Big Sky Romance Collection

Big Sky Romance Collection Author Denise Hunter
ISBN-10 9780718015190
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 727
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Enjoy Denise Hunter's Big Sky novels as an e-book collection! A Cowboy's Touch Abigail is just in Moose Creek, Montana for the summer to temporarily care for her great aunt. But a tender-hearted cowboy beckons her to stay. The Accidental Bride When a wedding reenactment turns real, Shay finds she's an accidental bride. The Trouble with Cowboys Only one pair of boots--and the cowboy wearing them--can get Annie out of the mess she's in.

The Trouble with Cowboys

The Trouble with Cowboys Author Denise Hunter
ISBN-10 9781595548030
Release 2012
Pages 295
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Annie Stevens--a horse trainer in Moose Creek, Montana--refuses to fall for a sweet-talking cowboy, but when her boss throws her a curveball, there's only one person who can help--the smooth-talking charmer, Dylan Dawson. Original.

Big Sky River

Big Sky River Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9781460300329
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 384
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Sheriff Boone Taylor has his job, friends, a run-down but decent ranch, two faithful dogs and a good horse. He doesn't want romance—the widowed Montanan has loved and lost enough for a lifetime. But when a city woman buys the spread next door, Boone's peace and quiet are in serious jeopardy. With a marriage and a career painfully behind her, Tara Kendall is determined to start over in Parable. Reinventing herself and living a girlhood dream is worth the hard work. Sure, she might need help from her handsome, wary neighbor. But life along Big Sky River is full of surprises…like falling for a cowboy-lawman who just might start to believe in second chances.

Linda Lael Miller Big Sky Series Books 1 3

Linda Lael Miller Big Sky Series Books 1 3 Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9781460399866
Release 2016-08-15
Pages 384
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller takes you to the town of Parable, Montana, where restless hearts get a second chance at love… Big Sky Country: Sheriff Slade Barlow, who's grown up in humble circumstances, is astonished when he inherits half of Whisper Creek Ranch—and even more astonished to see former beauty queen Joslyn Carmichael back in town. Big Sky Mountain: Hell-raiser Hutch Carmody is still the golden boy of Parable, Montana, and Kendra Shepherd, who'd loved him once, can't get him out of her mind. Big Sky River: Widower Boone Taylor is sure he doesn't want romance, but can his new neighbor, Tara Kendall, change his opinion on that?

Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country Author Janet Dailey
ISBN-10 1497639344
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 120
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Every novel in this collection is your passport to a romantic tour of the United States through time-honored favorites by America's First Lady of romance fiction. Each of the fifty novels is set in a different state, researched by Janet and her husband, Bill. For the Daileys it was an odyssey of discovery. For you, it's the journey of a lifetime. Your tour of desire begins with this story set in Montana. "Don't be a fool and marry her!" That had been Riordan's advice. He had made his disapproval of Kerry, his brother's fiance, quite obvious. Jill, Kerry's roommate, was determined to do anything she could to help her friend to happiness- and it would giver her added pleasure to thwart Riordan. She'd even go so far as setting a trap for him! Jill was beautiful; she could have any man she wante. But when she challenged Riordan, he completely turned the tables on her! Janet Dailey, who passed away in 2013, was born Janet Haradon in 1944 in Storm Lake, Iowa. She attended secretarial school in Omaha, Nebraska before meeting her husband, Bill. Bill and Janet worked together in construction and land development until they "retired" to travel throughout the United States, inspiring Janet to write the Americana series of romances, setting a novel in every state of the Union. In 1974, Janet Dailey was the first American author to write for Harlequin. Her first novel was "No Quarter Asked." She has went on to write approximately 90 novels, 21 of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. She won many awards and accolades for her work, appearing widely on radio and television. Today, there are over three-hundred million Janet Dailey books in print in 19 different languages, making her one of the most popular novelists in the world. For more information about Janet Dailey visit"

