Big Money Little Effort

Big Money  Little Effort Author Mark Shipman
ISBN-10 9780749453657
Release 2008-03-03
Pages 192
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From the best-selling author of the Next Big Investment Boom, this book provides everything you need to know about making the world's money markets work to your advantage, enabling you to turn basic investments into a winning portfolio. Big Money, Little Effort shows you how a straightforward, manageable and stress-free investment system, if properly applied and monitored, can protect you from the volatility of the world's stock markets while ensuring consistent returns on your original investment. In an industry awash with different (and often very vocal) opinions, the author removes the mystique that often surrounds stock market investment and explains his own tried-and-tested system for managing your investments - a system that can be operated and maintained in a short amount of time, once a week. The book includes a glossary of financial terms and a list of further reading resources. Whether your investment is large or small, Big Money, Little Effort is the essential guide if you want to make positive returns from the stock market.

Big Money

Big Money Author P.G. Wodehouse
ISBN-10 9781409063537
Release 2009-04-05
Pages 304
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A P.G. Wodehouse novel Most of the big money belongs to Torquil Paterson Frisby, the dyspeptic American millionaire - but that doesn't stop him wanting more out of it. His niece, the beautiful Ann Moon, is engaged to 'Biscuit', Lord Biskerton, who doesn't have very much of the stuff and so he has to escape to Valley Fields to hide from his creditors. Meanwhile, his old schoolfriend Berry Conway, who is working for Frisby, himself falls for Ann - just as Biscuit falls for her friend Kitchie Valentine. In this typically hilarious novel by the master of light comedy, life can sometimes become a little complicated. Oh, and Berry has been left a lot of shares in the Dream Come True copper mine. Of course they're worthless... aren't they?

Big Money

Big Money Author Jaques Trachsler
ISBN-10 9783864148255
Release 2013-10-08
Pages 240
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Geldanlage mit dem Schweizer Gütesiegel: Jacques Trachsler, einer der meistgelesenen Schweizer Finanzautoren, zeigt, wie Sie Ihre Anlagestrategie erfolgreich selbst in die Hand nehmen und durch kreatives Investment finanzielle Unabhängigkeit bis ins Alter erreichen. Die Sicherheit der staatlichen Rente und das Für und Wider privater Altersvorsorge sind ein seit Jahren heiß diskutiertes Thema. Immer mehr Menschen erkennen die Notwendigkeit, ihre Vermögensbildung aktiv zu gestalten, um auch in späteren Jahren ihren Lebensstandard halten zu können. Mit diesem neuen Wegweiser erreichen Sie Ihr Vermögen nach Maß - die komplette Geld-Strategie für jedermann!

The Big Money

The Big Money Author Frederick R. Kobrick
ISBN-10 9780743258715
Release 2007-04-10
Pages 320
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Outlines a program for achieving wealth through long-term investing that focuses on successfully identifying great companies at an early point while holding and selling for best results, in a guide that shares numerous case examples. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.

The big money

The big money Author John Dos Passos
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105006025873
Release 1946
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The big money has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The big money also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The big money book for free.

Big Media Big Money

Big Media  Big Money Author Ronald V. Bettig
ISBN-10 9781442204294
Release 2012-05-04
Pages 384
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Big Media, Big Money is a lively and scathing critique of the contemporary communications industry, examining how media ownership and the profit-making motive affect the messages we receive in alarming ways. Through close readings of recent news events and critical examination of corporate influence, Bettig and Hall conclude that current interconnections among media, big business, government, and education pose a serious threat to democratic communications. The second edition includes three new chapters, covering the contemporary Hollywood film industry; the changing landscape of the music industry; and “ad creep,” the proliferation of advertising into previously ad-free venues such as schools and children’s television programming.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics Author Frank J. Ohlhorst
ISBN-10 9781118239049
Release 2012-11-15
Pages 176
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Unique insights to implement big data analytics and reap big returns to your bottom line Focusing on the business and financial value of big data analytics, respected technology journalist Frank J. Ohlhorst shares his insights on the newly emerging field of big data analytics in Big Data Analytics. This breakthrough book demonstrates the importance of analytics, defines the processes, highlights the tangible and intangible values and discusses how you can turn a business liability into actionable material that can be used to redefine markets, improve profits and identify new business opportunities. Reveals big data analytics as the next wave for businesses looking for competitive advantage Takes an in-depth look at the financial value of big data analytics Offers tools and best practices for working with big data Once the domain of large on-line retailers such as eBay and Amazon, big data is now accessible by businesses of all sizes and across industries. From how to mine the data your company collects, to the data that is available on the outside, Big Data Analytics shows how you can leverage big data into a key component in your business's growth strategy.

