Rhetorical Public Speaking

Rhetorical Public Speaking Author Nathan Crick
ISBN-10 9781351868310
Release 2017-06-14
Pages 294
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Rhetorical Public Speaking: Civic Engagement in the Digital Age, Third Edition offers students an innovative approach to public speaking by employing the rhetorical canon as a means of constructing artful speech in a multi-mediated environment. It provides a foundation to guide students in understanding, constructing, and delivering messages that address matters of public concern. This edition features contemporary as well as historical examples to highlight key concepts and show how rhetoric works in practice. Each chapter includes speech excerpts, summaries, and exercises for review and retention. Students of public speaking are encouraged to employ their new skills as engaged citizens of society.

Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration Author Kimberly Schlegel Whitman
ISBN-10 9781423622857
Release 2012
Pages 191
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Experts in the wedding and event planning industries share opinions and advice on some of the most important elements of a wedding, the invitations, gown, cake, venue, and more.

Inspired by True Events

Inspired by True Events Author Robert James Niemi
ISBN-10 9781610691987
Release 2013-10-17
Pages 607
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An up-to-date and indispensable guide for film history buffs of all kind, this book surveys more than 500 major films based on true stories and historical subject matter.

The Principles of Leadership The People and Events that Inspired My Vision of True Leadership

The Principles of Leadership The People and Events that Inspired My Vision of True Leadership Author Rocco Micciche
ISBN-10 9781435724631
Release 2008-09-08
Pages 128
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As a professional, I understand the importance of numbers and their value to the bottom line. But if I'm to be honest, I don't care about those numbers. I'm far more concerned about the human side of business. If you truly want to impact your bottom line, you must first understand how important your employees are. To create a successful and profitable organization, you must develop good Leaders. I created My Principles of Leadership to talk about the people and events that inspired my vision of true Leadership. I want to share my positive and negative experiences in the hope that I can make a difference. I am confident that My Principles of Leadership can inspire you to be a better Leader.

The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture

The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture Author Michael Graves
ISBN-10 9781467440431
Release 2014-02-15
Pages 224
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What is true of Scripture as a result of being inspired? What should divine inspiration cause us to expect from it? The answers to these questions in the early church related not just to the nature of Scripture's truth claims but to the manner in which Scripture was to be interpreted. In this book Michael Graves delves into what Christians in the first five centuries believed about the inspiration of Scripture, identifying the ideas that early Christians considered to be logical implications of biblical inspiration. Many books presume to discuss how some current trend relates to the "traditional" view of biblical inspiration; this one actually describes in a detailed and nuanced way what the "traditional" view is and explores the differences between ancient and modern assumptions on the topic. Accessible and engaging, The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture presents a rich network of theological ideas about the Bible together with critical engagement with the biblical text.

The Last Romantic

The Last Romantic Author Mimi B. Martinoski
ISBN-10 9781532008443
Release 2016-10-29
Pages 122
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Belinda is healthy, happy and has a successful career in advertising. Yet, she cannot seem to shake enormous feelings of discontent. Something uncontrollable is happening that goes beyond the romantic notions of living the perfect life and meeting the perfect man. As her soul calls out to fulfill its purpose of living a creative and passionate life, Belinda decides she is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. After Belinda takes a leap of faith and decides to embrace her dreams of writing a book and living in London, she becomes engulfed by the glorious frenetic energy that accompanies her intrepid journey. As she fills her days writing and exploring the city, Cupid’s arrow unexpectedly strikes her in the form of a handsome, bearded English Renaissance man. Suddenly her London life seems perfect. Or is it? As uncertainty and confusion transforms into treacherous over-analysis and eventual disillusion, Belinda’s writing suffers. Now only time will tell if Belinda will be able to escape the shadow of looming madness or find the clarity she so desperately needs.

