Black Men in the Academy

Black Men in the Academy Author Brian L. McGowan
ISBN-10 9781137567284
Release 2016-01-26
Pages 234
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Using an anti-deficit approach, Black Men in the Academy explores narratives of resiliency, success, and achievement for black men in the academy. This book is an important text for scholars interested in promoting success in education for underrepresented minorities.

Brothers of the Academy

Brothers of the Academy Author Lee Jones
ISBN-10 1579220282
Release 2000
Pages 339
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Where are the black males in higher education? How come so few African American men have obtained Ph.D.s, and their number is declining? Why are they falling further behind the performance of African American women, and society as a whole? Through chapters by twenty-seven black male scholars, this extraordinary book uniquely combines studies of the history and social position of black men in the academy with compelling narratives of how these brothers have progressed in their chosen careers despite the odds. Woven into a purposeful whole, Brothers in the Academy presents three facets of what it means to be a black man in the academy, and demonstrates what black men can and have contributed to the scholarly enterprise. The opening section presents research on race and the academy, and makes a telling contribution to the debate. Its chapters explore such topics as the evolution of desegregation in American education; overlooked data on undergraduate enrollment statistics; the representation of African Americans in college administration; and the relationship of racial identity to educational outcomes. Part two presents ten narratives of brothers who gained Ph.D.'s in a variety of disciplines. The book concludes by showcasing the work of black scholars from disciplines as diverse as Egyptology and psychology. Their work is emblematic of what occurs at the intersection of rigorous scholarship with the intellectual insights and concerns of African American men. This is a book for all leaders and administrators in higher education concerned about issues of diversity and equity. Most importantly, for black educators and community leaders who want to increase participation in higher education; and for students considering personal fulfillment through higher degrees and an academic or professional career, it offers challenges, insight and inspiration.

Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance

Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance Author Houston A. Baker, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780226156293
Release 2013-11-15
Pages 132
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"Mr. Baker perceives the harlem Renaissance as a crucial moment in a movement, predating the 1920's, when Afro-Americans embraced the task of self-determination and in so doing gave forth a distinctive form of expression that still echoes in a broad spectrum of 20th-century Afro-American arts. . . . Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance may well become Afro-America's 'studying manual.'"—Tonya Bolden, New York Times Book Review

Black Faculty in the Academy

Black Faculty in the Academy Author Fred A. Bonner II
ISBN-10 9781317917861
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 172
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Through candid discussions and personal counter-narrative stories, Black Faculty in the Academy explores the experiences and challenges faced by faculty of color in academe. Black faculty in predominantly White college and university settings must negotiate multiple and competing identities while struggling with issues of marginality, otherness, and invisible barriers. This important book illuminates how faculty can develop a professional identity that leads to success in academe, while at the same time remaining true to cultural and personal identities. Through rich narratives, chapter authors situate race-related encounters at the center of their experience in an effort to deconstruct and challenge commonly held assumptions about life in academe. They also provide key recommendations and strategies to help faculty of color ensure their continued professional success. Framed by critical race theory, these stories show how faculty can successfully maneuver through all stages of a career in academe, including tenure and promotion, publication, mentoring, networking, teaching, and dealing with institutional climate issues. This valuable book is for faculty and administrators seeking to create an environment that nurtures professional growth and fosters success among Black faculty.

Breaking the Color Barrier

Breaking the Color Barrier Author Robert John Schneller
ISBN-10 9780814740132
Release 2005-04-01
Pages 331
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Is New York a post-secular city? Massive immigration and cultural changes have created an increasingly complex social landscape in which religious life plays a dynamic role. Yet the magnitude of religion's impact on New York's social life has gone unacknowledged. New York Glory gathers together for the first time the best research on religion in contemporary New York City. It includes contributors from every major research project on religion in New York to provide a comprehensive look at the current state of religion in the city. Moving beyond broad surveys into specific case studies of communities and institutions, it provides a window onto the diversity of religious life in New York. From Italian Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, and Russian Jews to Zen Buddhists, Rastafarians, and Pentecostal Latinas, New York Glory both captures the richness of religious life in New York City and provides an important foundation for our understanding of the current and future shape of religion in America.

Blue Gold and Black

Blue   Gold and Black Author Robert J. Schneller
ISBN-10 9781603444170
Release 2008
Pages 437
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During the twentieth century, the U.S. Naval Academy evolved from a racist institution to one that ranked equal opportunity among its fundamental tenets. This transformation was not without its social cost, however, and black midshipmen bore the brunt of it. Blue & Gold and Black is the history of integration of African Americans into the Naval Academy. The book examines how civil rights advocates’ demands for equal opportunity shaped the Naval Academy’s evolution. Author Robert J. Schneller Jr. analyzes how changes in the Academy’s policies and culture affected the lives of black midshipmen, as well as how black midshipmen effected change in the Academy’s policies and culture. Most institutional history is written from the top down, while most social history is written from the bottom up. Based on the documentary record as well as on the memories of hundreds of midshipmen and naval officers, Blue & Gold and Black includes both perspectives. By examining both the institution and the individual, a much more accurate picture emerges of how racial integration occurred at the Naval Academy. Schneller takes a biographical approach to social history. Through written correspondence, responses to questionnaires, memoirs, and oral histories, African American midshipmen recount their experiences in their own words. Rather than setting adrift their humanity and individuality in oceans of statistics, Schneller uses their first-hand recollections to provide insights into the Academy’s culture that cannot be gained from official records. Covering the Jim Crow era, the civil rights movement, and the empowerment of African Americans from the late 1960s through the end of the twentieth century, Blue & Gold and Black traces the transformation of an institution that produces men and women who lead not only the Navy, but also the nation.