Big Money Crime

Big Money Crime Author Kitty Calavita
ISBN-10 9780520219472
Release 1999-05-25
Pages 281
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The first in-depth study of the savings and loan crisis of the eighties reveals the unprecedented scope of the financial fraud and political collusion involved and the leniency of the criminal justice system in dealing with the culprits. UP.

Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures

Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures Author Ted Thomas
ISBN-10 047154860X
Release 1992-01-17
Pages 288
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Hundreds of people have paid Ted Thomas as much as $5,000 for the inside secrets, advice, and proven system you'll find in this book! Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures Now, Ted Thomas -- America's #1 expert on real estate foreclosures -- shows you how to find and buy foreclosed properties, and sell them at extraordinary profits. This valuable guide delivers a proven system, one which people routinely pay $5,000 to hear about in Ted Thomas's West Coast seminars. And it gives you the tools you need to approach any seller or enter any auction like a pro. Aided by real-life case studies and the actual contracts, reports, and ads he uses in his own transactions, Ted Thomas shows you how to: * Find promising properties among a wide range of sources, including sheriff's sales, IRS auctions, and bank-owned real estate (REOs) * Understand contracts,titles, and deeds * Negotiate with sellers and buyers to boost your profits * Get financing and work with bankers * Cost-effectively rehabilitate the property * Target advertising to attract buyers * And avoid pitfalls every step of the way!

Big Money

Big Money Author Kenneth P. Vogel
ISBN-10 9781610393393
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 320
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Mark Hanna—the turn-of-the-century iron-and-coal-magnate-turned-operative who leveraged massive contributions from the robber barons—was famously quoted as saying: “There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money, and I can't remember what the second one is.” To an extent that would have made Hanna blush, a series of developments capped by the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision effectively crowned a bunch of billionaires and their operatives the new kings of politics. Big Money is a rollicking tour of a new political world dramatically reordered by ever-larger flows of cash. Ken Vogel has breezed into secret gatherings of big-spending Republicans and Democrats alike—from California poolsides to DC hotel bars—to brilliantly expose the way the mega-money men (and rather fewer women) are dominating the new political landscape. Great wealth seems to attach itself to outsize characters. From the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to the bubbling nouveau cowboy Foster Friess; from the Texas trial lawyer couple, Amber and Steve Mostyn, to the micromanaging Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg—the multimillionaires and billionaires are swaggering up to the tables for the hottest new game in politics. The prize is American democracy, and the players' checks keep getting bigger.

Big Money Less Risk

Big Money  Less Risk Author Mark Larson
ISBN-10 9781118538838
Release 2012-10-22
Pages 232
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Big Money, Less Risk: Trade Options will put the income boosting power of strategies like writing covered calls, selling naked put options, and placing vertical spread trades or iron condors in your hands. Mark Larson has become one of the most sought after trading educators because of his ability to make once elusive investment approaches accessible to every trader. Success in the stock market is determined by consistently making money every month, not closing your eyes and hoping you can afford to retire. With this book, Larson divulges the secrets to making your money work for you instead of having to work for your money. Ever dream about making 30% in one month? Big Money, Less Risk: Trade Options will put the income boosting power of strategies like writing covered calls, selling naked put options, and placing vertical spread trades or iron condors in your hands. Mark Larson has become one of the most sought after trading educators because of his ability to make once elusive investment approaches accessible to every trader. Success in the stock market is determined by consistently making money every month, not closing your eyes and hoping you can afford to retire. With this book, Larson divulges the secrets to making your money work for you instead of having to work for your money. Inside you'll learn: How to repeatedly make money when the market goes up or down. Investment strategies that allow for huge returns with the use of very little money. How to purchase good stocks at discount prices. How to make significant returns even if you are wrong on the trade. Larson will alo cover the importance of option pricing, implied volatility, the Greeks such as delta, theta, and gamma, and the probability of your option expiring profitable. Most important, you will get, in plain English, some of his favorite technical indicators and the key to how they will form the basis of your options trading success.

Making Big Money in 1600

Making Big Money in 1600 Author Nelly Hanna
ISBN-10 0815627637
Release 1998
Pages 219
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This text examines the re-emergence of the economic sector in Cairo during the 17th century, and its complex influences on social conditions. It traces the relationship between economic activities and culture through examining the life and work of Isma'il Abu Taqiyya - an Egyptian merchant.

Win Big Money

Win Big Money Author
ISBN-10 9781468923902
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Win Big Money has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Win Big Money also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Win Big Money book for free.