The Perfect Mother in the Mirror

The Perfect Mother in the Mirror Author Mark R. Wilson
ISBN-10 1633063844
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 204
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As a child of a poor family in the Deep South, Jessica promised that she would want for nothing and her own family would never sacrifice. With unwavering determination, she and her college sweetheart, William, set out to do just that. As their dreams become reality, this seemingly perfect life is shattered by murder. Jessica struggles to understand the unraveling of her dreams, while being the loving mother to her three children, and ensuring their happiness and needs are met, no matter the cost. William's death, though, sets a series of tragic events into motion that crosses two states over the next decade. A trail of manipulation, arson, deception, and murder shocks and alienates those closest to her. With creditors knocking at the door and persistent detectives seeking answers, desperation and suspicions mount. As the life her family knows becomes increasingly threatened, Jessica will stop at nothing to regain her control. Inspired by true events, how will this mother staring back from the mirror protect herself and the life she built for her family?

My Living Will

My Living Will Author John Trautwein
ISBN-10 9781490859729
Release 2014-12-11
Pages 240
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My Living Will is the story of former major league pitcher John Trautwein, and the unbelievable tragedy which befell him and his family when his fifteen-year-old son, Will, took his own life. There had been no warnings, no obvious signs of anxiety, depression, or unhappiness; nothing. A family and a community were left stunned as they pondered how a young man like Will Trautwein, a healthy, happy, popular, athletic, and musical teenager, who came from such a loving home, could lose the will to live. "John Trautwein writes straight from the heart. And his words will save lives. The story Trautwein shares in these pages--a remarkable journey of passion and purpose--will literally save lives." - Jeffrey Marx, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Season of Life "John Trautwein's story inspires hope. It empowers people, and it gives its readers the 'hope for life.' The triumph that this story imparts arouses the goodness in everyone as it drives people toward action." - Joe Girardi, Manager, The New York Yankees "In my twenty-two years of broadcasting, I have told many stories of triumph over tragedy, but the story of Will Trautwein and his family has stayed with me. The loss of such a vibrant young man and the strength of his family to use their heartache to help has had an impact on how I parent my daughter, and how I report stories of teenage depression and suicide. This is a must-read if you have a teenager in your life." - Stephany Fisher, Anchor, CBS News, Atlanta "Ever wonder if a young person in your own home might be at risk? Read this book. In "My Living Will," John Trautwein takes the emotions of loss and turns them into a message of awareness and hope. A must read for parents and teenagers alike!" - Dan Shaughnessy, The Boston Globe

The Eucharist

The Eucharist Author Thomas O'Loughlin
ISBN-10 9780567037329
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 248
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Theological reflection upon the Eucharist is dominated by two paradigms: One approach interprets the Eucharist almost exclusively in theological terms, shaped by Scholasticism and the Reformation. Most discussions about the nature of the Eucharist, Eucharistic presence or the role of the priest follow these categories, even if they come in modern disguise. The other reads the Eucharist as an event which can be explored empirically. O'Loughlin develops a new understanding of the Eucharist. This can be done by looking afresh at the historical evidence and bringing it in dialogue with modern theology. In the past decades, historical research and new discoveries have changed our view of the origins and the development of the Eucharist. By bringing history into a fruitful dialogue with sacramental and liturgical theology, he shows not only ways how theology and practice can be brought closer together again, but also how current ecumenical divisions can be overcome. His book makes an important contribution to eucharistic theology, both for individual church traditions as well as for ecumenical dialogues.

A Strawberry Christmas Tree the Perfect Christmas Candy

A Strawberry Christmas Tree   the Perfect Christmas Candy Author Lewis Brech
ISBN-10 9781452355269
Release 2010-10-30
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Two stories, the poem 'A Strawberry Christmas Tree' is based on a true story from Christmas 2007 and The Perfect Christmas Candy gives a whimsical look at the candy cane and how it symbolizes the very best of Jesus Christ. From the Storybook Advent Series

