The Bone Box

The Bone Box Author Bob Hostetler
ISBN-10 9781451666922
Release 2008-10-07
Pages 352
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Combining the adrenaline-fueled adventure of Indiana Jones with the thrills of a Steve Berry Novel, The Bone Box is the latest in biblical archeological suspense. Archeologist and agnostic Randall Bullock has come to Israel to try and resurrect his crumbling career and shattered life. Teaming up with Miri Sharon, a beautiful representative of Israeli Antiques Authority, the two unearth a stone casket marked "Joseph, son of Caiaphas," which contains several fragile scrolls that document the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This discovery launches Miri and Randall, along with his estranged nineteen-year-old daughter, Tracy, into a race to validate the monumental find, no matter what the Israeli authorities, media circus, and archaeological rivals want the world to believe. Forced to face the power of this historical resurrection, Randall must also struggle with his own beliefs -- or lack of them -- while trying to keep the consequences of their discovery from taking a disastrous turn. The Bone Box, fraught with political intrigue, is a suspense-filled blend of historical fact, romance, and transforming faith. Through all the danger and struggle, Randall discovers how easy -- and deadly -- it is to ignore the evidence and reject the true story of Christ.

Bone Box

Bone Box Author Jay Amberg
ISBN-10 9781937484316
Release 2015-04-20
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On a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey, an international team of archeologists discovers a stone box that first-century Jews used to rebury their dead. The box’s Aramaic inscription: Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. Sophia Altay, the beautiful French-Turkish archeologist who heads the team, tries to keep the discovery secret until she can authenticate the ossuary. She knows that people will kill to obtain the relics—and to suppress the box’s other contents, documents that could alter Western history. Joseph Travers, an American sent to Turkey to evaluate the archeological dig, soon finds himself pulled into the web of betrayal, reprisal, and violence. In his journey through Istanbul’s mosques and palaces, the archeological sites around ancient Ephesus, and, ultimately, the strange and mystical terrain of Cappadocia, he comes to understand the epochal meaning of the bone box.

The Bone Box

The Bone Box Author Gregg Olsen
ISBN-10 9781472100597
Release 2012-04-27
Pages 288
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They call it the Bone Box. A collection of old cases, solved and unsolved, that continue to haunt forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman. None is more disturbing than the first. After two decades, Birdy still remembers the screaming. The blood on the boy's hands. The body of a girl, butchered in the woods. Birdy's testimony helped put her cousin behind bars. Now, twenty years later, she wants to reopen the box. Reexamine the evidence. And rekindle her fears that a killer walked free--and is closer than ever.

Bone Box

Bone Box Author Faye Kellerman
ISBN-10 9780062425256
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 432
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In this thrilling chapter in Faye Kellerman’s bestselling series, Rina Lazarus makes a shocking discovery in the woods of her upstate New York community that leads her husband, police detective Peter Decker, through a series of gruesome, decades old, unsolved murders, pointing to a diabolical, serial killer who’s been hiding in plain sight. On a bright and crisp September morning, while walking a bucolic woodland trail, Rina Decker stumbles upon human remains once buried deep beneath the forest grounds. Immediately, she calls her husband, Peter, a former detective lieutenant with LAPD, now working for the local Greenbury Police. Within hours, a vista of beauty and tranquility is transformed into a frenetic crime scene. The body has been interred for years and there is scant physical evidence at the gravesite: a youthful skeleton, a skull wound and long dark strands of hair surrounding the bony frame. As Decker and his partner, Tyler McAdams, further investigate, they realize that they’re most likely dealing with a missing student from the nearby Five Colleges of Upstate—a well-known and well-respected consortium of higher learning where Rina works. And when more human remains are found in the same area, Decker and McAdams know this isn’t just a one-off murder case. Short-staffed and with no convenient entry into the colleges, Decker enlists Rina’s help to act as the eyes and ears of campus gossip. Winding their way through a dangerous labyrinth of steely suspects and untouchable academics, Decker, McAdams, and Rina race to protect their community from a psychopathic killer still in the area—and on the hunt for a fresh victim.

The Bone Box

The Bone Box Author Itamar Bernstein
ISBN-10 1419649221
Release 2006-09-12
Pages 224
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Police Inspector, Michael Inbar and Police Detective Rona Argov inspect a burglary-murder at the Rockefeller Museum. Despite the confounding opposition of both outside interests and their own govenrment, they span the Middle East and Europe looking for the priceless artifacts.

The Bone Box

The Bone Box Author Marlo Anne Nalven
ISBN-10 OCLC:230394967
Release 2007
Pages 270
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The Bone Box has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Bone Box also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Bone Box book for free.