Black Studies Rap and the Academy

Black Studies  Rap  and the Academy Author Houston A. Baker
ISBN-10 0226035204
Release 1993-06-15
Pages 110
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The former Modern Language Association president discusses the effects of pop culture and black studies on the academy, focusing on the Central Park jogger case and the obscenity trial of the rap group 2 Live Crew. By the author of Blues.

The Black Professoriat

The Black Professoriat Author Sandra Jackson
ISBN-10 143311027X
Release 2011
Pages 254
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Sandra Jackson is Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Director of the Center for African and Black Diaspora at DePaul University. Her areas of interest include feminist theorizing, women's autobiography, girls' studies, young adult literature and representations of gender, science fiction, utopian and dystopian literature and film, and gender and higher education. Dr. Jackson is widely published.

Sisters of the Academy

Sisters of the Academy Author Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela
ISBN-10 157922038X
Release 2001
Pages 211
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There are disturbing trends in the continued under-representation of African American women in higher education, especially their attainment of post-baccalaureate and graduate degrees. This is an issue of major concern nationally, for the Black community, and for leaders in higher education. The fifteen scholars who contribute to this volume trace the trajectory of Black women in education, with a particular focus on higher education. These scholars combine research and personal narratives to explore educational issues ranging from historical accounts of Black female teachers in the nineteenth century, to the challenges and triumphs of being an activist researcher at the turn of the twenty-first century. The essays in this volume address specific historical, social, cultural, political, and academic issues that affect Black women in the academy, and provide readers with tangible examples of how these scholars have transcended some of the challenges in their pursuit of academic excellence. While these essays do not claim to provide the "magic solution" or a "how-to-guide" to success in higher education, they do raise thought-provoking issues that are critical to the success of Black women in higher education. This book uncovers issues, and proposes remedies, which will be of vital interest for anyone concerned with diversity and equity in higher education. It celebrates emergent scholars of African descent, who have used the challenges they have encountered in their journeys through the academy to create opportunities for success.

Outsiders Within

Outsiders Within Author Elwood Watson
ISBN-10 0742540731
Release 2008
Pages 153
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Through interviews with prominent legal academics, Outsiders Within presents the trials and accomplishments of black women law professors who began to enter the legal academy in the 1970s and 80s.

Papa PhD

Papa  PhD Author Mary Ruth Marotte
ISBN-10 9780813548784
Release 2011
Pages 240
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A collection of personal essays from men who wrestle with what it means to be a father in academia today. Organized in three sections, the stories of the contributors depict not merely a balancing act of parenting, teaching, and writing, but also the revelatory collision and occasional fusion of competing identities. Essays in the first section, "Fathers in Theory, Fathers in Praxis," focus on challenges related to merging work and parenting. The authors contemplate to what degree we engage our children in the academy, while also allowing them to grow independently, recognizing the challenge of keeping the roles of parent and teacher distinct. The second section, "Family Made," explores fatherhood against the grain and includes narratives of single dads,fathers raising children with disabilities, biracial families, and other "non-traditional" parenting situations. "Forging New Fatherhoods," the third section, articulates the strategies created by men to "balance diapers and a doctorate" or to reconcile fatherhood with professional ambition. The contributors' reflections reveal how fatherhood is instrumental to their successes and failures in the workplace, and demonstrate that the relationship between fatherhood and academia is a rich and legitimate subject for study.

Black Women in the Academy

Black Women in the Academy Author Sheila T. Gregory
ISBN-10 0761814124
Release 1999
Pages 213
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This revised and updated edition of Black Women in the Academy adds updated data on the status of Black faculty women, a forty-four-page bibliography, and a new chapter on the status of international faculty women from twenty different countries, to the only study of the decisions of African-American women to remain in, return to, or voluntarily leave the academy. Sheila Gregory creates a conceptual framework from economic, psychosocial, and job satisfaction theories to construct a model to explain the factors that affect the decision patterns influencing career mobility. She uses a survey of the members of the Association of Black Women in Higher Education to illustrate to what degree the designated variables predict decision patterns. Gregory's analysis focuses on the women who remained in the academy, noting that those who did remain were usually successful high-achievers who managed to overcome numerous obstacles involving career and family. The author also provides an outline detailing how to attract and retain talented Black women scholars, along with possible interventions that might help interinstitutional mobility.

