Animals and the Kids Who Love Them

Animals and the Kids Who Love Them Author Allen Anderson
ISBN-10 9781577319597
Release 2011
Pages 194
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Presents short, biographical stories about how animals have been beneficial to children in need.

Object Talks from Animals Kids Love

Object Talks from Animals Kids Love Author Verna Kokmeyer
ISBN-10 0784716005
Release 2004
Pages 48
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These easy-to-use and kid-focused talks build on the attachment kids have to their favorite animals to help them remember important lessons about God. These resources are ideal for quick lessons or attention-getting visuals to supplement existing lesson materials. Just use items from your kitchen, craft basket, or tool chest to create lessons that fascinate children, illustrate a biblical truth, and deliver memorable messages your kids will love.

Great Books About Things Kids Love

Great Books About Things Kids Love Author Kathleen Odean
ISBN-10 9780307485625
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 464
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BOOKS THAT TURN CHILDREN INTO LIFE-LONG READERS! Most children want to read a book because it's about something they love or are curious about--dinosaurs, magic tricks, ballerinas, sports, secret codes, and a host of other topics. Now with this unique book, Kathleen Odean, current chair of the Newberry Award committee and author of Great Books for Girls and Great Books for Boys, makes it easy for parents and teachers to satisfy a child's individual cravings for good reading on any subject. Inside you'll discover ¸ More than 750 books divided into 55 categories, from Airplanes to Zoos ¸ Professional appraisals that are balanced, intelligent, and fun to read ¸ Stimulating book-related activities and helpful tips for parents Whether the format is picture book, poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, here are wonderful selections like Why Does the Cat Do That? and Exploring the Titanic . . . tried and true characters, from the beloved aardvarks Arthur and D.W. to the hilarious Junie B. Jones and the courageous Harry Potter . . . new heroes and heroines to cheer for such as Katherine Paterson's Princess Miranda from The Wide-Awake Princess and the exciting Jack Black from Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves by Carol Hughes. Great Books About Things Kids Love creates a book-rich environment in which the habit of reading can take hold and flourish for a lifetime. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Laugh Out Loud Animal Jokes for Kids

Laugh Out Loud Animal Jokes for Kids Author Rob Elliott
ISBN-10 9781441220516
Release 2014-02-25
Pages 128
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All kids love animals, and all kids love to laugh. From the bestselling author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids comes this collection of hundreds of animal-themed jokes that will have animal lovers rolling in the aisles. Forget about chickens crossing roads. Laugh-Out-Loud Animal Jokes for Kids is a veritable joke jungle for young comedians everywhere.


ISBN-10 9781300913337
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ANIMALS STORIES THAT CHILDREN LOVE has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ANIMALS STORIES THAT CHILDREN LOVE also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ANIMALS STORIES THAT CHILDREN LOVE book for free.

Animal Friendship Collection

Animal Friendship  Collection Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 9781426320224
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 336
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Animals can be special friends--both to humans and to other animals! This title includes three true stories of animal friendships, including unlikely animal pairs, a National Geographic photographer's unexpected bond with a whale, and touching animal rescues.

Kids Guide to Bible Animals

Kids  Guide to Bible Animals Author Jane Landreth
ISBN-10 1602609519
Release 2010
Pages 156
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Presents a guide to one hundred animals mentioned in the Old and New Testaments, including ants, bears, goats, pigeons, and worms, and describes their significance in the animal kingdom and in Bible scripture.

Animals Rock Kids Encyclopedia of Animals

Animals Rock   Kids Encyclopedia of Animals Author Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN-10 1635012899
Release 2015-01-04
Pages 50
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Kids do indeed love books on animals. This is because a child is absolutely captivated by animals. The encyclopedia of animals is especially appealing to all kids. Kids are fascinated by any book on animals. Animal books are loved by kids and the animals do indeed inspire them. Kids will be completely entertained and will stay interested with a book that holds their interest. Kids love learning about the animals.

