Action Cartooning

Action  Cartooning Author Ben Caldwell
ISBN-10 0806987391
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 95
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Offers step-by-step instructions for drawing faces, anatomy, creating emotion, and drawing figures in action settings.

Fantasy Cartooning

Fantasy Cartooning Author Ben Caldwell
ISBN-10 1402741944
Release 2006-06-30
Pages 95
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The author of Action! Cartooning moves on to fantasy cartooning, presenting all the techniques necessary to create monsters, heroes, and magical kingdoms. Original.

Adventures in Cartooning

Adventures in Cartooning Author James Sturm
ISBN-10 1596433698
Release 2009-03-31
Pages 109
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Once upon a time...a princess tried to make a comic. And with the help of a magical cartooning elf, she learned how--well enough to draw her way out of an encounter with a dangerous dragon, near-death by drowning, and into her very own adventure!--From publisher description.

Adventures in Cartooning Characters in Action

Adventures in Cartooning  Characters in Action Author James Sturm
ISBN-10 1596437324
Release 2013-10-08
Pages 64
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The Knight, Edward the chubby horse, and of course the Magic Cartooning Elf are back for more fun, but this time they're sharing the stage with a host of new characters. In Adventures in Cartooning: Characters In Action you'll learn how to create your own kooky characters. And fresh faces are needed -- the famous director Otto Airs is making a movie, and he's invited everyone in the kingdom to audition! It's your chance to dream up boatloads of wacky characters to star in the film. Discover how body language and expression are used to tell a story, dress a wizard to the nines, and choose the perfect rogue robot. After following the heroes on their cartooning adventure, you'll be ready to create characters to star in your own comic book!

Cartooning for the Beginner

Cartooning for the Beginner Author Christopher Hart
ISBN-10 9780770434779
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 144
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Aspiring cartoonists of all ages can begin drawing a repertoire of characters from the moment they follow the wide-ranging yet simplified lessons that fill these instructive pages, written and illustrated by an all-time best-selling artist/teacher. This complete course, covering both comic strip and animation techniques, begins with lessons on basic cartoon body shapes and facial features. Included are helpful comparisons between the real versus the cartoon head, a smile chart, and various ways to draw the most popular and expressive cartoon eyes and mouths. Next come lots of typical body poses, how to draw action lines, slow/fast movement, cartoon hands, fun hair and clothing styles, backgrounds, and cute cartoon pets. Excellent directions also focus on helping beginners to find and develop their own cartoon style.

Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist

Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist Author Christopher Hart
ISBN-10 0823047733
Release 2007
Pages 160
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Presents a guide to stylized figure anatomy for artists wishing to emulate one of today's popular streamlined comic book styles, with step-by-step demonstrations and studies of major muscle groups, heads, hands, and feet.

The Art of Flash Animation Creative Cartooning

The Art of Flash Animation  Creative Cartooning Author Mark Smith
ISBN-10 9781449613181
Release 2010-08-30
Pages 464
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Part animation guide, part Flash manual, The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning provides a practical primer on classic, hand-drawn 2D screen animation as well as an introduction to using Flash for creating your own cartoons. Section I discusses the terms and techniques of hand-drawn animation, character design, and storyboards, while Section II covers scanning, digitizing your artwork into Flash, and setting up scenes. Topics include how to animate a walk cycle; recording and editing dialogue, sound effects, and music; how to use recyclable symbols to make the animation process more efficient; preparing your work for video or web download.

Funny Cartooning for Kids

Funny Cartooning for Kids Author Mike Artell
ISBN-10 1402722605
Release 2006
Pages 128
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A step-by-step guide for drawing funny animals and people, including animals and objects doing "people" things, people in different poses, and unusual body types and gestures.

Journals Volume II

Journals  Volume II Author Joseph Alberts
ISBN-10 9781304718068
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Journals Volume II has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journals Volume II also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journals Volume II book for free.

Modern Cartooning

Modern Cartooning Author Christopher Hart
ISBN-10 9780823007158
Release 2013-03-26
Pages 160
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Aimed at beginner artists interested in cartooning and at the countless fans of cartoons, animation, and comics. Not only are cartoons a form of entertainment, but they're an incredibly popular style of drawing! With a fresh and easy-to-follow approach to cartooning, Christopher Hart shows readers basic tips for creating a cast of the most hilarious, outrageous characters inspired by today's cartoons. Chock-full of tips, hints, and step-by-step illustrations, Modern Cartooning gives artists of all ages the tools they need to let their imaginations run wild.

