Are We Still Human

Are We Still Human Author Emelle Tuesday
ISBN-10 9781783018147
Release 2015-10-07
Pages 599
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Civilization has changed so much about how we live as a species, can we still say we are human? What does it even mean to be human? How did we arrive where we are now with such a massive, precariously unnatural, global civilization? And is there anyway out of what looks like a terrifying future of environmental destruction, collapse and chaos? The simplicity of the answer may surprise you and give you real hope that you have some personal power to change it, now. "Here's one author who can't be accused of not going deep enough!" Bill McKibben, author Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.

Why Marriage Soon Obsolete

Why Marriage Soon Obsolete Author Herbert W. Armstrong
Release 2013-10-16
Pages 38
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Is marriage on the way out? Is adultery still wrong? Is the institution of the home, with its family life, to disappear from society? How and when did the institution of marriage originate? Does it, after all, serve any necessary purpose? This booklet takes an in-depth look at the institutions of marriage, the home, and family life-and reveals a startling, even shocking truth which has been altogether overlooked by science, by religion, by education and by society! In this booklet: • Why Marriage, After All? • The “Christian Authority” Questioned • Is This God Speaking? • Man—Evolved, or Created? • The Divine Family? • What Is the Kingdom of God? • Begotten—Then Born • Already, Now, Sons of God • Origin of Marriage • To Marry Christ • Christ’s Marriage to Produce Children! • Finally—the Stupendous Truth This ebook is offered completely free of charge by the Philadelphia Church of God. However, please not that Google Play will need a verified Google Wallet account which requires your credit card information. In a small number of countries, a temporary authorization of $1 will be charged to your account but will be refunded. This refund can take up to 1 month to process.

Mental Hygiene

Mental Hygiene Author Lee Thayer
ISBN-10 9781499016314
Release 2014-05-09
Pages 270
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If the greatest gains in human health and longevity came not from medical “science” but from sanitation and hygiene, why might this not also not be the case with our waning mental health and longevity? That is the question this notable scholar of the human condition takes on and then answers in this provocative book. In the last years of the nineteenth century, when human life was in constant jeopardy from pestilence and desperate living conditions in crowded cities, it was changes in human sanitation and improvements in personal and institutional hygiene that created the biggest jump in health and longevity known to human history. Given that human mental health and longevity has been declining for years, it seemed to this widely-known and respected author that the circumstances are similar. Would it be possible to achieve the same remarkable gains in the health and longevity of the human mind by focusing on the same kind of conditions – mental sanitation and mental hygiene? Not only does this book answer in the affirmative. It offers substantial evidence that a similar approach can be enormously effective. Where once it was human crowding that contributed to poor physical health, it is now the impact of toxic mental diets and lack of mental immunity that contributes to our increasing personal and social malaise. At a time when freedoms are expanding, we are suffering from the diseases and dysfunctions that arise from consuming so much junk food for the mind that we no longer know – or seem to care – where we are heading. The lesson from history is that we know more and more about less and less. We have increased our reach many times over with our communication technologies, from smart phones to entertainment diversions of every sort. But we have not increased our grasp one whit. We are drowning in a sea of “information” that we have little or no need for. We no longer know what our personal or our collective destination is, or ought to be. So we don’t know what course to take. Our minds have become less healthy while what we feed it has become more toxic. It is a dire situation for mankind. This is the kind of book that appears at a time when we are most in need of it.

Only Human

Only Human Author Kate Thompson
ISBN-10 9781446479940
Release 2011-07-29
Pages 320
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'You wouldn't leave us, Danny, would you? To live at sea, I mean. For ever.' 'Of course not,' said Danny. But even as he spoke, his gaze returned to the sea, and I could sense the longing in his heart. In this thrilling sequel to The Missing Link, Christie and Danny undertake another dangerous journey, which brings them into contact with their genetic origins in the most unexpected ways. An adventure story centring on the very nature of being, Only Human sweeps along in a terrific narrative until the reader is left breathless.


Human Author Robert Berke
ISBN-10 9780984950713
Release 2011-12-18
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Human has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Human also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Human book for free.