Panda Books For Kids Discover Funny Panda Bear Stories

Panda Books For Kids  Discover Funny Panda Bear Stories Author Kate Cruise
ISBN-10 9781634288613
Release 2014-08-27
Pages 77
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If the answer is yes, this Panda Discovery Picture Book for Children that is part of Kate Cruise's Discovery Book Series is what your child & you as a parent are both going to love. Inside the panda discovery book your child will learn about things like: * A History Of Lovable Panda Bears * Where Do Pandas Hide And Where Do We Find Them? * Sniff sniff...and other Panda Senses * How Do Pandas Communicate? * Panda Moves & Panda Defense * Panda Baby Boom * How Do Pandas Spend Their Day? * Up For Some Panda Playtime? * Pandas & Bamboos * Pandas & Us Humans * Interesting, Curious & Intriguing Facts About Pandas and more... This book will take your child through a journey of fun facts, amazing discoveries, curious and intriguing stories about pandas, and hilarious pictures about pandas. You will find some interesting revelations and secrets you probably never heard about pandas. Some myths and truths, and other curious stuff about pandas that children just find cool and groovy to know are also included. For example did you know that a a giant panda eats around 12-38 kg of bamboo every day? Did you know that giant pandas are treated like starts in China? As a mother of 3 young children and with the experience as an elementary teacher, science researcher, writer and publisher of many publications for kids, Kate Cruise has learned to listen & to interact with kids. It is a book series inspired by kids and for kids! Kids learn about new and interesting facts so that a combination of both the curious and the new materials and facts together with the visual aspect of the pictures. Children are entertained with the coolness factor of the discovery book plus they learn some new and a little bit harder to retain facts simultaneously with the cool stuff and this is how the child is going to retain all of the information.

Joy of Reading

Joy of Reading Author Debbie Duncan
ISBN-10 1877810452
Release 1997-08-01
Pages 202
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Author shares her family's personal reading success stories and Identifies their favorite books for each age category. Extensive reading lists by titles and authors -- over 600 children's books referenced.

The Big Dino pedia for Small Learners Dinosaur Books for Kids Children s Animal Books

The Big Dino pedia for Small Learners   Dinosaur Books for Kids   Children s Animal Books Author Baby Professor
ISBN-10 9781541918122
Release 2017-03-15
Pages 64
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Dinosaurs are big and scary but for some reason, kids love them! Perhaps it’s because of the imaginative and creative value dinosaurs have. They no longer exist so kids can only imagine how walking with them must be like. Fuel your child’s imagination even more by getting him/her a copy of this dinosaur book for kids. Grab a copy today!

Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind

Living with Kids and Dogs     Without Losing Your Mind Author Colleen Pelar
ISBN-10 9781933562131
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 186
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Provides busy parents with simple, realistic advice to help ensure that the relationship between their kids and their dog is safe and enjoyable for all. You will learn how to help your child and dog develop a strong relationship, built on trust and cooperation; set your family up for success with a minimum of effort; recognize canine stress signals and know when your dog is getting worried about normal kid activity; identify serious behavior problems before someone gets hurt; prevent your child from becoming part of a growing statistic--children who have been bitten by a dog.

Giraffes For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Giraffes For Kids   Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers Author John Davidson
ISBN-10 9781310575747
Release 2013-05-15
Pages 42
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Giraffes For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Giraffes For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Giraffes. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series. The series is known as one of the most beautiful on ebooks. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color ereaders. Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful animal: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. *** You and your kids will love learning about Giraffes*** Table of Contents Introduction Let’s Learn About Giraffes (Features) Giraffes and Their Home (Habitat) Chewing All Day Long. What Giraffes Eat? Are You Thirsty? How Giraffes Drink? Nap Time! How Giraffes Sleep? The Nursery - Giraffes and Their Babies Let’s Talk. How Giraffes Communicate? We Look The Same, But We are Not (Sub-species) Please Take Care of Me Come To Visit Me. (Captivity) A Little Bit of Information - Interesting Facts Conclusion Author Bio Introduction Let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful and elegant animals in the African savanna, they are majestic in appearance, with an unusual body form and a peculiar gait, walking with pride, monumental in height and so peaceful, its golden spotted pattern skin shines as the sun in the savanna. The Giraffe! You may have seen them at the zoo, as a tall plush toy in a toy shop or maybe in a movie or cartoon. These adorable creatures have a tender look that makes people want to hug and nurture them. Together we will discover amazing facts about giraffes. Where they live and how they live? What do they eat? How they sleep? Which animals are their fiercest predators and many other interesting facts about them, come on, take your water bottle put on your explorer hat and boots (don’t forget sun block too) and join me in this fantastic journey through the African savanna. Are you ready? Let’s begin and enjoy your reading!