Big Sky Secrets

Big Sky Secrets Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9781460323762
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 384
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The "First Lady of the West," #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller delivers the stunning finale of her acclaimed series set in Parable, Montana—where love awaits Self-made tycoon Landry Sutton heads to Hangman Bend's Ranch to sell his land to his brother Zane. Though he's got cowboy in his blood, Landry plans to return to city life before the dust even settles on his boots. Of course, he didn't count on falling for Big Sky Country…or Ria Manning. Ria's starting to settle into country life herself…until she has a close encounter of the terrifying kind with a buffalo. Turns out the peeping monster belongs to the cowboy next door—and he has her running even more scared than his bison. She wants a home where the buffalo don't roam, and the men don't either. Could Landry's homecoming be her heart's undoing?

Christmas at Henderson s Ranch sweet

Christmas at Henderson s Ranch  sweet Author M. L. Buchman
ISBN-10 9781537854779
Release 2017-08-19
Pages 65
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-a Henderson’s Ranch romance story- This “Sweet Version” is the exact same story as the original, with no foul language and the bedroom door—even when there isn’t one—tastefully closed. Chelsea Bridges’ first trip to Montana lands her at Mark Henderson and Emily Beale’s family ranch. In the past she pursued adventure from hiking the Continental Divide Trail to trekking in Nepal, but a horse ranch provides whole new world of wonders. Doug Daniels spent three tours in the Navy before he became foreman at the ranch. He has finally found his home. Nothing prepares them for the surprises that await during: Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch.

Big Sky Mountain

Big Sky Mountain Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9780373776610
Release 2012-07-31
Pages 384
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Hutch Carmody, a rough-and-tumble cowboy, secretly longs for divorcee Kendra Shepherd, a loving, ladylike woman who is his complete opposite.

Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9781460380819
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 384
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No one writes Western romance better than #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller! Let her take you to the town of Parable, Montana… The illegitimate son of a wealthy rancher, Sheriff Slade Barlow grew up in a trailer hitched to the Curly-Burly hair salon his mother runs. He was never acknowledged by his father…until now. Suddenly, Slade has inherited half of Whisper Creek Ranch, one of the most prosperous in Parable County. That doesn't sit well with his half brother, Hutch, who grew up with all the rights of a Carmody, including the affections of Joslyn Kirk, homecoming queen, rodeo queen, beauty queen—and the girl Slade's never forgotten. But Joslyn has come home to Parable under difficult circumstances. Resented by many of the townspeople cheated by her crooked stepfather, she's trying to rebuild her life and repay everyone who lost money because of his schemes. With a town to protect, plus a rebellious teenage stepdaughter, Slade already has his hands full. But someone has to convince Joslyn that she's responsible only for her own actions—and that someone is Sheriff Barlow!

Dreamtime at Big Sky

Dreamtime at Big Sky Author Dorothy Cork
ISBN-10 0263090779
Release 1976
Pages 188
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Dreamtime at Big Sky has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dreamtime at Big Sky also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dreamtime at Big Sky book for free.