Bad Boys Bad Girls Big Money

Bad Boys  Bad Girls  Big Money Author Michelle Miller
ISBN-10 9783641180072
Release 2016-05-09
Pages 480
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Todd Kent ist jung, ehrgeizig und auf dem Weg an die Spitze der Wall Street. Als er ausgewählt wird, das Unternehmen einer populären Dating-App namens HOOK an die Börse zu bringen, wittert er den Deal seines Lebens. Bisher war HOOK für ihn nur ein schneller Weg zu sexuellen Abenteuern, jetzt könnte es ihn reich machen. Sehr reich. Todd und sein Team – die übereifrige Neha, der Partyboy Beau und Todds Exfreundin Tara Taylor – tun alles, um das 14-Milliarden-Dollar-Geschäft einzufädeln. Für Tara könnte sich sogar der Traum erfüllen, in der Machowelt der Wall Street den Aufstieg zu schaffen. Aber das Vorhaben ist hochriskant. Denn HOOK ist mehr als eine Partnerbörse. Es kann zur tödlichen Falle werden. Und wenn das bekannt wird, gerät der gigantische Deal ins Wanken ...

Small Stocks Big Money

Small Stocks  Big Money Author Dave Gentry
ISBN-10 9781119172574
Release 2015-11-24
Pages 208
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Small companies come with big risk, but potentially life-changing reward Small Stocks, Big Money provides first-hand perspective and insider information on the fast world of microcap investing. In a series of interviews with the superstars of small stocks, you'll learn how to discover the right companies and develop a solid investment strategy with a potentially big payoff. Each chapter includes a short bio of the investor in question, and provides key insight into the lessons learned from the investments that made them millions—or in some cases, hundreds of millions. You'll learn each investor's top stock picks, and how they originally chose the investments that became their gold mines. Whether you're a professional investor or a novice, this book is a unique and valuable source of information for anyone interested in the volatile world of small stocks and big money. The smaller the company, the bigger the risk—and the bigger the potential payoff. These interviews show you how to avoid or mitigate those risks, and how to choose the stocks with the best potential from the perspective of those who have done it very, very successfully. Learn the nuances of microcap investing Read the stories of the pros who have made millions Gain expert insight from top microcap investors Avoid the potential pitfalls and reap the big rewards Taking a risk on a small company can lead to tremendous gains when they become an industry giant. The trick is in choosing the company that is likely to follow that trajectory, and allocating your investment appropriately to protect yourself in case of disaster. Small Stocks, Big Money gives you a head start by teaching you what the pros wish they knew then.

Big Money in Books

Big Money in Books Author David Carter
ISBN-10 9781847999900
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 248
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Following the success of his previous business book released on TrackerDog Media, SPLAM! Successful Property Letting And Management, David here turns his attention toward the online book sales business. Big Money in Books tells us how David built up a flourishing online books sales business from home utilising very little capital and low risk. The book gives details as to where and how to buy books for pennies, books that could be sold for 15, 25, even 35 each, and more besides. The manual also includes a list of 50 hot books to look out for. The writer tells us where to buy and what to buy, and as he says, just as importantly, what NOT to buy. There is a good section on how and where to sell, and it is all written in an easy to follow style. There is a chapter dealing with filling and administrating orders, plus a good trade glossary and contact list, and much more besides. The book runs to 240 pages, is a perfect bound paperback with full colour covers, and it is out now.

Killer Politics

Killer Politics Author Ed Schultz
ISBN-10 9781401396015
Release 2010-05-17
Pages 224
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The middle class, where the greatness of this nation is rooted, is under siege by an increasingly unethical system, managed by economic vampires who are sucking the lifeblood out of the American family and ripping the heart out of democracy itself. Big money-and the politicians who are swayed by it-play both parties against each other, using this false battle to distract most of us from the real war, which is a war against the American family. This is it, folks . . . the moment of truth. This will be the moment historians will look back upon and either say it was the moment this great ship of state corrected its course, or the moment it sailed completely away from its democratic ideals. To succeed, we have to reach back and rediscover our greatness. Progress may not come as fast as we, in our impatience and impertinence, demand. But if we are patient and persistent, it will come. All good things in life require a heavy lift, so roll up your sleeves. We are not done yet. --from Killer Politics According to a 2008 Pew Report, more than half of all Americans self-identify as middle class--but the actual number of Americans with middle-class incomes is declining. The middle class is going away. As increasing numbers of Americans are faced with obstacles to education, health care, jobs, and equity, the middle class as a financial bracket is being replaced by the middle class as little more than a state of mind. The richest Americans are growing exponentially wealthier, while the rest of us struggle to bear the financial and emotional burdens of an increasingly broken system. In Killer Politics, Ed Schultz pulls the wool back from our eyes, shows us what the state of the middle class really is, and gives us the tools we need to fight back.