The Perfect Life Leader s Guide

The Perfect Life  Leader s Guide Author Highway Video, Inc.
ISBN-10 9780310863441
Release 2009-08-30
Pages 80
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What is a perfect life? A life without pain, suffering, or disappointment? Not even Jesus lived that way. So just what kind of life should his followers aspire to?This video curriculum from Highway Video will get people talking and thinking about a life lived perfectly. A blend of documentary, mockumentary, drama, comedy, and meditation give you the raw material for lessons on:Redemption: The story of a woman who stopped hiding who she was to discover her authentic life was still worth living.Compromise: The unintended consequences of the perfect relationship.Guilt: A story about how bad choices feel.Sin: A visual meditation on what sin looks like.Transformation: A visual meditation on what it means to be reformed, refined, and transformed.This leader’s guide includes talking points, discussion starters, activities, and Bible studies to tailor the curriculum for middle school, high school, general use, and small groups. Great as stand-alone pieces or as elements for existing presentations, these video clips maximize the impact of your message for a variety of audiences.Also included are web-based resources that help you quickly streamline each session to your specific needs.

Letters from Aristarchus to Philemon

Letters from Aristarchus to Philemon Author Chauncey Lee
ISBN-10 WISC:89050885607
Release 1833
Pages 221
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Letters from Aristarchus to Philemon has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letters from Aristarchus to Philemon also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letters from Aristarchus to Philemon book for free.

Belfast In Your Pocket

Belfast In Your Pocket Author
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Belfast In Your Pocket has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Belfast In Your Pocket also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Belfast In Your Pocket book for free.

A Perfect Mess

A Perfect Mess Author Eric Abrahamson
ISBN-10 9780759516496
Release 2007-01-03
Pages 300
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Ever since Einstein's study of Brownian Motion, scientists have understood that a little disorder can actually make systems more effective. But most people still shun disorder-or suffer guilt over the mess they can't avoid. No longer!With a spectacular array of true stories and case studies of the hidden benefits of mess,A Perfect Mess overturns the accepted wisdom that tight schedules, organization, neatness, and consistency are the keys to success. Drawing on examples from business, parenting, cooking, the war on terrorism, retail, and even the meteoric career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, coauthors Abrahmson and Freedman demonstrate that moderately messy systems use resources more efficiently, yield better solutions, and are harder to break than neat ones.Applying this idea on scales both large (government, society) and small (desktops, garages), A Perfect Mess uncovers all the ways messiness can trump neatness, and will help you assess the right amount of disorder for any system. Whether it's your company's management plan or your hallway closet that bedevils you, this book will show you why to say yes to mess.

Special Events

Special Events Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924059682793
Release 1996
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Special Events has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Special Events also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Special Events book for free.

Words in Your Face

Words in Your Face Author O'Keefe Cristin
ISBN-10 9781593763404
Release 2007-11-13
Pages 288
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Words in Your Face traces the rich history of slam poetry through the lens of the New York City scene that pioneered it. Author Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz situates New York slam poetry in the history of oral tradition in poetry throughout history and around the world, with particular attention to the three major 20th century arts movements that helped set the stage for it: the Harlem Renaissance, the Beats, and hip hop. Aptowicz explores the birth of slam at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café and the genre’s explosive growth as the media responded with events like Lollapalooza and MTV’s Unplugged. The book expands the canvas by examining the connections between academia and slammers, especially the poets of color, the youth slammers, and the burgeoning hip hop poetry scene. Interviews with key players like Chicago’s Marc Smith and San Francisco’s Gary Mex Glazner help tell this fascinating story from the inside.

Picture Book Parties

Picture Book Parties Author Kimberly M. Hutmacher
ISBN-10 9781598847734
Release 2011-04-12
Pages 128
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From the invitations to the suggested books, games, activities, and themed party snacks, this book makes it easy to plan a fun literacy event from start to finish. • Presents complete information for 25 different picture book parties as well as a bonus chapter describing how teachers and librarians can help students connect with favorite authors • Includes 25 themed invitation templates to accompany each of the themed parties • Contains bibliographic information for every picture book recommended as well as a coloring and worksheet appendix to support the activities and games listed • Provides a complete index to help teachers and librarians find what they are looking for quickly