The Human Division 3 We Only Need the Heads

The Human Division  3  We Only Need the Heads Author John Scalzi
ISBN-10 9781466830530
Release 2013-01-29
Pages 48
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The third episode of The Human Division, John Scalzi's new thirteen-episode novel in the world of his bestselling Old Man's War. Beginning on January 15, 2013, a new episode of The Human Division will appear in e-book form every Tuesday. CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson has been loaned out to a CDF platoon tasked with secretly removing an unauthorized colony of humans on an alien world. Colonial Ambassador Abumwe has been ordered to participate in final negotiations with an alien race the Union hopes to make allies. Wilson and Abumwe's missions are fated to cross—and in doing so, place both missions at risk of failure. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Smithsonian Institution Much Work Still Needed to Identify and Repatriate Indian Human Remains and Objects

Smithsonian Institution  Much Work Still Needed to Identify and Repatriate Indian Human Remains and Objects Author
ISBN-10 9781437986518
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Smithsonian Institution Much Work Still Needed to Identify and Repatriate Indian Human Remains and Objects has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Smithsonian Institution Much Work Still Needed to Identify and Repatriate Indian Human Remains and Objects also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Smithsonian Institution Much Work Still Needed to Identify and Repatriate Indian Human Remains and Objects book for free.

Sexual Paradox Complementarity Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence

Sexual Paradox  Complementarity  Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence Author Christine Fielder
ISBN-10 9781411655324
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 560
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Unlocks the keys to the paradox of how sexual selection fertilized the explosion of culture, and the resulting fallout, in sexual dominion of man over woman and nature. How sexuality generates the universe, through symmetry-broken complementarity. The implicit conflict of interests of sexual intrigue, in the prisoners' dilemma, and its ecstatic resolution in the cosmology of love. Sexual dominance as a koan for planetary crises. 560 pages containing 270 illustrations.

The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project Author Necia Grant Cooper
ISBN-10 0935702296
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 360
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"For centuries, humans have pondered the mysteries of inheritance and heredity. Questions and observations concerning inheritance can be found throughout history, from the remarkable (if discredited) theory of pangenesis, as advanced by Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C., to Gregor Mendel keenly observing the traits of generations of garden peas. Over the course of the last 100 years, great advances have been made in unraveling these mysteries, culminating now in one of the most challenging projects in the history of science - the Human Genome Project." "Unprecedented in its scope, the Human Genome Project is an international effort that seeks to create a detailed map of human DNA. This unique book, written to be accessible to the general reader, first provides a basic introduction to the ideas underlying classical and molecular genetics before going on to describe the purpose of the Human Genome Project, its approach, its triumphs, its technological pitfalls, and its ultimate implications for society. Candid discussions by key members of the scientific community - including skeptics as well as proponents of the project - bring to life the many difficult questions this research effort has raised. Not least among these are questions of ethics, since the completed map will provide genetic engineers with heretofore impossible capabilities; one might imagine a world, for instance, in which disease-causing or disabling genes could be located and eliminated from the genome." "Through photographs, micrographs, and hundreds of beautifully rendered illustrations, many of them in color, this book creates a sense of shared excitement for the reader who follows the story of this fascinating project into the twenty-first century."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

15 Disturbing Things We Need to Know

15 Disturbing Things We Need to Know Author James A. Crone
ISBN-10 9781412990554
Release 2012-06-15
Pages 143
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15 Disturbing Things We Need to Know is a supplementary anthology of 15 'disturbing' articles on topics designed to pique the students’ interests and launch great class discussions. The book is also designed to serve as a resource to help students becoming aware of the not-so-pleasant things in life, society, and the world. The topics are related to typical introductory sociology courses, including gender, race, class, sexual orientation, sexuality, cultures, deviance, crime, groups, organizations, globalization, interaction, social mobility, social change, and social movements.

Changing Natures

Changing Natures Author Tom Cannon
ISBN-10 9780979615948
Release 2011-10
Pages 122
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Tired of living your life below the place of victory the Lord has destined for you? Now is the time to experience the total life-change that only Jesus Christ can give you. There is no need to continue struggling to overcome your old nature - when Christ has promised to change you from the inside out! "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creature, the old things are passed away, and the new has come." (2 Cor. 5:17)

Agamben and the Politics of Human Rights Statelessness Images Violence

Agamben and the Politics of Human Rights  Statelessness  Images  Violence Author John Lechte
ISBN-10 9780748677726
Release 2013-05-31
Pages 216
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Can human rights protect the stateless? Or are they permanently excluded from politics and condemned to "bare life"? Human rights are in crisis today. Everywhere one looks, there is violence, deprivation, and oppression, which human rights norms seem powerless to prevent. This book investigates the roots of the current crisis through the thought of Italian philosopher, Giorgio Agamben. Human rights theory and practice must come to grips with key problems identified by Agamben - the violence of the sovereign state of exception and the reduction of humanity to 'bare' life. Any renewal of human rights today must involve breaking decisively with the traditional coordinates of Western political thought and instead affirm a new understanding of life and political action.