Big Sky

Big Sky Author Kitty Thomas
ISBN-10 9781938639067
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 143
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Warning: Big Sky is DARK literary erotica meant for an emotionally mature, adult audience. This work is not romance. Nor is it "50 Shades". Do not expect an HEA. If you are familiar with this author's work and enjoyed Comfort Food, you may also enjoy this title. If you are unfamiliar with this author, you might first want to try some of her tamer/lighter works such as Blood Mate or Mafia Captive to see if her style might be for you. Big Sky is a work of fiction and neither the author nor the publisher condone the behavior of any characters in real life. Description: Veronica Cason lives in a small apartment with no clear view of the sky. It's uncertain which might crush her first: her debt or the buildings squeezed in so tight that they surround her like ominous sentinels. She can't breathe in the city. Her success is a lie, and her debt is coming to collect her--unless someone else gets there first. When a stranger offers her a job at a ranch, it feels like salvation, but it could also mean her death if his motives aren't pure. Which door has the tiger behind it? The claustrophobia of the city or ranch life under an open sky? What Readers are Saying about Big Sky: "Kitty Thomas writes amazing dark erotica, so what, you ask, did I learn about myself from reading her latest book? I learned that I must be getting jaded and I am a sucker for a grieving man." -JillyP "Preface to say that this is dark edgy erotica, not for those looking for pure romance. But if this is your genre, then Big SKy is a must read. Well-crafted story with complex characters. I am hooked on Kitty Thomas!" -K. Victoria Smith "Big Sky was a good dark erotic story by Kitty Thomas and I think one of the darkest ones that she has written. I highly recommend Big Sky to all fans of dark erotica." -AsianCocoa "Kitty writes fictional stories that are dark erotica, so going into this novel I knew what to expect. While this book definitely has some dark and twisted things happening in it that I don't personally agree with, I couldn't help but justify everything that happened. In a lot of ways, I felt that Luke really was saving Veronica and giving her a do-over. Only Kitty Thomas can take something so morally wrong and make it seem right." -KC Book Girl "If you are a Kitty Thomas fan, this is a must-read. If you've never read Kitty Thomas before, and you think you can handle reading dark erotica, don't start here. Go read Comfort Food, and if you love it, come back and read Big Sky. It's perfect." Amazon Customer "This is one of the strangest erotic novels I have ever read, and trust me, that is really saying something. I don't even know how to describe the book. I guess it's best described as a dark erotic novel, but that just doesn't seem quite enough." - Charles M Smith II "Kitty Thomas had done it again. She's ensnared me in her web of dark and disquieting words. The dark subject matter of BIG SKY rivals that of COMFORT FOOD (a book that still haunts my thoughts years after reading). Let's just say that the antagonist/hero in BIG SKY makes Master from COMFORT FOOD seem like a well-adjusted individual. ;-) And, yes, in Kitty's world, the hero and antagonist are usually the same person." -Book of Secrets "The writing was brilliant and I loved how the author went there and I conmend her for that. Just some of the scenes were too much and in the end I felt truly sorry for Veronica. I guess her only savior is that beautiful blue sky. Out of a 5 I’m giving this book 3 stars. Prepare yourself this book is not for everyone, but if you do read please go in with an open mind. This book was very good." - Lynne "In the end, I was struck by the sadness of unrequited love of two individuals, which to me was the theme of the story. Not the fetishism or the dark themes, but two very lonely and broken people trying to heal the only way they knew how. Thomas' stories aren't about shock value, they're about broken people. Yes, this one covers entirely new territory, and it's not for everyone, but it has a wonderfully bittersweet ending." - Candice Bundy "Big Sky is a sexual fantasy scenario packaged in realism, written in a way so that if the scenario could indeed be brought to life, how would it then play out in the most realistic fashion? And in my opinion, this is what Kitty Thomas does best. She IS able to merge fantasy with reality in a way that I think few authors of this genre can, and still make it layered and thoughtful with moments of real emotion." -iPollux "I bought and inhaled this book immediately after reading Comfort Food. Wow. Kitty Thomas is a gutsy author, and I love that." - D. Green-Norris More dark literary erotica by Kitty Thomas: Erotic novels: Comfort Food Guilty Pleasures Tender Mercies The Last Girl Mafia Captive Blood Mate Submissive Fairy Tales Erotic novellas: Awakening The King's Pleasure The Auction Note: This work is not 50 Shades of Grey, however, if you enjoy work like 50 Shades of Grey, you may also enjoy Kitty Thomas. If you like Kitty Thomas, consider trying some of these other great authors: CJ Roberts, Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, Aleatha Romig, Skye Warren, Cherise Sinclair Kitty writes dark literary erotica, usually with a kinky master/slave theme and a hint of bdsm and captive erotica elements.

Big Sky Family

Big Sky Family Author Charlotte Carter
ISBN-10 9780373877072
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 224
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Montana single mom Ellie James and rancher Arnie O'Brien decide if their shared past can allow for a shared future.