Black Gods of the Asphalt

Black Gods of the Asphalt Author Onaje X. O. Woodbine
ISBN-10 9780231541121
Release 2016-05-24
Pages 224
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J-Rod moves like a small battle tank on the court, his face mean, staring down his opponents. “I play just like my father,” he says. “Before my father died, he was a problem on the court. I’m a problem.” Playing basketball for him fuses past and present, conjuring his father’s memory into a force that opponents can feel in every bone-breaking drive to the basket. On the street every ballplayer has a story. Onaje X. O. Woodbine, a former streetball player who became an All-Star Ivy Leaguer, brings the sights and sounds, hopes and dreams of street basketball to life. Big games have a trickster figure and a master of black talk whose commentary interprets the game for audiences. The beats of hip-hop and reggae make up the soundtrack, and the ball players are half-men, half-heroes, defying the ghetto’s limitations with their flights to the basket. Streetball is rhythm and flow, and during its peak moments, the three rings of the asphalt collapse into a singular band, every head and toe pressed against the sidelines, caught up in the spectacle. Basketball is popular among young black American men, but not because, as many claim, they are “pushed by poverty” or “pulled” by white institutions to play it. Black men choose to participate in basketball because of the transcendent experience of the game. Through interviews with and observations of urban basketball players, Onaje X. O. Woodbine composes a rare portrait of a passionate, committed, and resilient group of athletes who use the court to mine what urban life cannot corrupt. If people turn to religion to reimagine their place in the world, then black streetball players are indeed the adepts of the asphalt.

The Man Not

The Man Not Author Tommy J. Curry
ISBN-10 9781439914861
Release 2017-07
Pages 297
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Tommy J. Curry’s provocative book The Man-Not is a justification for Black Male Studies. He posits that we should conceptualize the Black male as a victim, oppressed by his sex. The Man-Not, therefore,is a corrective of sorts, offering a concept of Black males that could challenge the existing accounts of Black men and boys desiring the power of white men who oppress them that has been proliferated throughout academic research across disciplines. Curry argues that Black men struggle with death and suicide, as well as abuse and rape, and their genred existence deserves study and theorization. This book offers intellectual, historical, sociological, and psychological evidence that the analysis of patriarchy offered by mainstream feminism (including Black feminism) does not yet fully understand the role that homoeroticism, sexual violence, and vulnerability play in the deaths and lives of Black males. Curry challenges how we think of and perceive the conditions that actually affect all Black males.

Black Women in the Academy

Black Women in the Academy Author Lois Benjamin
ISBN-10 0813015006
Release 1997
Pages 360
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In provocative essays exploring the themes of identity, power, and change, thirty-three black woman academics and administrators from around the country discuss their experiences of life in America's institutions of higher education. Often inspiring, these accounts serve collectively both as a handbook for today's black female academics, administrators, graduate students, and junior faculty and as a call to the nation's academies to respond to the voice of black women. It is also a fascinating insiders' guide to what is going on in the halls of higher learning today.

Reaching the Mountaintop of the Academy

Reaching the Mountaintop of the Academy Author Gail L. Thompson
ISBN-10 9781681233215
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 161
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Since the U.S. Civil Rights era, the racial composition of higher education has changed dramatically, resulting in an increase in the number of African American students and African American faculty in predominantly white institutions (PWI). Nevertheless, the number of African American endowed or distinguished professors remains small. Because it is difficult for African American faculty to attain these prized positions, those who have done so possess invaluable knowledge that may be beneficial to others. Reaching the Mountaintop of the Academy: Personal Narratives, Advice and Strategies from Black Distinguished and Endowed Professors, fills an important niche in the canon of higher education literature. In the autobiographical chapters that follow, numerous distinguished and endowed professors (1) describe their personal journey to the distinguished or endowed professorship; (2) explain important life lessons that they learned during their journey; (3) describe their current professional goals; and (4) offer suggestions and recommendations for graduate students, untenured faculty, tenured faculty, and college/university administrators. At a time when many predominantly white higher education institutions continue to have difficulty attracting and retaining African American faculty, and African American faculty continue to struggle for full inclusion in the academy, this book is timely and needed.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Recueil des cours de l Acad mie de droit europ en

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law   Recueil des cours de l    Acad  mie de droit europ  en Author Academy of European Law Staff
ISBN-10 9789401710749
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 292
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Your invitation to me, as the President of the European Court of Human Rights, to conclude this year's study programme on the protection of hu man rights in Europe by delivering the prestigious Winston Churchill lec ture is a great honour not only for me personally but for the European Court of Human Rights as a whole, and I should like to thank the European Uni versity Institute and its Academy of European Law most warmly for giving me this opportunity. You are fortunate to have had the opportunity of following a week long general course on the protection of human rights in Europe given by my col league and friend Carl Aage N0rgaard, the President of the European Commission of Human Rights. To speak after hirn, in order to bring to a close your study programme, makes my task in some respects easier be cause I can take it for granted that you now have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the guarantees and the functioning of the European Con vention on Human Rights. On the other hand, it is, I must confess, not without a certain apprehension that I take the floor at this juncture because I am very weIl aware of how difficult it is to keep the attention of an audi ence which has had the privilege of hearing Carl Aage N0rgaard on more or less the same subject.