God Is Love

God Is Love Author Gerald Bray
ISBN-10 9781433522727
Release 2012-03-31
Pages 768
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While there is no substitute for personal, faithful, and careful Bible reading and prayer, the Bible’s vast size and diversity can make distilling its truth a daunting task. Thus most Christians benefit from supplemental resources to help learn and apply what Scripture teaches. Renowned theologian, Gerald Bray has produced just such a resource in his new systematic theology. Though packed with robust content, he writes about this volume: “the aim . . . is to reach those who would not normally find systematic theology appealing or even comprehensible.” This volume is unique from others in that Bray traces the common theme of God’s love through the Bible categorically—from God’s love for himself and his creation to the cross as the ultimate expression of God’s love, among other categories. The centrality of God’s love in Bray’s theology reflects a deep conviction that the Bible shows us God for who he really is. This volume will be of interest to Christians seeking to grow in their faith.

Practising Human Geography

Practising Human Geography Author Paul Cloke
ISBN-10 9781446224625
Release 2004-04-21
Pages 440
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'Filling an enormous gap in the geographic literature, here is a terrific book that shows us how to think about and practice human geographic research' - Professor Jennifer Wolch, University of Southern California `Practising Human Geography lucidly, comprehensively, and sometimes passionately shows why methodology matters, and why it is often so hard. To choose a method is to choose the kind of geographical values one wants to uphold. You need to get it right.These authors do' - Trevor Barnes, University of British Columbia `Practising Human Geography is a godsend for students. Written in an accessible and engaging style, the book demystifies the study of geographical methodology, offering a wealth of practical advice from the authors' own research experience. This is not a manual of approved geographical techniques. It is a reflexive, critical and highly personal account, combining historical depth with up-to-the-minute examples of research in practice. Practising Human Geography is a comprehensive and theoretically informed introduction to the practices of fieldwork, data collection, interpretation and writing, enabling students to make sense of their own data and to develop a critical perspective on the existing literature. The book makes complicated ideas approachable through the effective use of case studies and a firm grasp of contemporary debates' - Peter Jackson, Professor of Human Geography, University of Sheffield Practising Human Geography is a critical introduction to key issues in the practice of human geography, informed by the question 'how do geographers do research?' In examining those methods and practices that are essential to doing geography, the text presents a theoretically-informed discussion of the construction and interpretation of geographical data - including: the use of core research methodologies; using official and non-official sources; and the interpretative role of the researcher. Framed by an overview of how ideas of practising human geography have changed, the twelve chapters offer a comprehensive and integrated overview of research methodologies. The text is illustrated throughout with text boxes, case studies, and definitions of key terms. Practising Human Geography will introduce geographers - from undergraduate to faculty - to the core issues that inform research design and practice.

Human Population Genetics

Human Population Genetics Author John H. Relethford
ISBN-10 9780470464670
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 296
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"Human Population Genetics will provide an introduction to mathematical population genetics, along with relevant examples from human (and some non-human primate) populations, and will also present concepts and methods of population genetics that are specific to the study of human populations. The purpose of this book is to provide a basic background text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students interesting in the mechanisms of human microevolution"--

Law as a Leap of Faith

Law as a Leap of Faith Author John Gardner
ISBN-10 9780199695553
Release 2012-09-06
Pages 314
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In a series of essays John Gardner has developed distinctive and engaging answers to the central questions of legal philosophy, cutting through the technicalities of the subject to clarify and reinvigorate the main arguments about the nature of law. This volume collects that work to provide a major contribution to the literature on jurisprudence.

The Human Division

The Human Division Author John Scalzi
ISBN-10 9781447290483
Release 2014-12-15
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THE UNITY OF THE HUMAN RACE IS AT STAKE Lieutenant Harry Wilson has an impossible mission. He must help preserve the union of humanity's colonies, in the wake of a terrible revelation. For years the Colonial Union has protected its citizens from the dangerous universe around them. But the people of Earth now know the ugly truth. The Union deliberately kept Earth as an ignorant backwater - and as a source of recruits for its war against hostile aliens. Now, other alien races have formed a new alliance against the Union. And they've invited the incensed people of Earth to join them. Managing the Colonial Union's survival will take all the political cunning and finesse its diplomats can muster. And Harry and his team will be deployed to deal with the unexpected - for failure is unthinkable.