Humongous Book of Cartooning

Humongous Book of Cartooning Author Christopher Hart
ISBN-10 9780823085583
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 224
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Chris Hart's Humongous Book of Cartooning is a great value book covering everything the beginner needs to master cartooning. It teaches how to draw cartoon people, fantasy characters, layouts, background design and much more. This latest cartoon title from Chris Hart, the world's bestselling author of drawing and cartooning books, packs a wallop. It's the cartooning book that has it all: cartoon people, animals, retro-style "toons'", funny robots (no one has ever done cartoon robots in a how-to book before, and movies like "Wall-E" and "Robots" were smash hits and prove their appeal), fantasy characters and even sections on cartoon costumes, character design, and cartoon backgrounds and composition. The Humongous Book of Cartooning is humongous, not only because it's so big, but also because it includes a huge amount of original eye-catching characters and copious visual "side hints" that Chris is famous for. There is more actual instruction in this book than in any other of Chris' cartooning titles. In short, if you want to know how to draw cartoons, Chris Hart's Humongous Book of Cartooning is for you. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge Author Judy Horacek
ISBN-10 1876756411
Release 2003
Pages 92
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From condoms to neutrons, oil slicks to T-shirts, and revolution to odd socks, this collection of insightful cartoons from a leading Australian cartoonist confronts an array of hilarious situations with signature zany wit.

How to be a Successful Cartoonist

How to be a Successful Cartoonist Author Randy Glasbergen
ISBN-10 0891346333
Release 1996
Pages 122
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Whether you want to turn your cartooning talent into a few extra bucks or an entire career, you probably have lots of questions..... How can I make my work look really professional? How do I know if I'm funny enough to impress editors and readers? How can I break into the business? Where should I send my cartoons? How much money can I make? Here are all the real-world answers from successful cartoonist Randy Glasbergen, along with practical advice, insight and artwork from dozens of the world's greatest cartoonists and humorous illustrators. It's the honest and accurate help you need to take your talent all the way to the funny pages of newspapers, magazines, children's books, greeting cards and more!

Adventures in Cartooning Christmas Special

Adventures in Cartooning  Christmas Special Author James Sturm
ISBN-10 9781596437302
Release 2012-09-18
Pages 64
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The Magic Cartooning Elf and his friend, the Knight, join forces to help prepare a Christmas comic for Santa to give to all the boys and girls in the world, in a story with tips for writing, drawing and distributing comics.

Level Up The Guide to Great Video Game Design

Level Up  The Guide to Great Video Game Design Author Scott Rogers
ISBN-10 9781118877197
Release 2014-04-16
Pages 552
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Want to design your own video games? Let expert Scott Rogers show you how! If you want to design and build cutting-edge video games but aren’t sure where to start, then the SECOND EDITION of the acclaimed Level Up! is for you! Written by leading video game expert Scott Rogers, who has designed the hits Pac Man World, Maximo and SpongeBob Squarepants, this updated edition provides clear and well-thought out examples that forgo theoretical gobbledygook with charmingly illustrated concepts and solutions based on years of professional experience. Level Up! 2nd Edition has been NEWLY EXPANDED to teach you how to develop marketable ideas, learn what perils and pitfalls await during a game’s pre-production, production and post-production stages, and provide even more creative ideas to serve as fuel for your own projects including: Developing your game design from the spark of inspiration all the way to production Learning how to design the most exciting levels, the most precise controls, and the fiercest foes that will keep your players challenged Creating games for mobile and console systems – including detailed rules for touch and motion controls Monetizing your game from the design up Writing effective and professional design documents with the help of brand new examples Level Up! 2nd Edition is includes all-new content, an introduction by David “God of War” Jaffe and even a brand-new chili recipe –making it an even more indispensable guide for video game designers both “in the field” and the classroom. Grab your copy of Level Up! 2nd Edition and let’s make a game!

Level Up

Level Up Author Scott Rogers
ISBN-10 9780470970928
Release 2010-09-29
Pages 520
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Level Up has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Level Up also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Level Up book for free.

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Author Tim Mucci
ISBN-10 9781402733994
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 128
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A graphic novel version of the adventures of Tom and his friends growing up in a small Missouri town on the banks of the Mississippi River in the nineteenth century.