Deprived Innocence

Deprived Innocence Author D. E. Johnson
ISBN-10 9781434968029
Release 2013
Pages 30
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It was contrived from the uncaring, insane acts of man; not only towards men but also towards the Innocence of those too young to do anything for themselves. The author was awakened from deep sleep on many wee hours of the morn to write the words you¿re about to read. The words are from God to man to cease the abuse of the Innocent Angels that be, or pay dearly for the evil acts put upon them. Because the words were given to the author in sleep, he feels that he is being used to send a message to the world. Allow the Innocent to be just that, and put an end to their corruption.

Zoology for Kids

Zoology for Kids Author Josh Hestermann
ISBN-10 9781613749616
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 144
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“Packed with facts and photos, Zoology for Kids is a vibrant introduction to zoology that also provides inspiration for career options and activities to help children further explore and apply what they have learned.” —Liesl Pimentel, manager of education and formal programs, Phoenix Zoo Zoology for Kids invites young animal lovers to discover the animal kingdom through clear, entertaining information and anecdotes and hands-on activities. Part 1 introduces the science of zoology, discussing animals’ forms, functions, and behaviors as well as the history behind zoos and aquariums. Kids bake edible animal cells, play a dolphin-echolocation game, and design an exhibit. Part 2 offers an insider’s look at how zoologists apply their knowledge every day. Kids peek into the world of zookeepers and aquarists, veterinarians, wildlife researchers, and conservationists. They “train” their friends, mold a tiger’s jawbone, and perform field research in their own backyard. Animal enthusiasts come away with new knowledge, a healthy respect for the animal kingdom, and the idea that they can pursue animal-related careers and make a difference to preserve and protect the natural world. Josh Hestermann is a marine-mammal keeper and trainer at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. Bethanie Hestermann is a freelance writer and contributing writer and editor at large at Connected World magazine. They live in Brookfield, Illinois. Martin and Chris Kratt, the Kratt Brothers, are the creators and cohosts of the PBS Kids series Wild Kratts, Kratts Creatures, and Zoboomafoo.

Folk Tale Plays from Around the World That Kids Will Love

Folk Tale Plays from Around the World That Kids Will Love Author Marci Appelbaum
ISBN-10 0439222575
Release 2001
Pages 80
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"Eight short read-aloud plays with engaging activities that build reading skills, add spark to social studies lessons, and explore diverse cultures"--Cover.

Colonial Spanish Horse of the Americas For Kids

Colonial Spanish  Horse of the Americas  For Kids Author K. Bennett
ISBN-10 9781310677830
Release 2015-02-27
Pages 31
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Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Great Horses Chapter 2 Amazing Animals Chapter 3 Horse Fun Facts! Conclusion Nature's Amazing Wonders Author Bio Introduction Feeling down? Saddle up. ~Author Unknown *** Colonial Spanish: The Colonial Spanish horse is a very special horse. Do you know why? Because it’s more than one horse! What does “more than one horse” mean? The term “Colonial Spanish” is a group of horses with different names. Names like: *Spanish mustang *Crillo horse *Chilean horse *Peruvian Paso *Abaco Barb *Iberian Sulphur horse *Sulphur mustang These horses came from Spain to the Americas and their ancestor is the Iberian horse. The Iberian Horse Iberian horses are native to the Iberian Peninsula. This means they come from this area. What is a Peninsula? The dictionary describes a Peninsula as: ‘A piece of land almost surrounded by water or “coming” out of a body of water.’ The Iberian Peninsula is on the southwest part of the European continent. If you would like to see it on a map, ask your parent or a guardian to help you search. Colonial Spanish Horse These beautiful horses have an old history. Before they were known as Colonial Spanish horses, they were called “Jennet or Spanish Barb.” There are just a few unique Colonial Spanish horses left, so this breed is in danger of extinction. How big are they? The size can be large or small. Some are between 13 – 14.2 hands and some stand at 15 hands or more. Where do Colonial Spanish horses come from? These beautiful horses came to the New World (Americas) with the Spanish explorers many years ago. Then they started to grow and multiply and soon they spread all over the country. The website notes: “Spanish horses were the most common type of horse throughout the Southeast and all of the regions west of the Mississippi.” That means at one time, these horses were the most common type of horse you could find!