Bellows of the Bone Box

Bellows of the Bone Box Author Kirk Jones
ISBN-10 0615774873
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 294
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The Steampunk and Horror genres are masterfully combined in the twelve stories contained within Bellows of the Bone Box. Each of the authors has transported you to an age where steam is the dominate means of power and has woven a tale that will fascinate, or possibly scandalize you. In this volume, you will find clockworks, pneumatic tubes, airships, and leather worn out of necessity - not vanity. Can an engine be powered by human blood; should it be? What about body modification; what happens when the mechanical meets the biological and goes awry? Does the heart rule the machine, or does the machine consume the humanity that once existed within it? What of airships, regeneration, or hallucination; is it safe to trifle with such things? Should technology that can rift time and dimensions be researched; and if that research proves fruitful, should it ever see the light of day? Packed full of intrigue, imagination, and horror, lovers of Steampunk will have a hard time deciding which of the twelve is their favorite!

The Butane Gospel

The Butane Gospel Author Michael W. Hinkle
ISBN-10 9781604944099
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 322
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What really happened in Jerusalem on that fateful Passover? When Leon Butane climbs into the cab of his semi one late January night, he never dreams that a near fatal crash will catapult him into a world of bizarre visions, unexplained miracles and religious intrigue. He wakes from a forty-day coma with an assignment from God, delivered via the famed puppet Pinocchio: discover the names of the criminals crucified with Jesus of Nazareth, or face the consequences of your past actions. Keep your Bible handy as you accompany Leon on an adventure that twists and turns with action, humor, and love. Did the translators of the New Testament gloss over critical facts? Do these facts shed light on the crimes and betrayals lurking just below the scriptural surface? Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a shock when "The DaVinci Code" crashes into "The Big Lebowski" to produce "The Butane Gospel." About the Author Michael W. Hinkle, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Law School, practiced in the litigation arena for twenty-five years before retiring and turning his attention to writing and traveling. A resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, his "Hey Hink" column appears in "The Edmond Sun" and at

Caffey s Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging E Book

Caffey s Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging E Book Author Brian D. Coley
ISBN-10 9781455753604
Release 2013-05-21
Pages 1784
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Since 1945, radiologists have turned to Caffey's Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging for the most comprehensive coverage and unparalleled guidance in all areas of pediatric radiology. Continuing this tradition of excellence, the completely revised 12th edition - now more concise yet still complete - focuses on the core issues you need to understand new protocols and sequences, and know what techniques are most appropriate for given clinical situations. "This text will obviously be of great interest not only to radiologists, also to those who work with children including all pediatric specialties. It is also extremely useful in countries with resource poor setting where there is shortage of well-trained radiologists in pediatric specialties." Reviewed by: Yangon Children Hospital on behalf of the Journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society, January 2014 "This is a thoroughly up-to-date text, divided into manageable topics, at a very reasonable price and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs updating in the field of paediatrics or paediatric imaging." RAD, February 2014 Determine the best modality for each patient with state-of-the art discussions of the latest pediatric imaging techniques. Quickly grasp the fundamentals you need to know through a more precise, streamlined format, reorganized by systems and disease processes, as well as "Teaching Boxes" that highlight key points in each chapter. Apply all the latest pediatric advances in clinical fetal neonatology techniques, technology, and pharmacology. Achieve accurate diagnoses as safely as possible. Increased coverage of MRI findings and newer imaging techniques for all organ systems emphasizes imaging examination appropriateness and safety. Reap the fullest benefit from the latest neuroimaging techniques including diffusion tensor imaging, fMRI, and susceptibility weighted imaging. Keep current with the latest pediatric radiological knowledge and evidence-based practices. Comprehensive updates throughout include new and revised chapters on prenatal imaging; newer anatomic and functional imaging techniques (including advances in cardiac imaging); disease classifications and insights into imaging disease processes; and advanced imaging topics in neurological, thoracoabdominal, and musculoskeletal imaging. Compare your findings to more than 10,000 high-quality radiology images. Access the full text online at Expert Consult including illustrations, videos, and bonus online-only pediatric imaging content.

The Box and the Bone

The Box and the Bone Author Zilpha K Snyder
ISBN-10 9781480471603
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 116
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Who stole the buried treasure? Carlos Garcia, Eddy Wong, and Bucky Brockhurst are building a brand-new private clubhouse when they stumble upon buried treasure. No sooner have they hauled the old metal box out of the ground than Bucky’s irritating kid sister, Muffy, shows up and tells him he has to come home. Left alone with the box, Carlos and Eddy manage to pry it open. It’s filled with hundreds of gold coins! Knowing Bucky will be furious that they opened it without him, the boys dump it back into the ground. But when the fifth graders return later that night to dig it up again, all they find is an old bone. What happened to the treasure? And who buried the bone? Was it Lump, the Garcias’ enormous Saint Bernard? Susie Garcia, Athena Pappas, and Muffy Brockhurst (the meanest girl in school) also want to know. As the search for the box heats up, turning everyone against one another, will the three PROs lose the treasure—and their friendship? This ebook features an extended biography of Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