Big Sky Cowboy

Big Sky Cowboy Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 1489231021
Release 2017-02-06
Pages 608
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Big Sky River Sheriff Boone Taylor has his job, friends, a run-down but decent ranch, two faithful dogs and a good horse. He doesn't want romance -- the widowed Montanan has loved and lost enough for a lifetime. But when a city woman buys the spread next door, Boone's peace and quiet are in serious jeopardy. With a marriage and a career painfully behind her, Tara Kendall is determined to start over in Parable. Sure, she might need help from her handsome, wary neighbor. But life along Big Sky River is full of falling for a cowboy-lawman who just might start to believe in second chances. Big Sky Summer With his father's rodeo legacy to continue and a prosperous spread to run, Walker Parrish has no time to dwell on wrecked relationships. But country-western sweetheart Casey Elder is out of the spotlight and back in Parable, Montana. And Walker can't ignore that his "act now, think later" passion for Casey has had consequences. Two teenage consequences! Keeping her children's paternity under wraps has always been part of Casey's plan to give them normal, uncomplicated lives. Now the best way to hold her family together seems to be to let Walker be a part of it -- as her husband of convenience. Or will some secrets -- like Casey's desire to be the rancher's wife in every way -- unravel, with unforeseen results?

Big Sky Cowboy

Big Sky Cowboy Author Jennifer Mikels
ISBN-10 1459202708
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 256
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A passion fiercer than the Montana heat… When rugged rancher Colby Holmes wanted to solve his aunt's murder, he reluctantly enlisted the help of stunning psychic Tessa Madison. Despite her mysterious beauty, Colby swore that he would never let a woman near his heart again. But it wasn't long before a burning desire tantalized him each time he looked Tessa's way. With a past that proved falling in love only brought pain, Tessa kept her heart under lock and key. But Colby's kiss brought on a sweet emotion that left her enchanted. So when the town's skeptics tried to force her from her home, would the love of one handsome cowboy be enough to make her stay?

Big Sky Grooms

Big Sky Grooms Author Susan Mallery
ISBN-10 1426885725
Release 2010-12-27
Pages 384
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Bestselling authors Susan Mallery, Bronwyn Williams and Carolyn Davidson bring you three brand-new stories about Montana's most popular family--the Kincaids, men and women who carved out lives in Big Sky Country and found true love in Whitehorn, Montana. Legendary rancher Caleb Kincaid discovers love is sweeter the second time around in the arms of an old flame. Younger brother Will woos the townspeople to his bank with the help of a sassy saloon girl who has a head for business and pleasure. Black sheep cousin James saves a schoolteacher from bandits and soon discovers she's stolen his heart!

Big Sky Reunion

Big Sky Reunion Author Charlotte Carter
ISBN-10 1459202503
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 224
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Back in Potter Creek, Montana, to help her ailing aunt, Melinda Spencer reopens Aunt Martha's knitting shop. She's hoping for purpose and much-needed work. But she never expects to encounter stubborn cowboy Daniel O'Brien. He is nothing like Melinda remembers from high school…except for the expression of reverent tenderness when the handsome rancher looks at her. But how can she open up about her painful past when Daniel can barely talk about his own? With love—and the Lord's guidance—this reunion just might last forever.

Big Sky Cowboy

Big Sky Cowboy Author Linda Ford
ISBN-10 9781460341193
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 224
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JUST THE COWBOY SHE NEEDED? The last thing Cora Bell wants is a distracting cowboy showing up on her family's farm seeking temporary shelter. Especially one she is sure has something to hide. But she'll accept Wyatt Williams's help rebuilding her family's barn—and try not to fall once again for a man whose plans don't include staying around. Since leaving his troubled past behind, Wyatt avoids personal entanglements. He just wants to make a new start with his younger brother. But there's something about Cora that he's instinctively drawn to. Dare this solitary cowboy risk revealing his secrets for a chance at redemption and a bright new future with Cora by his side? MONTANA MARRIAGES: Three sisters discover a legacy of love beneath the Western sky