revealed sequences of landscape development which contrast with those previously put forward for the region. A programme of valley-wide geoarchaeological survey and palynological analyses of the relict palaeo-channel system was conducted, along with sample investigations and open area excavations of a variety of prehistoric sites in the area. Among the many excellent illustrations, GIS modelling techniques have been used to interrogate and visualise some of this new data which has provided possible independent corroboration.

American Lives American Issues

American Lives  American Issues Author Robert S. Newman
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018593746
Release 2003
Pages 572
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Reflecting today's more personalized and openly contentious environment surrounding pluralism and diversity, this innovative anthology links autobiographical and argumentative writing in case-study fashion in order to explore the pros and cons of issues that arise in everyday life. Consists of two kinds of writings—essays about individual lives (autobiographies, human-interest stories) and argumentative or analytic essays (often arranged in terms of opposing viewpoints). Stresses the importance of individual experience and the connection of that vital experience to analysis, generalization and reasoned argument, and helps readers learn to develop and ultimately define their own sense of pluralistic culture today. Groups readings under personal narratives, American places, pluralism, gender, homosexuality, religion, and change in America. Begins each chapter with an autobiographical essay or a human interest story to help readers understand the play of ambiguity and complexity in actual experience. Presents an informal approach to the essentials of argumentative essays by providing a healthy interplay of well-articulated opposing viewpoints on a range of pluralistic and multicultural discussions, emphasizing specific conflicts in generalization and support, and encouraging readers to work out their own understanding of the validity of the respective arguments or analysis. For users who wish to hone their argumentative writing skills, or for general readers interested in a diverse compilation of essays on pluralism, diversity and multiculturalism.

This Landscape s Fierce Embrace

This Landscape   s Fierce Embrace Author Donna L. Potts
ISBN-10 9781443854658
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 130
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The poet and playwright Francis Harvey, born in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has spent most of his life in County Donegal, where he has published an extraordinary range of poetry and served as a mentor for many other poets. This book serves as a tribute to him and his literary achievement. His admirers from Ireland and around the world have collaborated in a collection that includes paintings and photographs of the Donegal landscape about which he writes so movingly, personal essays and poems celebrating his poetry, and critical essays that explore Harvey’s major themes in greater depth. Although Harvey’s poems have received critical acclaim – his poem, ‘Heron’ won the 1989 Guardian and World Wildlife Fund Poetry Competition; he was the recipient of the Peterloo Poets Prize; and went on to be elected to the prestigious affiliation of Irish artists, Aosdána – this is the long overdue first book-length critical study of his work.

The Prehistoric Landscape and Iron Age Enclosed Settlement at Mingies Ditch Hardwick with Yelford Oxon

The Prehistoric Landscape and Iron Age Enclosed Settlement at Mingies Ditch  Hardwick with Yelford  Oxon Author Tim G. Allen
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032457361
Release 1993
Pages 249
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The 1977-1978 excavation of the Middle Iron Age enclosure at Mingies Ditch and the prehistoric evidence from the 1980 excavation of Smithfield, the adjoining field. It includes a 90-page technical appendix of figures and tables.

Landscape material culture and society in prehistoric south east Bulgaria

Landscape  material culture and society in prehistoric south east Bulgaria Author Bisserka Gaydarska
ISBN-10 UOM:39015070948248
Release 2007
Pages 279
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This volume compares the prehistoric settlement patterns in adjacent small valleys in South East Bulgaria - an area with an important geographical location and intensive investigations but with very little archaeologically relevant synthesis and no history of landscape research. The research investigates prehistoric sites within three selected microregions - the Kalnitsa valley and the valleys of the middle and lower courses of the Sokolitsa and Ovcharitsa.

Pictures of Time Beneath

Pictures of Time Beneath Author Kirsty Douglas
ISBN-10 9780643097049
Release 2010
Pages 215
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MANAGEMENT OF LAND & NATURAL RESOURCES. AUSTRALIAN. This ground-breaking book examines three celebrated scientific landscapes: Adelaides Hallett Cove, Lake Callabonna in the far north of South Australia, and the World Heritage listed Willandra Lakes Region of New South Wales. It offers philosophical insights into significant issues of heritage management, an original perspective on our relationship with Australian landscapes and our understanding of place, time, nation and science.