Minor Injuries

Minor Injuries Author Dennis Purcell
ISBN-10 9780702048227
Release 2010-09-17
Pages 256
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Now with a free instructional video demonstrating basic examination techniques, this second edition of Minor Injuries makes it much easier to learn procedures for assessing minor injuries. It is unique in linking the underlying anatomy to the examination processes that are part of the education of a practitioner, covering the commonly presenting injuries that, and explains how to handle them. This text is essential for staff in accident and emergency units, minor injury units, walk-in centres and all areas where patients present with minor injuries. Free video: A 25-minute online video demonstrating 77 different examinations, makes them easy to understand, and covering: The Neck and Upper Limbs The Shoulder The Elbow The Forearm, Wrist and Hand The Back and Lower Limbs The Hip The Knee The Ankle and Foot. Active, resisted and passive movements are shown, testing the full range of movement. Practical manual, with supporting video Demonstrates basic examination techniques Illustrations link anatomy with the examination processes Clear explanation of underlying anatomical and physiological processes behind injury Explains how to manage common injuries Accesible to the non-specialist. Video demonstrates basic examination processes, making them easier to learn Illustrations combine anatomy and examination to show how parts work and how to examine them – now with added colour New photographs throughout, linking to the video demonstration Video showing examination of every hand muscle helps master this particularly complex area More detail on the core clinical areas of sports injuries in children, musculoskeletal presentations, and head, neck and back injuries.

The Discrepancies of Freemasonry

The Discrepancies of Freemasonry Author George Oliver
ISBN-10 WISC:89073085714
Release 1875
Pages 336
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The Discrepancies of Freemasonry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Discrepancies of Freemasonry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Discrepancies of Freemasonry book for free.

Amazing Discoveries That Unlock the Bible

Amazing Discoveries That Unlock the Bible Author Douglas Connelly
ISBN-10 9780310865674
Release 2009-08-30
Pages 96
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What was unearthed in Solomon’s great cities? Where did archaeologists learn about the great flood? How do these discoveries reveal secrets about King Herod? The events of the Bible may have happened long ago and far away, but they happened to real people living in real places. Modern archaeologists have made stunning finds over the past century or so that validate the historical accuracy of the Bible. These finds allow us to understand Scriptures better by helping Bible people and places come alive in our imaginations. Come along on an archaeological journey through the Old and New Testaments. Here are some of the best finds that illustrate Bible history, presented in beautiful full-color images accompanied by clear explanations free of technical jargon. You don’t even have to get your hands dirty!


Bodycheck Author Luk van den Dries
ISBN-10 9042015004
Release 2002
Pages 301
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In ice hockey, the term body check refers to a specific move to gain control. It is a blow from body to body, a dynamic clash of physical strength, which will determine the course of the game. In this book, too, the body is checked and there is physical confrontation. Not in the hockey ring, but on stage. This book deals with the body in contemporary (performing) arts. The focus is on exploring theoretical avenues and developing new concepts to grasp corporeal images more accurately. This theoretical research is confronted with the voice of artists whose work explicitly deals with the body. In-depth interviews with a.o. Meg Stuart, Wim Vandekeybus, Romeo Castellucci, Jerôme Bel reveal a very broad range of views on the (re)presentation of the body in today's performing arts. The combination of these two voices –the theoretician's and the artist's -shows that research by artists and cultural scientists is perfectly complementary.


Rheumatology Author Marc C. Hochberg
ISBN-10 9780702063039
Release 2014-06-24
Pages 2112
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Stay current in the ever-changing discipline of rheumatology with clear, reliable guidance from Hochberg’s Rheumatology, one of the most respected and trusted sources in the field. Designed to meet the needs of the practicing clinician, this medical reference book provides extensive, authoritative coverage of rheumatic diseases from basic scientific principles to practical points of clinical management in a lucid, logical, user-friendly manner. Track disease progression and treat patients more effectively with the information on genetic findings, imaging outcomes, cell and biologic therapies, rheumatoid arthritis, and SLE. Incorporate recent findings about pathogenesis of disease; imaging outcomes for specific diseases like RA, osteoarthritis, and spondyloarthropathies; cell and biologic therapies; and other timely topics. Remain up to date on the latest information in rheumatology through 13 brand-new chapters covering biomedical and translation science, disease and outcome assessment, new imaging modalities, early emerging disease, clinical therapeutics, patient management, and rehabilitation. Take advantage of expanded coverage of small molecule treatment, biologics, biomarkers, epigenetics, biosimilars, and cell-based therapies. Focus on the core knowledge needed for successful results with each chapter co-authored by an internationally-renowned specialist in the field. Easily find the information you need thanks to a consistent, user-friendly format with templated content and large-scale images.


Retribution Author Randall Scott Ingermanson
ISBN-10 0310247071
Release 2004
Pages 333
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Two time travelers from the future are in Jerusalem A.D. 66, well aware that the Jews are about to revolt and that Rome will destroy the city in retaliation.


Crisis Author Robert Luis Rabello
ISBN-10 9781452849997
Release 2010-09-07
Pages 650
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The third book in the Deveran Conflict Series, "Crisis" concerns the revelation of true character.